Sunday, 30 June 2013

Coming Soon

This years Carriage and Wagon Open Weekend 
will take place on August 10th and 11th. 

Don't miss it. 

The new workshop extension, while not finished, should be open for viewing.

 You can see full details here

June 29th - Swinging Sixties Saturday

Sorry for the delay . I was out preaching this morning then showing prospective house purchasers round this afternoon then over to the daughters for flower beds and the grand daughter to a swimming gala. Oh for a quiet day in C & W!!!!!!!

Now you may not think of Carriage and Wagon as the hip happening place to be but we can do glam. With careful filling sanding and rubbing down and a careful application of the right shade of paint you arrive at Grenville in his shorts on a sunny day.

On second thoughts we will leave the 60's glam to the departments specialist.

Also sporting a new coat in a stunning shade of red was the Hospitality Coach. The under frame and bogies having been shot blasted yesterday and then given a coat of red oxide.

Andy was soon at work investigating a reported 'squeal' from under Neath when it was shunted. All the axle boxes appeared to be in good order and well oiled.

Working in 5" scale has its advantages.

There was a big push to finish the Monster Van today with Alex and dad Tony top coating wall side

while Cheryl

and Martin did the other side.

Late in the day Dave ad a go at one of the ends. It just the large letters on the sides to go. Yes as per comments on Thursdays blog in Yellow not white.

Grenville was working on the goods van sanding and painting the inner ends in a shade of grey while I finished a section of the exterior in red oxide.

Described as a waste of time when we started it we now have three departments bidding for it use when finished!

4787 didn't go without attention today. John Osborn continued with patch welding door surrounds

and dealing with the door skin as well so that is ready for the door team on Wednesday.

As John had completed one door surround I was able to re mount the capping strip. I got all but about four of the screws back in by home time.

John Squires did some more work on the water filling pipe connections on the roof.

While Derek and Steve stripped out the toilets and walls ready for more patch welding on this end and the replacement of the two corners.

Rod Wells spent his time rubbing down and filling on the workshop side.

On the jack road in the barn TSO 5023 was starting on its restoration journey.

First being jet washed underneath to clean off a large amount of undesirable material that had accumulated as the result of a poorly fitted toilet waste pipe.

Work then started on figuring out the route of the vacuum pipe. On the inside Chris completed his inspection and having dealt with a minor insulation board issue passed the carriage for the rest of us to start work on.

Ken started on removing the air brake pipe work from the end.

We had a visit from a group from the Welsh Highland line that I showed round. This is normally Dave's job but he was showing a new volunteer round.

We also had a lovely wedding party travelling on the train this afternoon.

The loco 5542 was resplendent in the 'Wedding Special' headboard.

John Hill was rather having to struggle with the hand sewing machine while working on a first class seat head rest for 7221.

(The electric machine they have been using for a long time broke a drive cog on Wednesday. I think maybe its time we got the upholstery team a new machine the mochette cloth really needs an industrial strength machine. - Peter)

James completed a part box for the dirty gang (as the group that do the bogies etc underneath are known!)

which just about rounded out a very busy day.

Friday, 28 June 2013

June 27th - Thursday

There was clear evidence this morning of the Wednesday groups activities. As a window has been removed and the interior wood surround was in a poor condition Eddie was asked to supply some new ones.

No sooner said than done.

Also waiting for us this morning was a new battery box cover. It was clearly marked 'please paint black' you will see what happened later!

The broken door frame from last Saturday had been removed and marked up for some more welding.

That didn't get done today. We will have to try for Saturday.

There was also a VERY dirty pair of slider windows recovered from one of the storage wagons to replace the broken one we were having problems with last week.

They clearly needed cleaning so I started by giving the glass a soak in window cleaner to try and soften up the dirty! Then I scouwered the frame.

Finally the lower section of 4787's side panel had been given a coat of Grey which shows up where further work is needed all to well.

The early action revolved around the goods in and out.

A delivery of steel section arrived for the department to make its own handrails for the workshop stairs that was only ordered on Saturday.

Then a delivery of pipe work to replace the vacuum braking system under the two ex Rivera Train carriages. It's all hands to help the delivery men unload. Something they are very happy to receive.

On the 'out' side was the air of bogies being shipped out for overhaul at the West Somerset Railway.

Lifting bogies is so easy when you have the right hoist!

Amongst the steel work delivered was one piece of 6mm rod that looked totally out of place with the rest.

It turned out to be for Ken to make some new linkages for the corridor connections.

Now the battery box doors. Paint black.

So here they are duly painted white.

Well I did start with the undercoat. Late in the day they were just dry enough to give a coat of black paint to one side.

Monster van

Martin completed the monster van roof while Jeff and Roger tidied up the sides and battens. I think it's ready for a final top coat and the big
 'G W' to be painted white on the sides which will complete wagon from our point of view. Although I think there is still one axle box that needs some bearings attended too.

The Wagon in the workshop got further attention from John Hughes today with more of the end sections being sanded and painted red oxide.

