Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The First Tuesday

Today was the start of our new C&W venture - Tuesday opening. It was always expected that it would have a low key small start. So with 50% more in attendance than expected it was a surprise. Not a big one three instead of two still counts.  I was joined by Richard Hoy an Ian Stroud which was handy as Ian was able to meet the Biffa waste recycling reps.

The reps came to assess the content of a container we wish to empty. After some discussion we now gave an outline way forward that can perhaps be auctioned as part of next weeks 'Work Week'.

Work week is where we focus on the workshops rather than rolling stock. There is a lot lined up for attention.

Today Richard and I focused on the BG in the barn. Richard doing some more filling and sanding on the yard side and finishing the day greying up the first section and pair of doors.

I tackled the roof first sweeping off the layer of dust that had accumulated before painting the centre section. Rather like a runner counting the laps you paint the roof section by section. There are 24 section on a BG roof.

This afternoon I also paint most of one side as well. A view rarely seen from on top of the carriage.

In the workshop Ian did some more practice on his welding skills. This time practicing on the end panel of 5023. We regularly try to expand the skills set of our team as they wish. It helps to ensure we don't get stuck because one person is not available and it helps to make things more interesting for volunteers.


Ian Cottom said...

Hello all
I'm looking for a home for the winter as there won't be any , tti duties, any space on the team a couple of Saturdays a month in the closed season .

Ken said...

Ian. As you already possess a Permit to Work, just turn up. No skills required.

Full training....errr....Broom with a long handle, will be provided.

Ian Cottom said...

Oh forgot to tell you I can mig weld :)