Friday, 31 October 2014

Next please

 With the VIC now in the paintshop it became the main focus of activity with Richard starting on the Grey undercoat.

Dave Hancox started blacking out the Cotswold side windows. This side will be panelled internally so it seems better to obscure a view of the back of the panelling.

Steve started blanking out the corridor connections which will also be behind panelling.

Jeff was also greying up.

Late in the day Steve was on to making the end panel.

Richard was also finishing up one of the pairs of doors.

at the end of the day the first side was complete in undercoat grey.

Work on 5023 continued in the workshop.

Alan working on a sliding window trim.

Returning to refit it as Ron worked on the trim for the next window.

While above them Malcolm was painting the centre section of the roof.

John ... was welding new Z section supports around the door at the paintshop end

while John Osborn was patch welding the end panel at the other end.

and James was preparing another section.

Tony was hovering up the dust and rubbish left over ready for the next stage.

While Dave steadied the coach.

Well actually he was discussing the wood requirements for the panelling of the VIC with Eddie.

Nice to see him back from his foot operation.

George did the final bit of painting and a gave some bits a second coat of paint to the Ballast wagon.

John Hamer found some couplings the clean up and ensure they work effectively.

 This is to ensure we have working spares readily available.

This is another of those important but overlooked jobs that John keeps a close eye on along with the batteries which occupied most of his day.

My day was largely focused on reorganisation of the workshop. Thus more bricks were removed and stacked for Broadway.

there are a lot more bricks to be recovered.

The old steel edge loading bay edge was removed.

Due to its weight we used the vacuum cylinder hoist to lift it and combined with the truck the two sections

were moved to the yard until we can work out what to use them for.

An investigation of the under side of the platform pictured above I found a very old Tizer bottle and a ladies shoe or being Halloween the witches boot

No she had them both on.

Cheryl dropped flew in to see us after meeting and greeting on the trains today.

Andy Turner who spend some time with us volunteering was caught enjoying himself elsewhere today.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

two plus one

Today Richard and I were joined by Dave after his shopping trip.

So with the three of us the roof of the VIC was hovered

and washed off. We painted the roof before the sides were pad sanded which left a red hue on the roof.

I thus had the opportunity to continue the wall demolition and started the third pallet of bricks for Broadway.

More good progress as this section of the wall was constructed using an ash mix which hasn't a great deal of strength and cleans of the bricks easily.

The belt on the workbench in C&W

We did get a report of a broken dynamo belt laying on the track. I had just organised a lift on Dinmore Manor to retrieve it when the DMU arrived having stopped and picked it up. Drat foiled!!

We will now have to identify where it came from and get it replaced.

During the clean up of the VIC roof Dave found the gutters were full of muck and cleaned them out. The resulting line on the floor left clean marks where the ladder had been.

Henry got to do some more work so I guess that made four of us.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Another step forward

Sorry for the delay in publishing this blog but a flooded car and preaching duties. I know they call it a foot well but its not supposes to be full of water and I was not preaching on Peter walking on the water!

As for Saturday it was another day of moving forward on several fronts, a common feature of having more workshop space.

First thing we started a shunt that removed 13337 'Gillian' from the paintshop.

That gave us a chance to sweep up before the VIC was brought in.

while it gave us a chance to see where we are at with 5023.

I'm not really sure about our new mobile store room.

While that was all going on we were restricted in our other tasks with Paul Ellis painting up the corridor connections woods ready for fitting to 5023 along with the running foot boards for the ballast wagon.

Once the shunt was over Paul joined Derek and at times several others in the demolition of the old store room.

We removed the floor which was made mainly of sleepers.

So we stuck them on a pallet and the P'Way gang whisked them away for use in the yard.

 Then demolition of the support walls was started. After a check by Pete from Building Services, he happened to be passing through, the bricks are apparently the right size for Broadway.

So we started stacking them on a couple of pallets for removal to Broadway. Not wishing to deprive their brick cleaning gang we did leave them 'dirty'.

The rubbish want to the new skip which Dave was organising to get maximum content it. Well someone has to do it. They cost a lot and he loves it.

With the VIC in the paintshop and it being quiet James welded up the last of the doors we are sealing up.

Getting the welding unit into and out of the carriage was interesting!

John Hill was working away recovering the 7th of 8 seat bases for 25341.

One reason for it being quiet in the workshop was that several of our number were on the well attended first aid course running in the mess room.

However, we did get Steve to do a quick bit of woodwork for the 2807 groups Syphon G wagon during the lunch break.

By the tea break it was already fitted  in place.

With the shunt completed the Ballast wagon is now out of the end of the barn and George could see the bits of underframe painting that needed a touching up.

5042 was moved out of the Jack road and over the pit for checks on the brake operation and dynamo belt fitting.

John Hamer and John Hawkins making good use of the unexpected bonus of the Chicken Curve slip.

The newly polished side looking good in the sunshine.

Friday, 24 October 2014

A quieter day

Report by Dave Clark

Not so many in today, so as we were scattered about the building, C&W felt somewhat empty at times! However, the Workshop looked a good deal tidier. With a new skip now available, on Wednesday Paul Wood had cleared out all the bins of rubbish and unwanted boarding resulting from the previous week's demolition - well done and 
thank you Paul!

Starting as usual in the Paintshop, we were putting the finishing touches to FK 13337 "Gillian", now looking very different from her sad state this time last year. Jeff was once again busy with the little brushes.

Alex had previously done a fantastic job cleaning up the rubber window surrounds on the road side, and as always happens when you do a good job ........ well done Alex, the railway side also now looks a treat!

It's always good to see the transfers going on, a real indicator that the end of another refurb is in sight. Richard tackles the coaches name - not an easy job getting it true'd up. All that remains to be done is an interior clean, and the replacement of two inner door panels and some door seals, which can be done when the coach is outside.

Also, seemingly as usual, Michael continues with door varnishing with yet another from TSO 5023.

In the Workshop John Varley was busy rebuilding the wallside doorway at the south end of TSO 5023, here positioning a new length of z bar on the righthand side of the frame prior to welding it in. 

Inside 5023 Alan and Ron were working on one of the sliding windows, 

eventually removing the whole unit for cleaning.

Working hard as ever on the roof, Malcolm continued putting on the black high build roofing paint. Not so much dust to clear off this time!

In the Barn, the tidying up of TSO 5042 continued prior to its return to the Maroon rake at the end of the month. A fresh coat of paint and the end panel now looks much better after John Hamer's efforts to repair the rivet line.

John identified two more areas that would benefit from the same job. With the surface reamed away, John has treated the rust and is now drilling out the old rivets prior to putting in new ones. Occasionally new holes need drilling when a replacement rivet fails to bind the two plates together.

Robin was busy sorting out areas with cracking filler and rust, much of it under the windows. Although essentially being just cleaned and polished, there are some areas on 5042 that cannot be ignored.

What a difference when I climbed inside the V.I.C. first thing in the morning! On the Wednesday, the team had completed undercoating all the internal walls and had started adding sealant as required to the ceiling bands. Richard Hoy and I continued with the latter, and by the end of the day the ceiling was more or less ready for undercoating.

Alex later joined us and started filling some of the holes in the ceiling with filler.

Being permanently open and in use as a second access point, this set of double doors missed the interior clean up and repaint (compare the near door with the repainted interior!). Suffice to say that I set to on these with abandon!

Following another lengthy bout of shunting during the morning with more of the old Elegant Excursions rake moved to Toddington, and the PWay train down the line, the north side of the yard looked somewhat empty.