Thursday, 28 November 2013

November 28th - Varnishing Complete

It didn't take a great push today to complete the varnishing on 25341 with Cheryl, Jim and Pete Lucas working their way thought the remaining sections.

The good news was that the water tank that we thought was leaking isn't. After a test filling we found the connecting hoses were weeping. They split as soon as they were pulled about. New hoses no leaks. bohn Hamer and Ken were well pleased. We can now shunt 25341 back to the barn, not this week-end as Phil is away but it will give time for a final check round inside and out.

In the barn
Malcolm was cleaning up and painting the under of 4787 and working on the bodies parked on the jack road.

On the exterior Tony Barnard along with Dave 's Hancox and Clark were greying up and sanding the area surrounding the windows that were removed for welding. With every thing back in place it's catch up time for the paintwork.

Roger and Alan were working there way through 4787 today replacing seat fittings as needed and replacing a broken table leg. The seat edge trims are next to go back into place.

Ballast Wagon
Pete Fisher was again getting himself into some very tight corners to do some welding on the ballast wagon. Here he is working on the centre opening door at the bottom of the hopper.

If you can't spot him he is wearing a blue overall.

The racking for the P'Way wagon was getting its final coat of paint.

Workshop Progress

Ben was helping John start the welding up of the hand rail for the stairs. For ease of welding the rail is actually upside down in the pictures

Steve Long continued the installation of the electrical trunking in the woodwork shop. I think that is just about completed. Now it will need wiring up.

I finished the main wall painting in the mess room, filled in the gap over the hoist area and made a start to the long main wall in the upholstery shop. A rough count says there are about 500 blocks left to paint out of over 6000.

Robin was painting up some more new trestles for the woodwork area.

Santa Steps
Some new steps for access to the Santa carriage have been made. Robin painting them up.

along with several other bits.

The War Time Squad.

The 'sand bag' filling squad grew to three today and worked their way through the supply of filling materials. The first stack of filled bags can be seen back right.

The second stack of 'sand bags' completed and just as they ran out of wood shavings. A fresh supply should be here soon.

Now Saturday's team is looking rather thin, in numbers not waistline, Dave and I are both missing. So if anybody wants to take some pictures for the blog and send them to me please do or even do a write up of what happens and send it to me that would be great. Otherwise the next blog won't be until; mid week.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

November 27th STOP PRESS

This picture should have been included in the previous post in the section about the gantry. We just got the wrong picture first time!

Dave says this is picture of Ralph and Craig. It looks more like a door to me. However, it really does make fitting the door to the carriage so much easier. Great design John Hill, with grateful thanks from the door team.

November 27th - A BIG delivery Day

Report from Dave Clark. - Thanks Dave.

New building

A large load of timber and plasterboard arrived today which meant that a good number from C&W were needed to assist Building Services with carrying it all upstairs to the new Mess Room and Upholstery Workshop - it doesn't look much in the photos 

but believe me, that pink coated plasterboard in particular was heavy! All this will be required for the partitioning for the various rooms. By the end of the day, the wooden framework for the Mess Room wall had been completed by Colin from Building Services..

In the Paintshop the second row of lights was up and running. No more excuses about dark corners now, just look at all that wonderful light!

SK 25341
Des, and later Rod (pictured) and I, spent some time tidying up some more of the paintwork and sorting out some of the varnishing runs. The coach is now ready for its second and final coat of varnish. Meanwhile inside the coach Russ continued with the light sanding and restaining of the areas of water-damaged veneer panelling.

SO 4787
In the Barn, work was resumed on the area where the windows had been recently put back, with Russ cleaning up more of the dirty paintwork. He was later followed by Des who began painting the cleaned window sliders in the base coat of light grey.

On the same side Craig and Ralph used the door hoist to fit the centre door temporarily to test the positions of the re-attached hinges. The ease at which the door could be raised and lowered, and positioned exactly where required for the test with so little effort, showed once again how useful this in-house designed hoist is to the door team. (You can just see the gantry in the background. It's yellow)

Dogfish wagon

Once again Grenville was busy painting the Dogfish.


A lot of activity today with the team making new steps for the Santa's Grotto coach, a set of legs for another workbench for the new building, and some wooden axle box covers for a static wheelset - Eddie surveys the plans for the latter that had been provided by Peter Holt from the Maintenance Team.

Eddie measures out the required dimensions of the new covers.

The new covers roughly cut out which Eddie will complete at home.


The Upholstery team busy covering and stapling the lovely blue moquette on the small inner side panels for TSO 5023.

Penny using the industrial sewing machine.

The various layout diagrams for TSO 5023 that John Hill uses to indicate the seats that have been dealt with, and what will be required to complete the work for that coach.

Monday, 25 November 2013

November 25th - Of Mice and Men

From Roger Bush and the Carriage Cleaning Team.

