Thursday, 31 October 2013

October 31st - stage one completed

There were not a vast number of volunteers in today. Its the season for our holidays. however, there was a lot achieved. I completed the base coat spraying of the new finishing shop.

Of course there is still a lot of top coating to do!

Similarly 25341 got a lot of paint today.

Alex on half term

by the end of the day the cream first coat was complete

Inside work was under way to tidy up and repair the seating

on removal of one of the arm rest panels John discovered the hidden handy work of a previous restorer. come on own up!

a rather nice pony, a bridge and a cornice.

Pete Fisher was working on weld patching a rather difficult section of the ballast wagon and its not good metal to work with.

while John Osborn was working on the corner of 4787 now out in the barn.

while Roger and Ron continued there battle replacing the final windows. the top trim rail was causing issues but I think they are winning.

Ben joined me in working on the new finishing shop by starting the varnishing of the doors.

Roger Bush was completing the installation of the charging circuits on 25341. it s rather nicer to do it in the workshop than out on the track side! so he takes the opportunity when possible.

 An unusual sight, Robin painting standing up. He is usually on his knees painting round seats. So this was rare treat that he took full advantage of. first sanding then top coating a whole series of panelling sections.

Michael took over the sanding table for some work on trim strips.

Despite the low number we made some important steps forward today.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

October 27th - Another special day for the Railway

October 27th - Another special day for the Railway - report by Dave Clark

The formal award ceremony for Best Railway Magazine took place at Toddington today, when Steve Standbridge received the HRA award for The Cornishman. The party, headed by Lord Faulkner, one of our GWR Patrons, and comprising members of the GWRT and Steve Standbridge and his family, then took the DMU to Winchcombe for a tour of C&W and the new building. Dave and Penny Dron, Cheryl and myself were in to open up and act as representatives for C&W. Following the tour, the party and ourselves headed back to the station and the Coffee Pot for coffee and cakes. I was unable to take any photos of this very enjoyable event, but both Ian Crowder and Philip Young took many shots, and no doubt the day will be featured in a future Cornishman.

We arrived earlier on in the day and did some work for a few hours. Dave and Penny were in the Upholstery coach, while Cheryl and I continued painting SK 25341. As a follow-up to yesterday's shunt, I also took photos of the Dogfish in the Workshop and SO 4787 in the Barn.

October 26th - a very busy day

It was clearly a day for bloggers to take off. Not only was Bill absent from Broadway I was visiting the grandsons in Leicestershire. So thanks to Dave Clark for the report.

An extremely busy day with so many things going on it became impossible to capture it all.

With the electrical installation continuing within the Paintshop and entrance hall, Ben and I cleaned up the new internal wooden doors in preparation for varnishing.

In the Workshop Paul cleans the remaining window pane ready for its refitting on the wallside of SO 4787 now that the frame in back in.

Ken tidied up a section of door frame from SO 4787.

Meanwhile, with the capping strip removed, Peter Fisher was replacing corroded sections with new sheet metal on the wallside-Barn end door frame on SO 4787.

In the Barn a number of things on the door frames needed attention, such as missing lock plates. Steve went around checking each door and found that three were sticking despite our efforts to clean up the edges of the doors and frames. By the end of the day, the centre Barn-side door had been fixed, and the frame and door sides can now be painted.

Tony and Alex Caulfield initially worked on the end doors of SK 25341 at the Barn entrance, again doing more cleaning up of the frame and door sides before painting in undercoat. They then painted in anti-corrosive primer the two recently acquired pieces of heavy sheet metal needed for the Dogfish repairs.

Also in the Barn, Grenville continued painting parts of the Dogfish in undercoat grey.

 Back in the Workshop, Richard and Bob worked on one of the vacuum cylinders, cleaning out the inside and replacing the rubber seal.

Paul cleans up one of the ceiling panels removed from the south end of SO 4787 - all these were removed prior to the water tank being taken out.

In the Office, Chris continues logging the all-important H & S information on our ladders. Our record keeping is increasing week by week and is now quite comprehensive.

Having bent to the required shape the new section of sheet metal for the upper corner on SO 4787, John Osborn with assistance from Phil offers it up to assess its fitting. John was unhappy with the result, so decides to revert to the more usual smaller sized sections and prepares to cut the new piece accordingly. 

Derek planes down the wallside centre door frame on SO 4787.

