Saturday, 30 August 2014

Cleaning Up

With just fourteen volunteers in attendance today there was space for everybody to crack on with various tasks.

The main focus was finishing 4787 ready for shunting next week-end.

Cheryl was again cleaning windows but this time it was Paul inside vacuuming the seats and doing the interior cleaning.

Roger was assisting doing the coat racks.

Dave was checking all round looking for any missed bits and bits that needed touching up. He finds them in the most unexpected places.

I had the rather more messy job of cleaning up the first of the two replacement bogies that will go under the carriage as part of the shunt.

the sorting out of the workshop continued with John Squires setting p the lathe area. we just need to get the lathe wired in.

Ian converted the cable hanger to fixed hooks and gave them the correct coat of 'warning yellow'.

Ian moved on to start the repair of the lower section of the guards door for the BG.

cutting off the lower rusted section.

and with some assistance from John Osborn shaping the replacement section.

also working on the BG 92384 was Alex who continues the filling and sanding. the carriage will be returned to its original number 80893 when its put back into service as the information centre at Winchcombe.

James completed a section of replacement plating on the Winchcombe end of TSO 5023 in the workshop.

before assisted by John Squires removing the corridor connection pistons

John Hawkins was drilling out an immovable screw in a door before removing the door and with some assistance moving it to the woodwork shop for attention.

There it had to join the queue

as all the door tables were in use. Chris making a new section of trim for one of them.

Ken was working to remove the corridor connection at the Toddington end of the carriage using his latest specially made tool. This hold the jack in position to drive the main mount pin out.

John Hamer was doing the usual checks on the state of the spare batteries ready for them to be refitted as needed. The Specific Gravities of the acid in each cell gets a regular check.

John Osborn spent much of the day on his latest creation.

No its not been sold the Tate Modern (yet).

when complete as I think is is here, except for painting, it will provide storage for the steel sheeting.

Better and safer than leaning it against the wall which till now was the only place available.

Late in the afternoon we did a quick transfer to S&T department helping to unload a delivery of equipment for Broadway.

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