Thursday, 30 January 2014

Jan 30th - Frenetic Painting

As much as we would prefer it to be otherwise the installation of the overhead safety cables goes ahead next week.

So there has been a frenetic blitz of the paining on BSK35308 to get it finished before it has to sit outside. So it was ready steady go and race you to the other end.

a squad of 8 all working of the lining out

Don't forget the door edges

The idea of writing the blog is to not appear on it. However, Cheryl caught me today working on the top line. sometime when i'm bored i'll work out how many steps you have to climb up and down to paint the top line. Its a lot.

A major problem was discerning the lot number of the carriage. Any ideas?

If we guess wrong you can tell Jeff!

We might just manage to get a coat of varnish on one side before it goes out on Saturday afternoon.

There was also some more interior painting Robin and Bob both painting 'executive grey'

Michael was sanding more interior panelling

which Bob later varnished.

Work to prepare FK13329 to move into the paintshop after BSK35308 is finished continued apace. This is another fast turn around job. We really are only doing one side which has suffered badly in the sunshine.

John Osborn replacing another section of rotten metal round a door handle. It seems to be a common area for problems.

Ben finding more to fill and rub down.

The skirt line nearing preparation completion.

John Hughes reached panel 10 on the painting of the seat end panels for TSO5023.

 The really brave worked on 4787 in the barn. Ken refitting the emergency brake linkage.

While Ron worked on the toilet glazing seals.

Pete Fisher perseveres with the dogfish ballast wagon.

some of the work is of a finer nature, here is fuse for the carriage lighting under repair.

till taking advantage of the woodwork shop more 'sand bags' for the war week-end.

Another little step of progress, the first of the paint storage cabinets was moved into place and filled.

That leaves a little more space in the old store room.

I almost forgot some more of the fine detail this in red. The warning electrical flash and the communication chord flag on BSK35308.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Jan 29th - Wednesday working.

Report by Dave Clark

22 of us in today, and a welcome to two more new members, Richard Hoy and John Watson.

Tony Barnard continued with overall sanding and cleaning away loose paint on the side of the RMB, and then carried on with further filling. It was quite cold in the Barn today, so thank you Tony for sticking at this for the whole day.

In the Workshop, John Hamer carried on with the prep work on FK 13329. initially filling around the frame of the centre door where the capping strip had been removed. He later transferred to the south end door, where not only did a section of capping strip need taking off, but part of the panel also needed to be cut out.

Bob Mac appeared later on and continued with the filling and sanding on the Barn end panel.

The Door Team were busy with Derrick battling with yet more screws on the side of the door from SO 4787. Steel screws and oak stiles are a good combination for making the former very difficult to remove as the oak reacts with steel. The door skin needs removing as one of the wooden frame stiles is too far gone to save.

Eddie machines the new hardwood stile to replace the defective one.

Ralph cleans up one of the sliders for the rebuilt door from BSK 35308 in the Paintshop.

Later on the door is given another test fit which is relatively successful. Some work will be required on the edges to improve the fit.

Back in the Workshop, Mike is preparing the wooden door pull for fitting [which door was this?]

Progress on 35308 continued apace. New member Richard Hoy removes the heavy skin off the Rosewood (tan colour) paint, prior to painting the south end corridor door.

Lining out on the 35308 continued with new member John Watson and Russ on the workshops side, and Des on the railway side.

A bubble in your new paintwork is most unwelcome, but it cannot be left. Removal of the paint revealed a small hole, so it was bridging filler to the rescue followed by a very gentle sanding. A bit of careful patch painting is planned for the next day.

The long running job of preparing the seat side panels for TSO 5023 continues, with Tony Shilham claening up the edges of one them.

While John Hughes masks up the edges of another one prior to topcoating with the new light blue paint. John's painting of these, by the way, is very well done (John, we'll be grabbing you for coach painting next!)

Eddie and Dave Ward prepared and fitted a heavy piece of plywood to the new Upholstery trolley. Strong enough? Er, yes - as a test, Dave stood on it and it hardly bent!

I didn't manage to get a picture of John Hill, Dave Dron and Penny (apologies for missing you out), but they were again busy with the re-upholstering of the seating in TSO 5023.

You look forward to your lovely sandwiches for lunch until someone comes up with something better! No complaints though as Tony very kindly shared his chips!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Jan 27th - overtime

Report by Dave Clark

With such a lot to do before March, there will be a number of these extra days taking place. There were four of us in today.

Living not far from the Railway, Pete Fisher came in for a few hours to carry on with the Dogfish repair work.

John Hamer 

and Ken got to work on the rivet line on RMB 1876 where any rusting was visible.

As can be seen, removing the old filler revealed what we expected, that the main body panel had come adrift from the skirting. John proceeded to drill out all the old rivets and screws ready for new rivets.

Also happening today was another visit from the grit blasting firm to clean up the bogies and underframe of TSO 5023 in the yard.

Once cleaned up the whole area was sprayed with grey primer. It is amazing how good the bogies look with all the years of grime and grease removed.

Back in the Paintshop, I spent the day removing loose paint from both sides of the roof of BSK 35308. After vacuuming the loose residue, a coat of grey etch primer was applied, followed by the black high-build roof paint. Ideally this job is done prior to painting the sides of the coach but there was no time to do this before the shunt took place last Saturday. The painting was done with great care to prevent any spillage on the newly glossed body sides.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Jan 25th - What a Day

What a day indeed. With the paintshop now in full action we got to see just what we could do and the advantages of having the additional facility.

In the workshop work on FK13329 was in the form of a major filling and sanding exercise.

The dust on the floor is evidence of the efforts.

In the past this would have totally precluded any painting.

So the fact that the painters completed more lining out on the BSK than we have ever completed in a day before, as far as I know,

is testimony to the advantage of separating these activities in our new facility.

and all after Cheryl had finished the last full panel.

But this wasn't the end of the story.

George who joined us today of the new volunteer scheme was busy cleaning then painting the baggage area,

while Andy painted the Guards cabin and some lamps

and Paul cleaned the seats of the disabled area.

Chris and Nicki completed work on a door for FK13329. That is now ready for test hanging on Wednesday.

Pete Fisher continued the work on the ballast wagon

James ?finished? the welding in the toilet of SO4787

after a shunt during the morning to extract the RMB from the maroon rake, its the next in line for a quick repaint, the team moved onto other less usual things

such as Ian re-touching the lettering on

meanwhile John Osborn moved to the next phase of the workshop stairs handrail. planning how to turn the corner and position the horizontal return rail.

Steve was busy converting the staff rest room in the main rake RBr to shelves and storage. It was a long trek as the rake is over the other side of the yard.

The results of the John Hughes painting on Thursday caused much talk.