Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Apr 30th - servicing.

Report by Dave Clark

After the quiet Saturday, work on RMB 1808 speeded up again with five of us working on the body sides. Ken reemed out more of the rivet line on the wall side before re-riveting where required and applying filler afterwards.

At the other end Rod used the powered wire brush to remove yet more loose paint and rust.

While Des was applying more filler and sanding on the wall side, Russ and I were
doing the same on the Barn side.

The bottom corner on the wall side was also riveted to hold it in place - this will probably be bridge-filled.

Also in the Barn, Pete Fisher completed the outside repairs to the second Dogfish ballast wagon.

The Door team had a busy day, initially testing the final fitting of the door on the wallside-Paintshop end of SO 4787 in the Workshop.

At the opposite end of the coach, Mike was making repairs to the door frame.

In the new workshop, Derrick was making adjustments to the lock on the next new door for 4787.

Later in the day, Craig and Derrick were marking out the correct location on the new door skin for the door handle.

 In the Paintshop Dave Ward began constructing the safety barrier at the end of the new shelves on the end wall.

The completed job with extra wooden shelving.


The Woodwork shop was very busy today. The equipment underwent the annual servicing, which also meant that the new crosscut saw could be checked out.



It was great to see Dave Rogers back in, helping with the new benches.


Maurice cleaning another of the woodwork machines now able to be used with the extra space available in the new workshop. The machine has been stored for some time waiting.


Eddie with more work benches under construction - this time for the Upholstery shop.

In the Upholstery coach Eddie discusses with the John Hill the final requirements for the Upholstery shop.


One of the completed seat backs for BSK 34929, scheduled for a full refurbishment and currently replaced in the Third Rake by BG 81039.

Another of the BSK seat backs partially rebuilt.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Coming soon

The railway has recently purchased an additional carriage 3132 a First Open Coach.

It should be arriving from the Eping and Ongar Railway soon. It was formally a Riviera Train Carriage.

There is some restoration to do before it can run but it is largely all there.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Apr 26th - the war effort at C&W

Report by Dave Clark

Complete with headscarfe and lipstick, Nicky looked the part for the first day of the Wartime Weekend. She then went off to be with P'Way for the day.

Helping out on the gate were two more C&W volunteers, Penny Dron and Alan Baugh, with Alan also dressed for the day. Penny's husband Dave was helping out on the station crossing.

First off as always was Cheryl painting the doors of the GW Van and in effect completing the first top coat.

In contrast to Thursday, just three of us worked on the bodywork of RMB 1808 in the Barn, with Martin tackling more of the cracking paintwork on this coach.

Richard removing the BUFFET transfer. I later did the same with the Glos Warks roundel just a bit further along. Removing these always leaves a sticky mess which has to be removed with thinners.

Inside the Workshop end vestibule of 1808 Andy was trying to sort out the leaking tank pipe.

1808 was destined to be a non-runner with four doors locked out of use. However, Chris has done a heroic job and three of these are now back in use.

In the Workshop, SO 4787 was being "attacked" at both ends. At the Barn end James secures the latest metal patch before completing the weld.

With the welding completed, he cleans up with the angle grinder.

At the Paintshop end of 4787 the tank filler pipes were being refitted. Unfortunately, one of them broke as the result of internal corrosion. John Squires and Ken use the pipe bender to prepare a new section.

Some of the old pipe was saved and John, having cut a new thread, cleans up the end. The thread cutting machine is on the tripod shelf underneath.

Up on the roof, and safely secured with our new mansafe system, John Hamer waits to fit the reformed filler pipe.

Underneath inside the wallside lavatory, Steve continues rebuilding the walls with the skirting being refitted.

Also at the Paintshop end, Phil fits the wallside electrical connection.

John Osborne prepares some sections of angle iron that will be used on the GW Van doors to brace them.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Apr 24th - floored again

After an initial walk round the workshops where I found Richard painting the roof of the goods van a light grey

and Cheryl painting the sides a much darker grey.

Inside 4787 final touches are being applied to the window frames.

Another case of doing as much as possible while waiting for the exterior to be completed before moving the carriage into the paintshop.

I ventured through the main workshop where Pete Fisher was doing some more work on the crash pillar of 4787.

Although I often include such pictures you do need to remember to never look at welding in progress without a proper mask.

For this picture I was actually in the barn behind the roller shutter sticking the camera (smart phone) round the door!

Continuing into the barn I joined a veritable swarm of volunteers making the most of some warmth to do as much prep work as possible done on 1808 while the doors are being attended too.

After the morning, tea break George on the left, me in the middle and Richard on the right, tackled the floor of the upholstery shop.

by tea time it was job done. There is still one very small section behind the door to do. the shelving is currently standing on that bit. So on Saturday it should be possible to set the shelving up and paint the last little bit of floor.

It took a little bit of getting used to the sound of machinery operating underneath in the woodwork shop where Dave Ward was busy making some tool boxes to help organise things in the new shop.

Jeff was doing some final preparations for he war week end. Just as Hercules rumbled very low over the station. I wonder if he will show up again over the week end.

Paul was starting the cleaning process in 4787. A sure sign that things are drawing to a completion in the carriage. And NO that is not Pauls Halo shine brightly just unfortunate timing on my part as he moved when I took the picture!

Apr 23rd - first time back

I had hoped to spend the day at C&W but installation work at home prevented my arrival until late afternoon. So I just spent time looking round.

To see change, take a holiday. Wow.

The new mess room now has smart new flooring installed and work on the kitchen section is progressing.

The office has also got its new floor and many of the shelves are are in place.

In the workshops with the departure of two carriages at the same time last week end the place looks a little empty.

The paintshop just has the goods van with its new doors just waiting for final painting.

The woodwork shop has two grooves cut and needs some channeling out to install cables for the big machines that have to stand away from the wall.

Maybe it's a good job I wasn't in apparently the notice of the cutting disc and the dust was both high volume.

So where is the current activity. The door team are sorting a door on 4787 in the workshop.

Pete Fisher got the message that when he was back from holiday we needed the crash pillars repaired. Apparently he actually got at least three messages to that effect, sorry Pete but thanks for getting it done so quickly!

No sooner had Pete finished than James started on the panelling. Team work.

The rest of the work was focused on the RMB1808 in the barn. While it's in to have the doors fixed a lot of tidying up of flaking paint and surface rust patches are being dealt with

And I guess it will have final very quick repaint to smarten it up in time for the Gala.

Finally it was good to see the third rake all the same colour at last. It takes a little getting used to seeing BG81039 in Chocolate and Cream.