Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July 31st Wednesday - Doors and More

On a rare Wednesday visit to C&W for me it was a chance to catch up with the door team and the rest of the group.

By the time I arrived another door had come off 4787 and Ralph had started stripping it down.

It appears there will be some more welding to be done on this one.

Derrick was working on one of the wooden finger door pulls from another door. Apparently the 'black box' is vital, though I'm not sure why!

Mike was busy trimming a section of door panel trim.

In response to a plea to get the centre doors back on, to help keep the dust out, I set about getting the hinge mounts back on the carriage after the bodywork repaires.

I drilled the bolt holes and found a set bolts however the bottom bolt hole had no remaining thread so I bolted the plate on for location purposes and put a nut and bolt in. Hopefully someone will be able to spot weld the nut in place for me tomorrow. Then we can get the capping strip and hinge mounts back on ready for the door.


and Russ both responded to Dave's cry for painters today. Both found some more filling to do but eventually got stuck into the next grey coat on the workshop side.

Welcome to Des Adams, making his first appearance on the blog having recently joined the department on Wednesdays. He was quietly working away with the filler and sander on the wall side.

Dave Ward and Ken made a dramatic transformation to the Goods Van.

One side on and loads of work completed on the other side.

Eddie was still working away of the circular saw, making  a few extra bits, with Maurice assisting, out of shot.

In the barn work Neil and Tim continued on the heating distribution pipes under 5023 on the jacks.

There is one left to do. You've guessed it. It the difficult one behind the battery box that you can't get at easily. Even with the carriage on the jacks!

There was also a full compliment in attendance with the upholstery team but I saw Dave and penny in the mess coach.

I did catch up with John Hill and John Hughes making a new side panel to replace a rotten on from 4787.

and the workshop extension now has doors all be it only stacked and not hung!

Device of the day. Craig's patent lock measuring device.

The travel of the bolt, bottom, is measured to see what travel is required to trip the locking bolt. Its something you can't really see or measure when the lock is on the door.

The amount of travel reveals when a lock is getting to the serviceable limit and needs replacing.

A new record for the blog having this evening passed 10,000 hits in one calender month for the first time. We have passed the level in a 30 day period before but that was over a month end.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

C&W Open Weekend Sat 10th and Sun 11thAugust

Don't miss the open week-end.

Full detail are available Here on the main GWSR web site.

Sadly the planned visit by T & R Williamson our paint suppliers now seems unlikely.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

July 27th - Diesel Day

With it being the Diesel gala even our shunters got an enthusiastic reception when we did a little shunting today.

The move was to get the ballast wagon from the siding on the far side of the running track back into the C&W works area so that assessments and work can begin.

We also had to move some of the returned bogies to the side of the workshop out of the way until they are required.

We did leave one 'out' for cleaning up. Andy Thompson cleaning some muck from the top of the frame.

On that note I completed the underframe spraying on the Hospitality Coach. That is until we put it on the jacks when no doubt we will be able to see the bits I missed!

Inside Derek removed the ceiling.

While in the workshop Steve started on the roof for the goods van getting half of it up.

Grenville is working his way through all the planking first priming it then applying the GWR undercoat brown.

The piles of planks move from side to side with each new coat of paint.

Continuing the roof theme John Squires was investigating the rotten metal at the toilet end of 4787.

The damage extends to the roof.

I try to avoid getting the roof lights of the workshop in the pictures.

Still at least John can get an idea of how a halo might fit!

Dave was hopeful of getting some more paint on the workshop side with a section all marked up ready.

Sadly no one else from the painting team was in today except Dave and myself.

As already noted I was busy elsewhere and Dave was doing more filling and prep work.

Looks like it over to Rod on Wednesday.

Also over to the Wednesday group is this door. Chris made big strides with getting the new wood frame back into the door skin but time ran out

after he had already sorted out the panelling and door trimmings on this door. This just needs Micheal's varnishing attentions next week.

By which time hopefully the door opening will be ready to remount it. John Osborn completed the new edge strip today.

So the hinge mounts and capping strip can go back on.

John also started on the window corner replacement measuring up for an infill plate.

while James continued the repair of the J section of the corridor connection.

Work also continued on the heating pipe restoration under 5023 on the jack road.

Neil and Tim  fitted the second of the distributor pipes from the main through steam pipe, about another six to go.

Richard Andy and Phil (out of shot) serviced the brake cylinder from the good van.

Not an easy task as it was immovable when it came off. It probably hasn't been serviced or even looked at in the thirty years while its sat on the back siding awaiting some attention.

and all this time the diesels burbled past.

I'm sure one would look nice painted green.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

July 25th - Thursday

Back from holiday and time to catch up. Rods pictures from yesterday did help.

John Hill and Ken have fitted the sky trolley and hook to the gantry.

the garden is developing nicely by the new seating area.

Early on the cleaning group started at Toddington arriving back at Winchcombe in plenty of time for morning tea.

Having taken a look around and recovered from the shock of Dave's knees. Dave spent the day filling and sanding the greyed up side of 4787

Malcolm abandoned work on the roof of 4787 it just gets to hot on top even in the workshop. So he did some more work on the seating.

John Hamer was busy repositioning a bottom hinge mount on 4787 after the rotten metal had been replaced.

John Osborn was busy working on the next door needing similar repairs.

Ken was finishing the removal of some of the communication cord mounts on the end of the carriage having already removed the J section.

James was busy repairing the J sections.

The jobs are queueing up with the first of the P'Way ballast wagons being delivered for repairs.

Inside and some evidence of welding required on the doors and the corners.

and 4787 has some work to do the identified corner

and section of skirt

and a window corner all the classic places for MK1 carriages to rot!

Michael was busy on one of the door panels

Roger and Ken work on a replacement wood section for one of the windows.

I settled to continue the spray painting of the hospitality carriage under frame. By the end of the day it's about three quarters completed.

And the external work on the new workshop is just about complete the cladding is on and most of the trim work is done. That should be finished tomorrow. Then it's windows and doors.

we really must get ride of the freezer some kind sole dumped.

And finally what better example of why we don't want to aim for rakes painted in every different colour scheme. You end up with a mixed mess rake. That's chocolate and cream, carmine and cream, maroon, newly painted carmine and cream, faded carmine and cream and very faded carmine and cream. Roll on the paint shop!

July 24th - Wednesday workout.

An update from Rod Wells of Wednesdays activity

The cladding work on the new shop car park side at 10:00 

A transformed workshop side of 4787 in first coat grey. Most of this was done on Saturday with a little more today.

On the ends and other side repair work is ongoing with another window corner needing a patch. I thought someone was putting this back in last week but it must have been on the way out.

A big effort today on the new planking for the van. The "flat pack" is now all the correct length and primed, note also the roof supports.

And finally at the end of the day the cladding is over a third complete on the final side .