Thursday, 31 July 2014

A different view

I started the day returning to the roof cleaning of 5023 in the workshop. It does give a very different view of what's going on. It can also distinctly confuse anybody you speak too. ken using the old metal saw.

The roof I did yesterday

And the task ahead for the day, or as it turned out the morning. The old paint has to come off now if left it will come off later.

Malcolm was also on the roof but the roof of the BG that is to become the visitor centre.

Once cleaned we apply a primer to the galvanised steel and then two coats of paint.

The removal of the tape used for the yellow lines, they weren't painted on are removed using heat guns and scrappers.

Dave Hancox on one side.

Pete Lucas on the other.

Phil made the most of the sun shine cleaning the, currently, spare bogies.

Paul and Robin got things ready for the lunch time move to the new mess room.

Ron Bennett was given the privilege of officially opening the mess room have doing all the plumbing work and cabinet installation.

and Paul made him a little presentation expressing all our gratitude for his efforts.

Thus lunch was taken with another new view

Where are the trains?

It was only just in time. We had 31 signed in a various times today. We were out of space at coffee time.

During the afternoon Andy continued the preparation of 5023

while Rob

and Roger cleaned the interior window frames replaced damaged trim and painted as needed.

The critical path for the carriage still lays with the metal work. James completed the replacement of the 4 section of crash pillar on one end of the carriage.

No Parking well sort off but not quite. Basically a don't stand around here because this is a danger zone when we start repairing bogies.

Ken only just got this painted in time as John Hamer took quick advantage a shunt in the yard that for once wasn't ours.

It did allow us to request the placement of RBr 1808 in the jack road for another bogie swap.

John Varley was filling a request from Toddington for about a dozen trolley brackets. Hopefully we will get to see where they get fitted.

John Osborn was cutting a section of stainless steel for use with the Belfast sink being fitted downstairs in the new workshops.

John was also cleaning up and filling up the mobile storage unit that was donated recently.

In the paintshop during the morning Cheryl was doing the last section of the second top coat on 4787.

Richard and Jeff were taping up ready for lining out.

During the afternoon I joined them as several sections of the lining out were completed

after which it was time to sign out. The attendance register has now moved to the new entrance. A special desk has been made by Eddie and is awaiting a final coat of varnish.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Open Doors

Another hot day that for me got hotter as I spent much of the day on the roof of 5023 chipping off flaking paint

and unfortunately exposing a certain lack of metal round the roof vent for the water tank.

Dave Ward was assembling a set of wedge  supports for the upholstery team.

Dave Rogers was checking out the section of hardwood trim he has been planning. He still has an eye for the straight edge.

Derek completed the second door for the DMU.

The final bracket position will have to be decided when the door is remounted. We have no bolt of screw hole remaining from the original rotten section that has been replace to act as a guide.

So the doors are ready to collect.

Working on another door, this one from 5023, Mike sorts out the lock mounting bolts.

Following the week-end Diesel Gala John Hamer report an issue with 24949 centre Cotswold Hill side door. The door barely latched so had to be locked out for safety.

After investigation new volunteer Trevor opened up the panelling enough to see the problem.

We clearly needed a shim to correct the spacing. John Hamer had previously found such a shim, shown here, as used by BR.

As we clearly needed one of a different thickness, Trevor set about making a few for use and to hold as a stock item for future use.

The shim still needs fitting.

Another new fitting was the Dexion shelving in the upholstery shop.

While it was being cut and assembled John and Penny took some visitors round the workshops

leaving Dave Dron and John Hughes with the plan for the shelves.

Looks like they might be ready for the woodwork team to fit the shelves very soon.

Enjoying the sunshine in the yard Peter Holt was checking and measuring the wheel set bearings.

Its all precision stuff.

In the paintshop Des and Rod started the lining out Des on the top line Rod on the bottom

while Russ finished cleaning the tape from the other side.

Des moved on to start cleaning the Yellow tape lines from the old Upholstery carriage that is now in the barn for painting preperations.

It will follow 4787 in the paintshop.

With a new workshop comes an opportunity to clear out old rubbish. This will become fire lighters for the loco department.

And Paul has got eh mess room all ready for official opening tomorrow.

With any new building there can be a few teething problem.

Sorry! It just came off in my hand. The door to the
store room now minus a handle.

Its rather interesting to find we are moving into our new workshop some thirty years after the department cleared out the old goods shed ready to move in.

Jeff found this article in Cornishman No. 9 from the Summer of 1984 :

" Winchcombe yard has had its first major attention from us. All old sleepers lying around have been sorted into reusable and bonfire material, the Goods Shed has been completely cleared of tons of rubbish, all dumped domestic debris has been cleared from the site, excessive undergrowth has been cut down and burned, the P/Way hut has been tidied up and many rail keys, fang plates and even fishplates recovered from the sides of the embankments. Many cwts. of crushed fruit stones ( plus the crushing machine ) were saved in the Goods Shed, all very useful for mopping up spilt oil when the C & W Dept. move in. "

Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Hot Day

With the Diesel Gala on and many members of the department doing extra duties elsewhere and with some dedicated to showing visitors to C&W round the workshops there was limited but vital activity.

In the upholstery workshop John Hill and Penny and Dave Dron were working on the seats from 5023.

Also upstairs, Paul was finishing up and getting the new Mess Room ready for action next week.

That will allow the existing mess room carriage the RBr by the signal box to be moved much to the pleasure of the signalman.

That's more shunting to do after a long shunt today. This shunt moved to the old upholstery carriage into the jack road.

These shunts always provide an opportunity to sweep up.

The carriage came in for a swap of wheel sets which was a nice variation for visitors to watch.
Its interesting after a wheel swap last week for the time its already become and 'easy' option for John Hamer and Ken.

Here John tightens the nuts on the' keep'.

The keep does what it says. It keeps the wheel set from being pushed out of the bottom of the guides by the springs.

Being quiet is always an advantage for the welders they can get on without having to keep warning other they are welding.

This meant Pete managed to get a lot done completing repairs to two of the crash pillars by welding in new sections.

Job done and looking excellent.

Later it allowed Derrick to show interested visitors the repair.

Phil Jones was back and working on 5023 sanding down the side and wiping it of ready for painting in the grey base coat.

In the paint shop Steve trimmed the ceiling in 4787.

Alan was busy on the paintwork.

While Alex started on the delicate job of removing the tape ready for lining out. This tape has been on for rather longer than usual so there is the danger of the edge lifting the surrounding edge paint.

As for me, I  took the van with Chris and Nikki to collect a load of various things donated to the railway this will get distributed around several departments.

I was going to suggest the lads at Broadway may like the chairs ...

..but they never have time (or aren't allowed) to sit down.

It was hot enough driving the truck, no air conditioning! Hats of the P'Way Gang and the Broadway team in the heat. I bet the loco crews were glad they had the day off.