Sunday, 29 June 2014

June 28th - A whole lot going on

Report by Dave Clark

A very busy and very varied day with a lot going on, including a visit from a group of children and parents from Cheltenham Oncology Unit. As such this is just a selection of over 40 photos taken during the day, and even this couldn't capture everything.

With a shunt organised, once again there was a lot of concentration on the new building. Cheryl top coated the window sills on the landing and in the upholstery shop.

Jeff added a coat of clear varnish on the office shelves. These later had a curved beading strip added to the front, which was coated in coloured varnish.

Richard Hoy painted green primer on the new railings and gates at the top of the upholstery hoist.

Paul and Jim unpacked the new mess room chairs and then shifted all the cardboard packaging ready for recycling.

Andy Turner, later joined by Jim, cleaned the outside doors to remove the splashes resulting from Wednesday's concrete pouring.

Jim constructing the new cloakroom island.

John Squires and Ben constructed the three new high level platforms in the lobby, which surprisingly proved to be a somewhat trying job.

With the platforms battle over John reverted to a more relaxing job and began top coating the primed (and by now dry) railings.

James building the base for the Belfast sink.

Nicky continues the gradual sorting out and clearance of our documentation from the old office to the new.

She later codes our new platform steps and records them in our register of ladders, steps and scaffold towers - in C&W we take our documentation very seriously.

The planned shunt took place during the morning, thankfully when the major deluge had just about finished. Phil in the 03  shunts out SO 4797, the RMB and the grey GW van.

When shunts take place you keep well back. Chris, John, Eddie and Ria mutter about blog picture takers!

The huge space we now have with the addition of the Paintshop. Cheryl is busy with the broom in the distance.

Arrrgh, what horror is this coming in?! PWay's old tool van is next in line for a somwhat major refurb.

Shunt completed, with the grey van outside awaiting collection for Toddington, the Siphon G replaced by green TSO 5023 and the Dogfish, and FO 3123 and two sets of bogies on the jack road.

In the peace and quiet of the Upholstery coach, John Hill and Jenny with another new cuishion for the part restored blue and grey CK.

They are also working on the seat backs for TSO 5023, where new canvas has been added to secure the internal stuffing.

Back in SO 4787, Steve secures the sliding corridor door.

Chris adds the key lock to the rebuilt door on the end of 4787.

In the Barn, Andy resumes the sanding on the former wallside of TSO 5023.

John Osborn offers up a section of door frame z bar that he has been machining

Bob Keyte back with his ceilings in 5023 - as you may expect from our top painter, the result is superb.

Finally, in the Paintshop Richard applies the transfers to the newly glossed RMB 1808.

Meanwhile Jim, Ben and I started taping up ready for lining out.

Friday, 27 June 2014

June 26th - Safety Gates

Report by Dave Clark. Thanks for stepping in.
The finishing shop has moved another step closer to completion with John Osborn completing the installation of the safety gates for the Upholstery hoist hatch. These and the remaining railings will now be primed and painted - the gates in bright yellow.

Also moving things forward Jeff sanded down the edges of the new shelving and then added a coat of coloured varnish.

In the Mess Room, Ron having sealed around the new sink, now continues with the waste pipework. Robin continues painting the electrical conduit and also does the gas pipe to the heater. The skirting board for this room, the office and other stud walling has been ordered ready for installation by Building Services.

Outside the Barn, Malcolm cleans up another of the benches ready for soaking in teak oil. The benches, when arranged in the viewing area at the end of the Barn, were very popular with our visitors when we were open during the Steam Gala

In the Paintshop, Cheryl completed the two remaining lower panels on RMB 1808 with the second coat of GWR Brown, and then tidied up the black work  i.e. the door and grab handles, and door stubs.

 On the opposite side, Richard Hoy removed all the tape in preparation for lining out on Saturday. He also tidied up the black work and repainted the steps. By the end of the day Cheryl's painting had completely dried and I was able to remove the tape on that side as well.

 Michael did some more varnishing and completed painting the new steps that George had started last week. The new, higher trestles reported in yesterday's blog were very much appreciated!

In the Workshop John Varley was busy on a number of tasks set up by John Osborn - in this instance finishing off some small metal brackets for a trolley as replacements for some plastic originals.

Inside the south end vestibule of SO 4787, Roger and Ron Woodruff are putting back the supports for the ceiling.

At the opposite end, Pete Lucas completes the tidying up of the doorway and end panelling, as well as finishing off the sealing and painting inside the corridor end.

On the wall side of the coach, John Hamer spent much of the day working on the panelling and frames on the back of the new door on SO 4787. He then reinstated the capping strip on the right hand side of the door frame. The door now shuts well, and just requires the remaining fittings (key lock, etc) to complete the job. [Sorry, no picture but We will take one on Saturday]

In the Barn, work continued on TSO 5023. Tony cleans up another section of the bodywork.

Inside, Paul does another tidy up of the lino to keep the dust and dirt level down.

While Bob top coats another section of ceiling.

Finally, in the new FO, Ian unscrews more of the seats ready for removal and refurbishment.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

June 25th - Paint, wood and a lot of cement

   Report by Dave Clark

A good number in on a hot dry day and more progress with the new building.

(photo taken by Rod Wells) Building Services had arranged for a lorry load of ready mix to be delivered, mainly for the new large bases by the station, but the remainder was used to build the platforms outside the three emergency exits and the main access doors of the new building.

The new platform outside the main access doors - this will be completed by a ramp to allow the use of palette trucks and trollies when deliveries are made.

Two infamous characters view the result and check the doors open satisfactorily (taken by Mike Simpson with my phone camera)

In the Woodwork
/Doors shop,
Mike Stephenson from S&T is installing the cables for the external phones.

Pete Fisher relaxing in the Dogfish ballast wagon after another heavy metal working session - the row of grinding disks says it all! 

Also in the Barn, John Hawkins prepares to reinstate the cleaned-up sliding windows in this part of TSO 5023. John Hamer and Ken were also working on the south end of the coach, with John cleaning up more of the corroded metalwork in readiness for the repairs by John Osborn and Pete Fisher.

In the Workshop Derrick is working on the remaining door on SO 4787.

Des continuing the tidying up of the nearby end panelling.

Earlier on In the Paintshop Des completed the second cream top coat on RMB 1808.

On the opposite side Rod starts the second brown top coat on the lower panels. By the end of the day, just two large lower panels on the road side remained.

It was a hive of activity once again in the Woodwork/Doors shop, with Ralph and Mike busy on their respective door benches.

While Maurice completes the new trestles for the Paintshop.

Dave Ward 

and Eddie are again preparing the timber for more benches for the Upholstery shop.

Dave Rogers happily constructing another bench, and always the clown, pretends to belt seven bells out of this cross-piece.

The new trestles in place in the Paintshop.

The new benches almost completed in the Upholstery shop.

Finally, another step forward as Dave Dron becomes the first member of the team to use the Upholstery shop. He says he was "kicked out" of their workshop in the coach by John and his wife Penny - he was actually making use of the extra space now available to work on the side panels for TSO 5023..