Sunday, 28 September 2014


 Report by Dave Clark

A good number in today with a lot achieved but keeping a clear focus isn't so easy with so many carriages available to work on.

The first thing of the day was to set up a modified 
requirements listing in the old Upholstery BG . This will help to prevent any confusion that may arise as we gradually convert the coach into the Visitor Information Centre.

No work was done on the V.I.C. today, but with the shunt putting the Dogfish inside the Barn, part of the coach is now in the open. To prevent water ingress two of the windowless doors were temporarily sealed.

With the Dogfish now under cover and the north end top-coated, Ian, Richard, and Phil began reinstating the refurbished vacuum cylinder.

In the Workshop John Squires fabricated some replacement stream pipe and cleaned up the supporting brackets, which he then fitted underneath TSO 5042 which was up on the jacks in the Barn.

In the Workshop John Osborn cleans up the edge of a metal sheet from which he has just cut another piece for the south end repairs on green TSO 5023.

At the other end of the coach, both John Squires and Peter Fisher were doing a similar clean up on the cut sections of panelling and crash pillars. The new, very heavy base plates (in the centre) have been cut ready to replace the badly corroded ones.

Earlier in the day, Ian and Phil set up more racking in the latest area of the Workshop to be reorganised.

In the Upholstery shop, Dave Dron was removing horse hair from the inside of an old seat and saving it in a bag for reuse.

His wife Penny was building a new seat arm.

While Jenny was creating a new side panel.

Underneath in the Woodwork shop, Dave Rogers repaired a bill hook and sharpened the blade for one of the members of the PWay gang, who are now clearing the embankment beyond Laverton.

In the Paintshop Dennis services the communication cord equipment on the end of FK 13337 "Gillian".

The final stages in bodywork preparation on 13337 are just about complete, with Andy Turner, 

Tony Caulfield, and myself working on this during the day.

Alex Caulfield and Bob Keyte taped up the lines where still needed and then, with Tony later joining in. 

They undercoated in both cream and brown many of the areas where all preparation had been completed. We decided to completely undercoat the cream and top brown parts of the body sides as so much filling has been done here.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Open the door

We started the with a support call for the main rake as a loo door wouldn't open. So armed with a set of screwdrivers, you never know what size or type you'll need, I met the train. As it only stops briefly on the first run to Cheltenham I had to ride the train.

OH what a shame.

It didn't take long to fix so I had time for tea and a bacon butty.

So after a pleasant ride it was back to work and finish the roof on 13337. Malcolm was repairing the roof on 5023 at the time.

 Richard was still plugging away on the final bits of sanding.

While on the other side Robin had started on painting the cream.

John Hughes washed the end door which having been next to the loco was very oily. The result was definitely worth the effort.

Back in the workshop Ron

and Roger were both sanding the panelling ready for new varnish.

Later Ron was joined by Alan varnishing one of the doors that had already been sanded.

Still on the sanding but this time in the BG Visitor Information centre Dave Hancox was in action.

A steam leak had been reported. It proved to be rather more than a leak the pipe was severed! It was attached to the T piece at one time.

A new joint has been found a the new section of pipe was being threaded up by Ken ready for the repair.

I finished the day painting the Olive Drab, yes that is the official colour, top coat on the ballast wagon. its ready for the brake cylinder to be refitted and the underframe painted.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Two man Tuesday

Another two man Tuesday. This time Richard and myself and we continued the work on 13337 Gillian in the paintshop. I chose that as the location for our efforts as we were also expecting a surveyor to visit. He was looking at how to  survey the yard so that an accurate plan can be drawn up for future developments. Having walked round with him a machete comes to mind as the first tool required.

I started the day patch painting the undercoat on the lower chocolate panel. Once Richard had joined me I ventured up to complete the roof painting.

Well almost. I had left one section at the far end as some additional repairs were needed.

