Friday, 29 August 2014

Back in the groove

After last weeks 'work week' designed to tidy up and dirt out the workshops it was back to work on the carriages this week.

Well not completely. There was still some tidying up going on. Tthe remains of the first van body was still being skipped.

The metal was also being sorted out to a separate skip.

John Osborn was assisting Ron Bennett to complete the wash back for the Belfast sink.

Ron then fitted the new section.

Work also continued on setting up the metalwork area. these are the uprights for the sheet steel rack duly painted and awaiting welding into position.

Ken has converted the old canvass cover from the dismantled van body to make new corridor connection covers.

John Hamer removed the axle box cover and had to wipe away a load of grease to check the numbering of the wheel set which is stamped near the end of the shaft. The 4 in the number had been poorly stamped which raised the question when it had been cross-checked.

It was then all reassembled and John moved onto the next task.

Another long battle with a split pin.

The ballast wagon doors open ok but need extensive welding repairs. To give Pete sufficient room we have put the wagon over the pit in Winchcombe yard which helps but we still need to get the doors open wider. The only way is to remove some of the linkage that controls the movement. Thus the split pin had to come out.

Rod Wells continued the sanding down of the BG. Earlier I had stripped the last of the yellow tape from two of the doors.

I moved onto clean up the pair of bogies that will be going under 4787 when it leaves the paintshop.

In the paintshop the finishing of 4787 underway.

Richard and Cheryl were cleaning windows. outside

while Jeff was doing the insides.

Ron and Rod were sorting out a loo door lock and distracting John Hughes.

|John did get back to painting the kick board strips.

Ken was replacing the mount studs on the corridor connection from 5023. Its a long job there are lots of studs and many/most need some work on them.

And finally during the morning Russ brought Grenville down for a visit. Grenville was looking over the Ballast wagon he last worked on. Now its in George's hands to complete the painting which is progressing well.

Cheryl said it was his typical timing, just in time for the tea break. Grenville promptly produced his sandwiches and said he was stopping for lunch as well.

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Ian Cottom said...

Hello folks
Are we planning on doing any reapolstering of the Dmu seats in the closed season .