In the Upholstery coach John Hill removes the felting from a broken section of side panel from SO 5023.

Repairing the inner foam padding on the upper sections of side panels from SO 5023. There was a box full waiting.

Lunch was followed by the planned shunt to replace the new box van and SO 4787 in the Workshop with the Dogfish ballast wagon and SK 25341 from the Barn. The various stages of coach body refurbishment can be seen on 4787, and the B1 bogies, which were moved to free up the Dogfish, sit in front of 25341. Work on SO 4787 will now continue in the Barn, allowing us to complete the top-coating, lining out and varnishing of 25341 in the Workshop.

 As always, the emptied Workshop soon becomes a hive of activity with dust masks, brooms and shovels to the fore and much sweeping up of the debris and dust.

Ken refits the section of capping strip to the new sheet metal on the south wallside corner of SK 25341.

The repaired tank from SO 4787 is tested and found to be watertight. With the nearby manhole cover removed, Phil now drains the tank and at the same time cleans his boots (and anyone else's if they stand too close!)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

October 24th Pressure Test Success

Yep you read it here first a third test carried out this morning met with approval so we once again all systems go on the finishing shop completion.

Then it was time to remove the work platform. It came in so it must go out but only by about 3 mm!

The first step was the removal of the screen put up to blank of the roller shutter between the workshop and the paintshop.

I dismantled that by lunch time. It had to be taken down carefully as the materials are going to be used elsewhere.

After lunch I started on the 3W door again successfully fitting the centre hinge and by late afternoon John Osborn had made the nuts captive for me.

Ken then set about tidying the wood door liner ready for refitting.

Earlier in the day Pete Fisher completed the welding of the crash pillars and Z section pillars on the paintshop end of the carriage.

while Ken had been removing the capping strip of the workshop side for more welding repairs.

Earlier in the day with John Hamer they fitted the last of the big windows back into the wall side of the carriage.

with the window back in place Roger and Ron could start on the wood trims for the inside of the window.

Cheryl continued the workshop side top coat.

This was later continued by Pete Lucus.

Robin fresh from his solo effort with repainting sections of the interior of 5023 started rubbing down the ceiling panel from the toilet.

and Tony Barnard gave the buffers a brush up and clean


John Osborn made up and fitted a plate for the wallside corner.

Tony started on painting the bogies and underframe

Jeff was working on the door surrounds and Michael was busy with some more varnishing.

Out in the sunshine of the yard, lucky fellas, Pete and martin discussed bearing design and wear.

It was misty when I drove to Winchcombe this morning but it had nothing on the dust cloud put up by Dave and Pete Lucus when the swept up the various new workshops. A first step to floor painting and in preparation for a special visit at the weekend. When the presentation party for the award won by the 'Cornishman' are expected to visit.

I did think about a picture but you wouldn't see much!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

October 23rd - Doors Day

There was a huge focus on doors today. In the workshop the door team were working on three doors from 4787.

Mike Blackman was working on 2S (the workshop side barn end door). His main effort was to make and fit a new wood panel.

It sounds easy after all it's basically an oblong. The trouble is There are several 'fitting points' were the panel has to be exact.

Ok until you discover, as here, that the door lock is out of line so the fit becomes very much more difficult.

At the end of the day progress is written up ready for next time or the next person to follow up on.

Craig was working on the door bracing and lock positioning on another door. I think 1W (wall side barn end) and no I haven't got a clue why the W And S suffixes are used!

I was busy with Ralph Pickstone fitting 3W the center wall side door. The first thing was to hang it (AGAIN, 3rd Time) once that was done we set about getting it to fit properly.

After much checking and planing and then a bit of chiselling, removal and refitting of the lock we had that satisfying clunk of the door locking. However, there is still more work to do. A third hinge inset wooden pillar and capping strip.

Derrick was working on door panels.

In the barn a gang spent the entire day cleaning, sanding and undercoating all 6 of the internal door openings on 25341.

Des giving the inner edge of the center door a sand.

A couple of exceptions were Ken freeinng up the communication cord and warning flags on 25341

and Russ who was continuing the painting round the windows on 4787.

There was much activity before I arrived having already led a school assembly. A second pressure test on the new finishing shop and the annual service of the carriage jacks.

There was also a large delivery of paint. We should now be able to complete the wall painting and do the floor sealing as well.

That should keep us busy.