Saturday, 31 August 2013

August 31st - action all fronts

Well all most all fronts. I think 25341 was the only vehicle that missed out on any attention today.

There was some final finishing off on the underside of 5023. This included reconnecting the brakes before it was shunted out next to the current mess coach beside the workshop.

It was replaced on the jack road by its sister coach 4986 which was immediately hoisted into the air

for initial inspection of the under frame prior to also having all the vacuum and heating pipes remade and installed.

The goods van axle boxes workshop side were stripped down and refurbishment started by Richard and Andrew.

While John Squires fitted the vacuum pipe work

Steve started work on hanging the doors and fitting all the locking metal work.

By the end of the day the workshop side doors were in position.

On 4787 Chris was busy rehanging another of the refurbished doors. This one was rather more tricky. Although  the hinge mounts were still in place the door has a completely new frame so isn't exactly the same as when it came off the carriage. So door frame adjustments were needed.

John Osborn and James completed and returned the next door skin having replaced corners and the area around the door lock and handles.

Phil and Andy sealed the water tank and tested it to find the leak.

It proved to be exactly where it was expected to be. Now it just needs repairing.

Steve was also sorting out strips of wood trim for the windows in 4787. Some are rather delicate and full of holes.

Dennis Continued his PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) work to keep us all safe.

The final area of activity was of course the paint shop. Bob continued on the high tower completing to one end of the workshop.

While Phil Jones joined with Dave on the low level painting.

We had a visit from Malcolm Temple today while Bob was busy stirring another batch of paint prior to ascending the tower again.

I experimented with spraying the wall.

We only have one spray gun. It didn't prove to be any faster but did take a lot less paint.

We will continue the experiment next time.

Also in today was Steve Long doing some preparatory work for the electrical installation. This was largely focused on sorting out a second scaffold tower.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

C and W 30 years ago

Jeff extracted this from issue 4 of The Cornishman dated Spring 1983 :-

" A small but active C & W dept has been formed at last under the leadership of Ian Windscheffel.  The first task is the buffet car and a start has already been made on the interior; the exterior will be tackled during the summer.  As always, there is room for more volunteers especially if any of the other railway owned carriages are to be worked on.  There has been a limited response to the appeal in the last issue of the magazine entitled "open trucks or passenger coaches".  By the end of this year, 1983, all remaining BR Mark 1 carriages will have been withdrawn, and there is no "Barry" for carriages " .

As Jeff says, interesting reading, the above being long before the railway reached the relative comfort of the C & W building at Winchcombe.

It's also a reminder that our carriages, and wagons, are rather valuable and very difficult to replace assets. The only reason there was a Barry for the locos and not wagons is that breaking wagons up gave a quicker financial return. 

August 29th - Painting By Numbers

With the knowledge the paint had arrived we have 24 volunteers turn out to get stuck in.

The first job of the day was to finish some wall cleaning.

This was mainly the removal of the odd lumps of cement spatter and dust.



Jeff and others all creating Dust!!!!!!!

At this point I must remind everybody

The first rule of Paintshop is NO DUST!!!

The second is DO Nothing to create dust!!!


Fortunately Rod was on hand with the vacuum to remover said substance before Dave spotted it.

Dave was rather busy initially at least with unwrapping the paint which proved to be no mean feat in itself.

I took the opportunity to do a little counting. The paint shop is 75 blocks long by 13 high on one side and 30 high on the other. The end is 13.5 block wide. that's around 3400 block to paint. We did suggest that Jeff (he does our accounts) should number them all for us. Then we could keep count of how far we had got.

He didn't seem to like the idea.

So Malcolm was first to take up the brush and started on the special paint for the metal framework.


As the day progressed the white paint spread mainly on the walls, although we did spill a bit once.

Its a good job we are painting the floor last.

Dave Hancox choose his own bit of wall to start on.

Jim and I started on the end wall and then progressed along the low side with assistance from Rod and Dave Clark.

Bob started at the top.

These picture reflect the progress at the end of the day.

Very roughly (I really didn't count) we completed the first coat on about one third.

Malcolm completed the first coat on the framework.

Don't forget we also have the other side of the building to do as well. IE the Upholstry shop and the Woodwork shop along with the mess room so in total about 6800 blocks.

There was work going on elsewhere. 

Out side Ken effected a repair to the water bowser fixing the water outlet pipe in place.

The final fixing bracket.

Later inside the workshop Ken removed the toilet window ready for some more welding. While John carried out repairs to another of the doors from 4787.

John Osborn was also debating with John Hamer about the repairs needed to the centre wall side door pillars.