Having moved the ladder to the other end I cleaned and rust cured the offending area. Finding a whole (centre bottom of the picture) I resorted to the bonded resin and left it to set so the painting of one section still needs doing.

Richard worked on the track side rubbing down and sanding to create a key for the top coat of paint. He made an excellent start doing half the side.

When is hole not a hole this optical illusion fooled me.

The side is absolutely flat.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sucking Up.

Being a Thomas week-end number in C&W were low. Just 9 signed in.

Other were around Rod and Russ on crossing patrol. Several others were around.

there was an issue with one of the fire extinguisher mounts. The top mount was loose.

Fortunately Steve Barnfield found one from 5023 to replace it with. This one can now be repaired at our leisure.

Steve returned to rebuilding the floor in 5023.

Also working on 5023 was James who made a patch to repair the end panelling with.

He then welded it in place and cleaned it up ready for painting.

Richard, Phil and John was testing a couple of the vacuum cylinders.

With no real test rig available yet, we are thinking how to create one, the principal is the hang the cylinder from the hoist and see how long it takes to drop on the piston.

When hung the piston holds the casing up by a vacuum. If its working it stays up, if not it drops. Simples!

This one didn't stay up. So it was dismantled for servicing.

Just as during the week they had serviced a non-functioning cylinder from Dinmore Manor. it was duly refurbished and returned ready for service.

In the yard George continued his work on the ballast wagon applying the top coat.

In the paintshop Cheryl was working on final preparation for painting to begin on the track side

while Dave was doing the same on the other side.

I was painting the roof. That's both sides done just the centre section to go.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Visiting Day

Report by Dave Clark

We were delighted to be able to give an extensive tour of C&W for Mats Gustavsson, Richard and Rolan, who are volunteer managers (CME, CW and PW) on the Uppsala-Lenna 33 km narrow gauge railway, which is one of the largest preserved railways in Sweden. They came specifically to visit C&W and see how we are organized, and also to find out how we recruit and keep our volunteers. They were very interested in all aspects of our work and were very impressed with our facilities, especially our new building. Overall it was a very enjoyable tour.

They also very kindly gave us two hardback books and a number of guides about their railway. Although the books and guides are in Swedish, the pictures are very interesting and show what a delightful railway they run.

The other highlight of the day was the final emergence of maroon SO 4787, with the batteries being given a final checkover by John Hamer and Phil. The coach will be added to the maroon rake before the weekend.

Back in the Paintshop, work on preparing FK 13337 "Gillian" continued with Jeff attacking the old transfers.

While Cheryl wiped over and then undercoated some of the areas where extra filler had been added.

On the other side of 13337 Richard Hoy, later joined by John Varley, also continued with preparation.

Also in the Paintshop, Robin painted yet another ceiling section from TSO 5023, while (sorry no photo) Michael undercoated more panelling for the coach.

At the far end of the Workshop, Ron Woodruff and Alan Jones did a very thorough job of sanding down another of the internal doors from TSO 5023. Ron by the way has just been passed out as a Guards Inspector - well done Ron!

What?! Lying down on the job?! No - just the easiest way for Roger to clean up one of the lower sections of panelling in the central vestibule of 5023.

In the north end toilet Malcom is preparing to replace the cistern vent pipe which he is in the process of modifying. There was large rust hole surrounding the mount point on the roof!

Tony spent a lot of time cleaning up the corridor end door pillar and many of the wooden door frame sections in the south vestibule of 5023. He later gave the door pillar a quick coat of varnish.

In the Woodwork/Doors shop, John Hughes carefully cuts out a small rebate in one of the door window sliders for 5023.

Also in there was Ron Bennett, with Phil assisting, cutting the backing sheet to go behind the sink unit in the new mess room. This will be the base for the tiles.

Earlier in the day John Squires continues his pipe and fittings muster and updates his check board accordingly.

Phil continues the tidying up of the old sink area and later sets up another section of racking in this newly reorganised section of the Workshop.

In C&W nothing is sacred!!