Having had three weeks off as there were no trains the carriage cleaning team re-assembled to set them up for the Santa Specials. 
Word had been passed that the maroon rake had been mostly done while on holiday at Winchcombe platform 2, but there was one carriage left (because it had been detached and off the platform). 
So we arrive at Toddington to find – no maroon set and only 6 carriages of chocolate and cream.  The first class had been at Winchcombe for a bogie swap and had not yet returned.  No problem except
............much of our cleaning kit, especially for washing the exterior, is kept in one of the (locked) toilets of that carriage!  This meant that John & Anne, Ian, Richard, Philip, Mark, Lynda, new recruit Roy, Roger and Kath had about half a coach each to clean! 
The only “mess” was the inevitable bits of tinsel that fall from the Santa decorations. Needless to say it was done in no time at all and so we had to sit inside for an extended tea break. 
It’s a tough life at times.  Maybe next week it will all be sorted but this week it was definitely a case of the best laid plans…

Don't worry I'm sure a few mince pies will soon give you more to do!!!


Saturday, 23 November 2013

November 23rd - putting a shine on things

With the close season upon us and many departments preparing for the Santa Specials there were a lot of people about today. A total of 29 signed into C&W but not all were C&W people.

My first encounter was with a couple of likely lads taking the still from the RBr. seemingly the one in the RBr in the main rake has sprung a leak.

So the one in our mess coach is being prepared just in case the other can't be repaired in time. When they left thy had it completely stripped down for cleaning.

John Rogers was occupied elsewhere today but was glad to see two C&W volunteer's, Ben and Jeff,  helping out with the sand bag filling.

work on the lighting in the paintshop continued with first bank of lights commissioned.

For get the Christmas lights Blackpool illuminations comes to Winchcombe and its only the first bank of two. it was already getting dark outside.

There was no problem to hold the discussions with Phil the Fire about alarms and extinguishers.

Also putting a shine on things was a whole squad, Bob, Cheryl, Ben, Dave, Alex and Tony Cualfield, applying varnish to 25341.

Nikki stayed focus on the steps she cleaned up last week. A lovely shade of yellow.

I just got to paint a whole bunch of black lettering identifying the departmental gantries and their Safe Working Load limits. Not so easy when some of was on the big gantries cross member 12 feet or more in the air.

It was so cold in the barn nobody offered to come and take a picture.

About the only brave sole working in the barn was Steve Barnfield who was sorting out and making mew floor sections for w toilets in 4787.

Outside Ken tested a block lifting scissor that he has designed for the line side maintenance team. This, the mark1, version wasn't a total success. After some thought a slight redesign should see the mark 2 version succeed.

13329 was shunted out and the spare bogies returned to jack road.

back in the workshop Peter Holt sketched out a template for a new work section he would like made up.

While Pete Fisher and Ben saw me coming and stopped the serious discussion they had been involved in.

But the picture does show the P'Way raking John Osborn had been working on and is now complete.

Pete had also finished a corner of the ballast wagon which was duly painted by Grenville.

John was here cleaning up a section of the aforementioned P'Way frame.

Grenville having painted the ballast wagon took Eddie Paddon's dog Rhia for a walk. when who is the most obedient in this pairing!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

November 21st - painting completed

We all know what it means when the cows stand up and when the cows lay down.

However, what does it mean when the entire field of sheep lay down? 

May be they were on strike,

a black leg strike of course.

With the maintenance gang working on the maroon rake our numbers were again up to 24 today.

Here with Neil investigating one of the buckeyes. It wouldn't release to the handing position properly. A good one for the next set of loco folk to train one?. hee hee.

If not it may well have to be replaced. That's maintenance.

there were also various other checks going on including bearing wear checks.

There was also a contingent cleaning the interior, Cheryl window windows, and here Roger cleaning window frames and checking the drainage channels.

Jim Dave and I were checking all round 25341 and completed all the final bits of paintwork. the carriage is now ready for varnishing on Saturday, conditions permitting.(that means nobody making clouds of dust in the workshop, oh to have the paintshop ready)  

While Jeff and Malcolm started the clean up of the windows. Over painting the edges is deliberate but a pain to clean up afterwards.

There was some paining going on in the paintshop. Robin painting the panels for the toilet walls on 4787 and John Hughes cleaning the seat ends for 5023.

Half of the first bank of lights for the paintshop are now in place. However, today Steve Long was working on the ducting up stairs in the upholstery section.

The partition walls on this floor are going into place defining our new mess room.

It's picnics only at the moment!

at the other end the partition and the floor plate marked out for the office

Down in the woodwork shop progress of a different sort was evident with one of the newly acquired machines being stripped down, cleaned and serviced.

Pete Lucus also managed to paint the last bit of the end wall.

actually doing some wood work in the shop, well sort of, was John Rogers from the war time squad filling 'sand bags' with a somewhat lighter and as its free considerably cheaper alternative wood shavings. Another added bonus is that they are a lot lighter to move around.

John was very appreciative of the use of the workshop but he REALLY would like some help - he filled 30 today and the target is 1500! It really is dry and relatively warm inside come and give him a hand.

Michael was again working his way through varnishing the pile of wood battens left for him. He is on the second coat.

Pete Fisher continued the patching of the ballast wagon

while John Hamer and Ken made up a few new vacuum hoses ready for use. We always keep a few spares ready for operational needs. if one blows its only two bolts to replace it.

and finally

No this isn't a health and safety failure.

Steve has not fallen through the steps!

This is a part made set of new steps. Steve didn't have time to complete them today the top step and hand rail still need to be fixed. However, he had to move them out of the way and found getting inside was the easiest way to move them.