This centre bit will have to come out. I wonder how we can get round the wood pillar without damaging it. It is actually in a good condition.

John H set about removing the bottom hinge bolts and was well pleased when the last one came out. thus ensuring we had integrity of position for the bottom hinge bracket.

 After and inspection of the seating in TSO 5023 we discovered a rather unusual and slightly OTT method of fixing the seat side panels. Namely 2 six inch nails.

The seats are largely OK but the arm rests and side panels all need extensive restoration. So this along with the others have been removed.

John Hughes started stripping the old covering from the end panels.

while John Hill (so many John's!) Penny and Dave sorted out how much material we have available and how much we will need.

It sounded like some more counting so i left them to it. I don't think the numbers added up.

However they had a good morning before that of using the new sewing machine getting lots of piping done.

All very neat.

Roger and Ron continued with the wooden window sections while Ben took over the madder undercoating on the wall side of 4787.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

August 28th - Finishing Shop Progress

The emulsion from Williamsons has arrived. Bob Keyte is coming in tomorrow so the Paintshop painting will now begin. I'm sure with assistance from others in the paint team!

Also a scaffolding tower is in the process of being put up - apparently this is for Steve Long to begin his electrical work.

Pete Fisher was in and was working to get the base plates for the mezzanine welded in place ready for the floor screed to be poured.

We have also heard that two new signs have been ordered. One for the paint shop in memory of Bill Ellesmere whose bequest enable its building and one for the barn. Both in chocolate and cream and in a representative style of a straight type GWR loco nameplate.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

August 24th - a Study in Concentration

There were 18 volunteers signed in today and it proved to be very successful with people in deep concentration attending to the details.

Cheryl greying up the centre door on 4787 having completed some filling and sanding.

John Osborn with the plasma cutter setting up some more metalwork for the new extension.

Steve making the remaining two door frames for the goods van.

By the end of the day all four door frames had progressed.

Andy and Bob working on the axle boxes of the bogie.

While Richard pondered what next?

Of course Grenville has a different take on concentration painting the first of the van doors.

Chris worked on the doors putting the frame back into one of the doors and working on the replacement stile for another while John Osborn was working on some patches to repair the skin.

The what next turned out to be the removal of the apparently leaking water tank from 4787. These arr very heavy and mounted in the roof. so there was a lot of skillful manoeuvring (huffing and puffing) and out it came. We shall have to see if we can find the leak next week.

I continued with the undercoat painting on 4787.

I completed the window frames workshop side and after Dave had finished the sanding I taped up one half of the carriage on the wall side and got most of the top half painted.

The pipe work of 5023 was also the subject of much effort with the heating pipes being pressure tested and the leaks dealt with.

The connection hoses and brackets were all fitted save one. All round it was a very successful day.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

August 22nd - So to Thursday's action

With 16 in today we welcomed Jim Price to the team.

Here at the end of the day with Richard he seems to have enjoyed his day.

And earlier in the day underneath 5023 helping to complete the connecting of the vacuum cylinders, activating values and release cords

along with Ken

and Richard

One vacuum hose was fitted and the other ready to be fitted.

With that on, a steam and vacuum test should be possible very soon.

I gave the goods van door a coat of sealant followed by a coat of primer. Between coats I applied the tape for the lining out of 4787

and spent the rest of the day undercoating the second half of the workshop side of 4787.

Cheryl started rubbing down the now working centre door.

On the wall side Pete Lucus started the day sanding with a little filling to smooth out the final dips.

He followed up by completing the greying up at the barn end.

At the other end John Hamer worked his way along he skirt line checking and testing and reriveting where needed. He finishd by applying a coat of metal filler.

Inside John Hughes

Ron and Robin were working on the replacement of the bad sections of interior wood framing for the removed windows.

Michael was sanding some sections ready to revarnish them. He also has three wooden boxes lined up for S&T to do.

In the barn work on 25341 continued. This is currently focused on tidying up and filling round the windows. Matin Levie came on a 240 mile round trip just for the pleasure. Well done.

Andy Thompson our other long distance volunteer was waving cheerily to us as he passed by as guard on the main set today.

Dave Hancox who was working along side Martin had a rather shorter trip but just as important.

They were joined by Dave as opportunity allowed. One of the welcome interrupts was Alan Beilby delivering the vital purchase order number for Dave to order the finishing shop wall paint. That order can now be placed Friday. So with luck painting can start next week-end!

John Osborn spent the day progressing work on the new building. Cutting sections of steel ready for welding into an edging frame for the screed of the upper floor to be poured.