Friday, 8 August 2014

Thursdays - Wheel set swaps.

Work on our new facility is finally nearing completion.

Ron fitting a draining board to the Belfast sink.

Robin was busy filling the final hole where ducting has been added to the structure.

Having stripped the masking tape from the floor with Robin I wiped round to remove the accumulated dust and moved the furniture into place.

Perhaps I should have told Ian as he was standing around in the workshop puzzling over the sequence of moves for the shunt on Saturday.

Lining out was in full swing. The problem here is that you can't tape the line up so close to the bottom of the window edge. It calls for a steady hand. Richard painting the top yellow line.

Having taped where they could and painted the tape comes off. Cheryl removes the tape.

Alex got the top line to paint.

with the lining out comes the transfers and the carriage regains its identity. Richard applies the final transfer.

Following 4787 into the paintshop will be the ex upholstery BG. This will be painted externally first as we have a slot available in the paintshop. the interior will be fitted out later.

A whole team was busy today removing the last of the tape and starting on he rubbing down.

The gap in the paintshop is because the next carriage 5023 needs longer in the workshop. Its progressing well with John Osborn completing the centre door frame welding.

He also did some more work on the paintshop end.

Now the wood liners can be refitted.

Alan continued the interior clean up and painting round the window frames.

The other major work of the day was the sorting out and replacement of damaged wheel set.

Here tread damage.

In use it gives a nasty clonk on every revolution of the wheel and damages the track as well as the wheel.

To replace a wheel set the keep has to come off the and the bogie frame lifted. On this one axle box is sticking.

a move of the lifting frame and the replacement wheel set is lifted up

The original wheel set is rolled out underneath it.

then its lowered down. the frame is lifted again and the wheel set rolled into place lined up and the frame lowered.

although its damaged it still has a use under a static display vehicle.

so it gets a full treatment.

Those where the tread is recoverable are sent away for the tread to be turned some thing we can't do on site.

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