Saturday, 30 August 2014

Cleaning Up

With just fourteen volunteers in attendance today there was space for everybody to crack on with various tasks.

The main focus was finishing 4787 ready for shunting next week-end.

Cheryl was again cleaning windows but this time it was Paul inside vacuuming the seats and doing the interior cleaning.

Roger was assisting doing the coat racks.

Dave was checking all round looking for any missed bits and bits that needed touching up. He finds them in the most unexpected places.

I had the rather more messy job of cleaning up the first of the two replacement bogies that will go under the carriage as part of the shunt.

the sorting out of the workshop continued with John Squires setting p the lathe area. we just need to get the lathe wired in.

Ian converted the cable hanger to fixed hooks and gave them the correct coat of 'warning yellow'.

Ian moved on to start the repair of the lower section of the guards door for the BG.

cutting off the lower rusted section.

and with some assistance from John Osborn shaping the replacement section.

also working on the BG 92384 was Alex who continues the filling and sanding. the carriage will be returned to its original number 80893 when its put back into service as the information centre at Winchcombe.

James completed a section of replacement plating on the Winchcombe end of TSO 5023 in the workshop.

before assisted by John Squires removing the corridor connection pistons

John Hawkins was drilling out an immovable screw in a door before removing the door and with some assistance moving it to the woodwork shop for attention.

There it had to join the queue

as all the door tables were in use. Chris making a new section of trim for one of them.

Ken was working to remove the corridor connection at the Toddington end of the carriage using his latest specially made tool. This hold the jack in position to drive the main mount pin out.

John Hamer was doing the usual checks on the state of the spare batteries ready for them to be refitted as needed. The Specific Gravities of the acid in each cell gets a regular check.

John Osborn spent much of the day on his latest creation.

No its not been sold the Tate Modern (yet).

when complete as I think is is here, except for painting, it will provide storage for the steel sheeting.

Better and safer than leaning it against the wall which till now was the only place available.

Late in the afternoon we did a quick transfer to S&T department helping to unload a delivery of equipment for Broadway.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Back in the groove

After last weeks 'work week' designed to tidy up and dirt out the workshops it was back to work on the carriages this week.

Well not completely. There was still some tidying up going on. Tthe remains of the first van body was still being skipped.

The metal was also being sorted out to a separate skip.

John Osborn was assisting Ron Bennett to complete the wash back for the Belfast sink.

Ron then fitted the new section.

Work also continued on setting up the metalwork area. these are the uprights for the sheet steel rack duly painted and awaiting welding into position.

Ken has converted the old canvass cover from the dismantled van body to make new corridor connection covers.

John Hamer removed the axle box cover and had to wipe away a load of grease to check the numbering of the wheel set which is stamped near the end of the shaft. The 4 in the number had been poorly stamped which raised the question when it had been cross-checked.

It was then all reassembled and John moved onto the next task.

Another long battle with a split pin.

The ballast wagon doors open ok but need extensive welding repairs. To give Pete sufficient room we have put the wagon over the pit in Winchcombe yard which helps but we still need to get the doors open wider. The only way is to remove some of the linkage that controls the movement. Thus the split pin had to come out.

Rod Wells continued the sanding down of the BG. Earlier I had stripped the last of the yellow tape from two of the doors.

I moved onto clean up the pair of bogies that will be going under 4787 when it leaves the paintshop.

In the paintshop the finishing of 4787 underway.

Richard and Cheryl were cleaning windows. outside

while Jeff was doing the insides.

Ron and Rod were sorting out a loo door lock and distracting John Hughes.

|John did get back to painting the kick board strips.

Ken was replacing the mount studs on the corridor connection from 5023. Its a long job there are lots of studs and many/most need some work on them.

And finally during the morning Russ brought Grenville down for a visit. Grenville was looking over the Ballast wagon he last worked on. Now its in George's hands to complete the painting which is progressing well.

Cheryl said it was his typical timing, just in time for the tea break. Grenville promptly produced his sandwiches and said he was stopping for lunch as well.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Another mixed working day

Report by Dave Clark

Once again another major bash continuing the reorganisation of the Workshop and clearing away years of accumulated bits and pieces, resulting in another full skip. We were all rewarded for our efforts when Richard brought in some wonderful sausage rolls and ginger cake, all made by his daughter Catherine - needless to say that it all went! Thank you Catherine!

Outside the old Workshop, Peter Fisher completed the breaking-up of the first van body. 

