Sunday, 30 March 2014

March 29th - SteadyProgress all round.

Report by Dave Clark

The day started with the mini shunt to exchange the bogies on FK 13337 "Gillian" located in the Barn. The attack on the body work then resumed in preparation for the Wartime weekend with Ben,

Dennis (Brown),


 and Tony and Alex Barnard involved for much of the day. Both the Workshop end corners will need over-plating!

In the Workshop Ken was busy reattaching the covers on the recently replaced corridor connection on the Paintshop end of SO 4787.

At the opposite end, John Osborn was welding on patch plates over the large rust holes.

That's Better. now to paint and reassemble it all!

In the Paintshop RMB 1876 was receiving its first coat of varnish with Cheryl,

Richard (Hoy),


Tony and Alex Caulfield, and myself involved.

The centre door problem was resolved by Steve Barnfield. He cut two L-shaped hardwood inserts, screwed from the side, to provide secure stops for the droplight.

The badly fitting panel was improved with a wooden insert and a new door pull put on. I then stained these as necessary ready for a coat of varnish on Wednesday. Steve also planed down the door frame so that the door now closes perfectly with the handle horizontal.

George had a busy day, first completing the black painting in the corridor end of the RMB.

Then painting in gloss black the new hardwood sections for the Barn end corridor connection on SO 4787.

Finally top-coating the door frame of the Upholstery workshop.

Two of the rebuilt doors of the grey GW box van.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

March 25th - Dinmore running about

Today was busy with a lot of running about, mainly by Dinmore Manor that had several trip through Winchcobme. I guess the loco department would call this driver familiarisation. We call it having fun with a new toy. Either way it was a serious obstruction to C&W productivity as we had to go and watch it pass.
Also out and about were the maintenance team oiling and checking the freight train.
They were also checking brakes.

They found a need for more Cable Guides so John Osborn quickly produced some more as they used up the reserve stock we had.

In the workshops the doors to the upholstery shop were fitted,

while John Squires continued the painting of the stair rails.

He has selected an interesting colour scheme.
3 maroon 1 white etc.

The door frames to the office and the paintshop

and the one to the store room were all being painted as were the window sills.

The recently installed racks in the woodwork shop were already in use.

Ron was working on sealing the window in one of the toilets of 4787

while John Hughes was preparing the new end woods for the same carriage.

Michael was again sanding and varnishing trim strips.

Richard was dealing with some of the final small details, power connection and communication chord flags amoung them on RMB 1876

Jim painted the lock plates first checking that they were tight.

Robin was touching up the interior.

Ron Bennett checked out a leak in the water pipes.

Paul was cleaning and checking out the light fittings

Cheryl and I were finishing the lining out.

I double checked the number of steps calculation from the other day and realised I hadn't allowed for being asked to move for others to pass, twice today, and having to do extra moves for the door edges! It worked at roughly another 100 step!

All the detailed lettering is finished.

Thanks to Jeff and a very small brush with lots of patience.

By the end of the day with the lining out now complete we just need so couple of coats of varnish and carriage will be rolled out a week on Saturday.
Work was well under way on 13337 in the barn. We are preparing it for a repaint. If it will ready before the BG. The odds are actually on 81039 coming in first for a colour change to chocolate and cream.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wonderful background sounds

Report by Dave Clark. His eMail said it was only a short report!

A smaller group in today, happily working away to the wonderful background sounds of a steam loco for quite a chunk of the day. The mess rooms worktops and units arrived today. and we had a visit from a firm to quote for the lino for the mess room and office.

"Dinmore Manor" was once again travelling through Winchcombe, both for further testing and to sort out the Freight train ready for a charter on Wednesday. There was also a run to Cheltenham and back with the c/cream rake. It was a most welcome background sound to work to.

In the Woodwork Shop Maurice continues his excellent work cleaning and servicing the cross-cut saw bench.

Eddie and Dave erected some of the recently acquired shelving which will be the temporary home for much of the prepared wood until the heavier racking can be sorted out. Steve Long has started putting in the 3-phase electric control boxes ready for the woodworking equipment which is gradually being moved in.

In the Workshop, Mike and Ralph, working on SO 4787, are puzzling how to attach the door lock receptacle to the frame.

With the corridor connection removed at the north end of SO 4787, the badly corroded metalwork can be seen - another job for John Osborn.

In the Paintshop John Hughes lightly sands and then applies the second coat of varnish to the various items on this table - beading for the lavatories in SO 4787, mini strips for some seat tops in Elegant Excursions, and the extension fittings for the tables destined for SK 25341.

Des scraped and cleaned all the windows on the track side of RMB 1876 and then moved around to the road side. He was assisted by Steve Smith and later John Hughes. There is still some of this job left to do.

The centre door on the road side had a loose lock which obviously had to be fixed. The two scews securing the lock to the door side had come loose and, with the screw holes well worn, larger self tapping screws would be required. We only one that fitted, but by sheer luck I found another in one of our storage areas. We were somewhat surprised by the way the back panel to the door had previously been fixed - basically to just two loose pieces of wood!

Derrick gives the thumbs up as the lock is successfuuly reattached. With the door handle put back, the door was tested and shut properly. We just need to sort out the back panel fixings to complete the job.

I continued when possible with the lining out on the track side but with so much going on was unable to achieve what I had hoped. Still more lining out and general tidying up of the lines are needed, and with the number of jobs still required, including two coats of varnish, the decision has been made to postpone moving the RMB.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

March 25th - A crocodile of cleaners.

Yesterday was Marketing Day so the chocolate and cream rake was in use and as the object is to promote the railway a team of carriage cleaners working through the visitors is not considered “good advertising” so we were shunted to Tuesday.
In fact 5 volunteers turned out so we were able to do more than expected. the C&C rake had toilets cleaned then the rest was swept, brushed, tables and windows cleaned.  Toilet tanks were filled (they were empty – remains from yesterday!) and the buffet car tank filled.  
Now left hand and right hand in C & W do communicate (most of the time!) so we had had word that the DMU was not getting cleaned by the Thursday Winchcombe maintenance/cleaning team as they have so much to do getting vehicles ready for the main season.  So we skipped the mopping of the C&C rake as it looked OK and went to the DMU.  This is parked in one of the sidings in the main yard, hence a Crocodile of Cleaners made its way from the platform to the DMU.  On the way we passed the class 26 receiving some major attention.

The DMU had the same treatment as the C&C rake and then the team posed for a group photo.

Mark, Roger, Kath, Phill, Ian – and Richard hiding behind the camera.
Normal service resumes next Monday.
Also operating out of the normal routine were Dave and myself. With the RMB 1876 being shunted out on Saturday we needed to get some extra lining out and tidying up done ready for varnish to be applied. It was a case of your side and mine. Dave was tidying a few problems with the line out that had been done on his side.

While on side there were still three lines to be painted. Both the top lines and the black line from the waistline. I finished the top line and giving that time to dry before painting next to it I turned the black waist line. I got about  two thirds of it done before my time ran out.

You tend to think about many things while painting a 63 foot line an inch or less wide. Like how many steps do you climb while painting it. I reckon I had to move the steps around 25 times to do the side with 7 steps up and 7 back down. 350 steps in total.