Friday, 28 February 2014

Feb 27th bits and pieces.

Report by Dave Clark

Apologies for a short report and to those whose work I missed. There were not so many in today, so we had our work cut out to try and do what was needed before the weekend shunt.

There were a number of sundry jobs to be done in the new building during the day which included moving the very heavy saw bench from under the upholstery hoist shaft to allow John Osborn clear access when he builds the surrounding safety rail, taking in another consignment of timber, assisting Dave Miles and John Rogers to move two more very heavy sacks of wood shavings for "sandbag" filling into the Woodwork shop, and moving 20 of the heavy building blocks upstairs ready for the extra building work after we adjusted the ceiling to accommodate the hoist.

Thanks to the superb efforts by those in on Wednesday, the final touches were able to be done today on FK 13329. This included cleaning the windows on both sides, adding a few extra bits of paint where required and finishing the internal cleaning. The coach will rejoin the main rake on Saturday in as good a state as we can make it in the short time we had available.

Also in the Paintshop, Michael stained the wooden edges of the tables destined for SK 25341 in the main rake. These now await a coat of varnish. Meanwhile behind the line of tables can be seen the new wooden step for BSO 9000 coated in white wood primer - at the end of the day I painted this in gloss black ready for fitting on Saturday morning.

The newly rebuilt door for the BSK 35308 was brought into the Paintshop and given a coating of undercoat Madder by Richard Hoy. Hopefully this can be fitted on Saturday and then top coated in maroon.

John Hughes was also in the Paintshop fitting a re-covered arm rest to one of the newly painted seat panels for TSO 5023

In the Workshop the race was on to try and get all the filling and major sanding down of the bodywork done on the RMB in the hope that it could be moved into the Paintshop on Saturday. Jeff and Tony did a lot of the work with Richard Hoy and myself joining in later in the day.

Ken began greying up the areas that had sanded-down fiiler, with Tony adding to this near the end of the day. Overall I think we have almost achieved what we set out to do, which will leave us with just a very limited amount to fill and carefully hand-sand in the Paintshop.

Meanwhile, above is Malcolm, the first one to use our new overhead safety system

as he begins to clean up the roof prior to giving it a fresh coat of black high-build paint.

Finally, just before the afternoon tea break, Martin Thornley in our Maintenance Team began putting back some panelling in the Mess Coach that had been removed when it had got wet.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Feb 26th - lining up

We are starting to get the carriages lined up literally as well as figuratively with FK13329 now reaching the lining out stage.

This report is thanks to Rod Wells:

The yellow masking tape in use, double taped for speed and an undercoat used as there was some black and red oxide showing the would not cover well.
Des with painting the top line and also the window bars whilst I did the waist line.

The centre door finished, you will notice the yellow line is sharper than the black top edge, in other places the difference is more marked. One could say a first class job!

The completed lining on the FK

A couple of things to note for tomorrow, just to the left of the centre door there  is a piece of mauve tape were the black line had gone wonky due to wandering masking leaving cream undercoat I  have applied more black but a little cream is needed under the tape. Also the metal plate off the inside of the last BSK door is on the fitters bench in red oxide after I de rusted it, it needs further paint and/or the holes rust holes filling. The door itself needs the internal planking finishing off.

Tony continued painting the table legs in the paint shop

Grenville continued sanding on the RMB but evaded the camera, amazing how quickly some people can move when the camera comes out.

And the toad had springs replaced after the picture was taken. I really was doing to much work!

The door team were at work on the missing door for BSK 35308. The window is completed and the inner panels is being replaced by Mike. (Yes the door is upside down)

And Craig was working on another new door, this new door is for 4787

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Feb 22nd - non stop

Another shunt- report from Richard Johnson.

We had another long shunt today. We are getting quite good at it.

The BG is on the jacks, to be lifted to check out the bogies.

The yellow Toad is behind it for springs to be refitted. The buyer won’t take it unless we refit the springs.

The second Dogfish is parked on the shed road, in front of the BSK. Peter can now start welding.

We got the generator into the RBr, but it needs plumbing in. The rake is parked in Platform1. The footstep from 9000 still needs to be bolted back on. Richard Summers is refitting the boiler in the RBr during the coming week.

We checked all the lights in the chocolate & cream rake. All worked from the brake coach except 25341. Phil will have a look on Thursday. He is back operational, which is good news.

We did not get the bogies to the front of the Barn. There is no room. Hopefully, we can do that next weekend and then arrange for them to be sent off. I have asked Jeff for the paperwork.

The following Saturday, we plan to put the FK back in the rake.

Report by Dave Clark

A pleasant sunny day (again!) and a good number in, scattered all over the whole site.

With the lining out on FK 13329 needing to be completed ready for next weekend, Jeff and I removed the initial masking tape, while Cheryl began carefully positioning fresh tape in preparation for the painting.

With tape in position, both Chryl and Jeff were soon painting and were later joined by Phil Jones.

While all this was going on, Richard added the new transfers.

Later in the day, Phil Jones and I continued with further tidying up, which included revarnishing the lower inner door panels to smarten then up.

Also in the Paintshop was George, busy reattaching the legs and supports to the tables destined for SK 25341. He later began painting these in gloss black.

In the Workshop, Ben and Bob Keyte continued the lengthy filling and sanding work on RMB 1876. We hope to have this work completed as far as possible by next weekend so that the RMB can replace FK 13329 in the Paintshop - it will be a close call!

After doing some remedial work in the Chocolate and Cream Rake in the siding, Steve returned to the Workshop to continue dismantling the doors on the wallside of the GW Van 144678. Shredding may be a better word when viewing the state of the wood at the back of the doors!

Another major shunt took place during the day, with Richard Drewitt kindly stepping in to do the driving. Included in the shunt was the rebuilding of the Chocolate and Cream Rake, which ended the day in Platform 1.