While inside the Workshop James adds more emulsion to the wall. We still have a way to go yet with our reorganisation, but when I left there were more piles of stuff to be sorted, much of it cleared from the top of the old internal store and office by Phil Salter, with help from others. Paul was busy with numerous jobs throughout the day, including recycling another mountain of cardboard.

Dennis Richards cleaned up and re-stained the old document cupboard, which he later put in the new office.

Normal working also took place, and in the relative quiet of the Upholstery shop, John Hill staples on a new length of moquette to one of the seats recently retrieved from SK 25451 in the third rake.

In the Paintshop Cheryl does some more tidying-up of the paintwork on SO 4787. It is amazing just what this extra work does to really bring out the best, making it all well worth while. The back panel on this door will receive a light sanding and fresh coat of varnish.

There are still jobs to do before 4787 is ready to go out in 2 weeks time. Dennis Brown fixes one of the two tare plates to the south end. He painted, and later attached, all the door grab handles bar one, where the retaining nut has come loose. This means the removal of the internal veneer panel - a job for next Saturday.

In the Woodwork shop Steve Barnfield very carefully cuts out another piece of plywood. By the end of the day, in the Paintshop there was quite a pile of skirting board for priming and painting black, and two large veneer panels for staining and varnishing, all destined for TSO 5023.

Craig test fits a piece of wood infill on another of 5023's aluminium doors. This will be used to secure the droplight slide.

 Later in the day Steve is inside the north vestibule of 5023, assessing the state of the corner panel to see how much needs to be cut out and replaced.

Also getting on with some normal work, Andy, Ken and Richard are cleaning up and re-assembling a vacuum cylinder off a goods vehicle.

In the Barn Phil Jones cleans up the door frames and edges of BG 92384, the new Visitor Centre coach.

Following the request to have the original guard's door re-instated, Dennis Brown has removed the metal sheet and is now cleaning up the surrounding panelling. The top right section (just above the sander) will need to be cut out and replaced with new sheet metal.

The old Guards door was duly retrieved and the upper rusted areas cleaned up and bridge-filled by Richard. The lowerbadly corroded area will probably be overplated.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Work Week

Work but not as we know it. We don't or at least we try not to work on the carriages. This week is the annual tidy up of the workshops. We focus on trying to get rid of the accumulated and never to be used off cuts of wood and metal. Do a deeper clean than the usual sweep round and perhaps paint and spruce our working environment.

With the emphasis last year on the new building we sort of skipped work week so this year we really had to make a bigger effort. This was also needed as having the new facilities we have moved lots of things out of the workshop and need to reorganise what's left.

So it was on the Monday morning that the strong men came and moved it all about.

Creating clearer and more spacious work areas for the engineering and metal work.

With that continuing on Tuesday and the more detailed finishing off being done.

Installing the pillar drills.

The pipe fittings getting a proper rack at last.

Its amazing how much Dexion we have. Some more being dismantled in one of the containers.

The focus shifted to some of the external storage namely Containers 1 and 2. These have hardly been touched for some time, possibly years, and we are intending to replace them. They are ex van bodies but so badly rotted that they no longer protect much and are 'going'. First we had to empty them. it was easier to move the sides out of the way first.

The offcuts of wood that might be but never have been useful at last have a possible use. we off loaded 4 truck loads in the loco wood store at Toddington.

That should help with fire lighting.

The accumulated tins of paint donated at various times but not used and the residues of old part used tins all constitute hazardous waste so have to be sorted listed and categorised for controlled disposal.

John Osborn still found time to do a bit of interdepartmental cooperation cutting some quarter inch plates for S&T to act as spacers for the Broadway frame. By Thursday with the space now sorted John was back to construction.

Ian cutting the lengths of steel for a rack to store the sheet steel.

which quickly became the base framework. The sheet sheet has previously been stored against the wall all,over the place.

As they were already sorted the upholstery team got on with some seat work. yes this is getting repaired.

The cover removed and laid out.

On Thursday we had a parcel delivered by train. A shout from Claudette, Guard on the DMU for the day, as they passed the workshop on their way to Winchcombe station alerted me to its arrival. So I hotfooted it up to the station to collect.

Rail freight is still in use on the GWSR. Here is the seat now in the upholstery shop ready for repairs.

 As the first coat of varnish on 4787 was dry on Thursday the second coiat was applied by Jim

and Cheryl.

Robin did some to the doors in the upholstery shop

Work then started on clearing the old office. A pile removed for sorting and moving to the new office.

There is still a lot to do.