Sunday, 3 August 2014

Saturday working

My apologies fir the late posting from yesterday it's been a very busy weekend for both Dave and myself. Next week-end is not looking good either.

Saturday 2nd August      Report by Dave Clark

Pic 1 - Another first for C&W today was to be able to walk straight into the new building at the start of the day, sign the book in the entrance lobby, and then proceed upstairs to the new mess room for a leisurely cup of tea - the relaxed attitude in the picture says it all! During the day Paul cleared out most of the remaining items from the old mess coach, which can soon be moved away from the signal box siding much to the relief of the signalmen. 

The leisurely start soon passed and Cheryl 

and Richard Hoy were busy doing more lining out on SO 4787. Both left at lunchtime, so Ben and I carried on during the afternoon. About half of the lining out has now been completed.

Steve Barnfield continued with the rebuild inside the south end vestibule. Here he is preparing another section of panelling.

By the end of the day, the ceilings were back up, replacement panelling completed, including the new trap door accesses to the sink drain pipes for both toliet compartments. All this can now be painted.

In the Workshop Andy Turner carried on with the filling on this side of TSO 5023. The workshop side of the coach is gradually losing all its green livery.

At the south end of the coach John Squires battles with some rusted nuts holding the metal step in place.

Both John and James cut out a considerable amount of rusted panelling as can be seen. John takes a breather while James inspects the new plate he has just spot welded into place.

Inside the north compartment Penny and Jenny release more seat backs.

These were subsequently loaded onto the trolley to be taken to the Upholstery Workshop.

Repaired seats for 5023 were simultaneously taken from the Workshop for temporary storage in the old Upholstery coach.

In the Upholstery workshop much of the new Dexion racking had been put up, and John Hill and Dave Dron are busy cutting the shelving for it.

Just across from them Penny is demonstrating to Jenny the industrial sewing machine which is needed to cope with the heavy moquette used for our carriage seating.

It's good to have a very talented group of ladies in what many would think to be an all-male working environment.

Not forgetting Nicky at work on a door lock. She is now well on the way to becoming a Diesel Secondman (lady), and great news - she has gained an apprenticeship with an outside firm. Well done Nicky!

While dad Chris, who must be very proud of her many achievements, works on one of the doors on BG 81039 in the yard.

In the Barn Dennis Brown, and Alan Baugh on the other side, did more sanding down and tape removal on the sides of the Upholstery coach. This vehicle has stepped up the priority ladder with the Commercial Department hoping to have it ready as the new Visitor Centre by the start of the 2015 season.

With safety harness firmly attached, Malcolm resumes the clean up of the roof prior to painting on the etch primer. The roof will be eventually painted in Flint Grey.

On the Barn jack road RMB 1808 has its bogies replaced with ones that have had the tyres reprofiled.

Pic 4 - Unfortunately this coincided with one of the many deluges of the day. John Hamer and Dennis Richards brave the rain as Phil Salter carefully backs the 03 towards the reprofiled bogies.

Back in the Workshop Derek Clark is completing the removal of the rotten planking from the old PWay tool van. Most of the remaining planking looks to be fairly sound and can be retained.

The new lecterns made by Eddie Paddon have received yet more coats of varnish by Cheryl and myself. The large one will be mounted in the entrance lobby for the signing-in book.

John Osborn and Eddie discuss to addition of more partitioning in the newly acquired mobile cabinet for the welding stores.

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Bob Mackintosh said...

I am rather disappointed to see the replacement of the tap for draining the tanks with a fairly smooth round cap. It will be difficult trying to turn that on on a frosty winter morning when your hands are cold and slip on the circle. A tap is much better.
Bob Mackintosh