With newly refurbished SK 25341 now at the head of the rake, SK 24949 is shunted back into the sidings where it will join the 3rd rake.

In preparation for work on the second Dogfish, Pete Fisher has been out taking paper measurements of some of the repairs that will be required. He can then have these cut out ready for when the wagon comes into the Workshop.

With the refurbished Dogfish shunted out of the way down the main line, the second one is now in front of the Barn. Ken begins rebuilding his bridge across the top. It is easy to see how awkward these vehicles are to work in, and what a great achievement Pete is making in doing all the repairs on these.

Derek uses the large metal saw to prepare some base plates for John Osborn.

John then fabricated two more of the holders that will be mounted in the guards compartments of the three brake coaches for securing the "Not to be moved" flags.

In the new building, John Squires fits spacer plates where required under the new stair rail before tightening the securing nuts.

Meanwhile John Osborn welds on the corner section joining the stair and landing railings.
With the connection completed, John tidies up the weld before buffing the whole thing up.

The excellent end result.

It's great to see Phil Salter back. One of the many jobs he did was making some new cable connections to enable coaches in the Paintshop to remain charged up, and thus allow internal lighting without flattening the batteries. The main coach lighting is very welcome when internal varnishing, painting and cleaning is required and far better than using lamps on leads.

Saturday, 22 February 2014


I am increasingly mentioning the shunting activities of the department and many of us can only relate that to our scant efforts on the model railways we have at home. Doing it for real is somewhat harder!

For instance last Wednesday the shunt, carried out by Ian Stroud, Andy Thompson Bob Mac, Jeff Lacey and Richard Johnson went like this (19 steps in all):

Programme for shunt on Wednesday 19th February 2014

The object is to remove the scrap LMS coach and FK13337 from the short stub north siding, and make 13337 available for repair for passenger use.

Push SK25341 into P2 (platform 2), couple to north end of maroon rake and pushconsist up to tunnel mouth and park – leaving enough space for run around with loco and 2 coaches later.

Collect 3 pairs of bogies from back siding and park in front of workshop.

Collect the green TSO and 34929 from back siding and park on pit road.

Collect SR van, Toad and Barry van from back siding, couple to above and push into P1.

Collect brown 12 ton van from back siding, park on pit.

Collect black GW van from back siding, couple to 12 ton van and pushboth into P1 and couple up.

Run loco around to south end into P1 and push whole consist along main line
 past gantry, drop off black GW van and reverse back to P1.

Uncouple at north end 
of green TSO, reverse back towards tunnel, then run through P2 and couple green TSO to black van.

Reverse back through P2 and back to P1 and recouple 34929 to consist.

Go to short north 
stub siding and pull out LMS coach, TSO, CK and FK.

Replace TSO and CK in short stub siding, then pull LMS coach and FK through P2 and couple to south end of P1.

Collect the black GW van and green TSO, move and park them in shortstub siding.

Loco to north end of consist in P1, collect brown12 ton van, Barry wagon and Toad and replace in back siding.

Collect SR van and 34929 from P1. Put 34929 in P2, and return to P1.

Collect LMS coach and replace both it and SR Van in back siding.

Collect  FK 13337 from P1 and then BSK 34929 from P2, and returnboth to back siding

Collect 3 pairs of bogies and replace in back siding.

Collect SK
 25341from maroon rake, drop in P2, loco runs around and pushes SK into EE siding

Collect maroon rake from near tunnel, and park in P2.

As Ian said 'its all down to planning beforehand and great teamwork for execution!'

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Feb 20th - The high wire act, practice.

Catching up with the Wednesday gangs progress wasn't easy this morning. Following another shunt yesterday things had moved around a lot.

25341 was in the platform waiting to return to Toddington and the main rake.

The Dogfish ballast wagon DB 992930 was waiting a return to the P'Way ballast train.

This was now minus the access walkway which was waiting for the next dogfish to come in.

35308 was still in the barn but minus its troublesome last door which is back on the bench for further work.

The RMB 1876 was in the workshop

undergoing extensive preperation work before entering the paintshop. Pete Fisher welding patches on the skirt line.

a little 'gentle' adjustment

and ready for John Hamer to rivet the skirt line and fill the body work.

 Joining the RMB Buffet car in the workshop is 144678 which has bowed doors.

or it did. They have already been stripped down for reconstruction.

 And so to today's activities.

Zip wire, or high wire, or trapeze or carriage roof we don't want to fall off! So today we had a training session on how to use the harnesses and the newly installed safety wire in our three workshops.

yours truly all kitted up.

making the final connection. Now it all happens at ground level before climbing on top.

Cheryl stayed firmly on the ground and completed the first top coat brown on the lower panel. The cream was painted with top coat yesterday.

Richard dealt with some of the fine detail work

as did Ben.

Paul was cleaning the35308 ready for its completion and return to the maroon rake.

Sweeping the vacuuming

and sealing the floor.

while Roger was cleaning windows

I did a little more of the more mundane painting of the woodwork shop floor.

John Hughes completed his personal marathon of painting all the seat ends for 5023 and I gather John Hill and the rest of upholstery team have all the arm rests ready to go back on.

Ben was also painting up the legs of a work table being moved from the office to the paintshop.

Later Malcolm started work on the top

There is also a push to complete the tables for the FK ready for fish and chip specials. Micheal sands another one.

while Ron works on the leg of another.

Another item from Wednesday. More parts of the saw bench stripped down during its overhaul.

Out in the yard and for once in the sunshine axle box and pad examinations were in progress

by members of The Maintenance Team.

Thanks to Dave for some of the photos . I had to leave early for the arrival of the grandsons. for the week end. They reported seeing what was probably Didmoor Manor on the way down.