This section was finished yesterday. John was working on the other side of but for some reason I did get a picture.

Lucky John!

I gather the wood for the sides is on its way!

4787 was again the main focus for work today.

John Osborn welding a door post and a window corner.

While James continued with the tool boxes to hang on scaffold towers. These are vital as us older blocks take a part off put it down then can't find it to put it back later.

Hopefully these will help to keep the smaller part together!

James also finished another rail crossing plate. Very handy when moving the towers around the workshop.

Something that is happening a lot at the moment with so many vehicles to work on again.

Having started the day at Toddington with Paul and Robin cleaning the DMU.

Ron and Roger moved on to spend lots of the
Day carefully measuring, marking and drilling the new window surrounds made by Eddie.

It's very different doing it with the window frame laying on a bench rather than fitted in the carriage and its not always easier.

Malcolm finished cleaning up the flaking roof pint on the workshop side using the compressed air hammer.

It's the only thing in the workshop that makes more noise than the John and Pete the welders make with their hammers.

Nobody works inside the carriage while Malcolm's in action.

Dave Hancox was starting on the genral sanding of the workshop side.

Dave was working his way around the windows sanding and painting red oxide.

Standing room only. We do need to get the new building finished. We shall has to have separate sittings for tea soon!

The most unusual event of the day was the morning arrival of the bubble car.

Take a closer look!!!

It was acting as a shunter bringing the troublesome trucks back from the Thomas event at Toddington.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June 25th - Tuesday Visiting Day

 - report by Dave Clark

The main reason for going in today was the visit to the Railway by 120 pupils from Badsey Junior School, so the first thing was to clear the main path through the Barn and Workshop, and have a very quick sweep around. During the time spent at Winchcombe the school was split into four groups of 30 pupils and, assisted by members of the Railway (amongst whom was Malcolm Dickson from C&W) and school staff, they had brief tours of C&W and the Signalbox. The children showed a great deal on interest in all that was going on, with many hands being raised and lots of questions asked. Overall, they seemed to be having a great day out, and with lovely weather as well!

I spent the remainder of the day working in the two new bays in Elegant Excursions' "Marguerite". With the sultry weather, it was like working in a sauna, but a few hours later the ceiling had been painted and the skirting boards given another coating of black gloss.

This just leaves a top-up of the existing varnish to do on Thursday, and the new bays will be ready for Steve to lay the new carpet. We can then install the re-covered seats, the new tables, and the side lights.  

Sunday, 23 June 2013

June 22nd - Thomas Saturday

Things were busy today with Thomas in action. We added to the activity around Winchcombe Station by carrying out a further shunt.

So while Thomas was passing and the diesels were parked up waiting to take the return trip to Toddington

Phil Salter and Richard Johnson organised moving CK 16195 out of the barn jack road to join the carriages of the third rack in the yard,

It gives an clear before and after idea of what C&W do!

shunted the bogies from beside the signal box out to the front of the barn ready to be collected. They are being collected, hopefully during the week, to be restored elsewhere. The work required is beyond the equipment we currently have available.

The first of the green TSO's was shunted into the jack road, raised and prepared for new vacuum brake pipes to be installed.

Finally the Hospitality Carriage was placed in the centre of the yard ready for shot blasting during the week.

and that was just some of the moves needed.

Once the shunting was done Phil (lighting) and John Hamer (batteries) set about checking TSO 5023.

Seemingly all the bulbs had been removed and the fuses.

Once replaced the light were quickly back in action.

Also in the barn and as Alex preferred touring Iceland to applying ice white masonry paint to the roof of the Monster Van I continued the second coat completing one side and doing about two thirds of the other side.

So there is about 8 feet left to do compete the job.

In the workshop Phil Jones was an early starter and made great progress with the filling and sanding on the rivet line of 4787.

Then there were the efforts of the three Johns. John Hamer was busy checking batteries.

John Squires and I removed the second of the water filler pipes on the end of the carriage.

A little heat was required to shift them.

These had been cut and flexible hoses used to make the connections.

We searched the storage containers and found two full pipes in good conditions which we will use when the restoration reaches that point. John carried out some preparatory restoration work on them.

John Osborn started on the bodywork weld repairs dealing with the first of the door pillars.

It was one step forward two back as at the time I completed the removal of the third capping strip that we left with just two screws in on Thursday. I was somewhat surprised to take out seven screws in total to compete the removal!!

This also revealed another two patches on this door pillar.

Bob Keyte started work on the ceiling of 4787.

It was also interesting, to me if nobody else, how much the lines have varied over the years. The old line is revealed under the later paintwork.

This carriage was clearly once maroon. You can see traces of the yellow black yellow line in the rust.

Steve Barnfield continued the trimming of the restored seating area in 'Mrgarette' from the Elegant Excursion.

while Grenville recovered from his recent illness was working on the less elegant wagon.

He completed the inner end panel in red oxide having finished the clean up of loose and flaking old paint.

Ken replaced the second of the sliding windows he took out during the week and started on removing the hinges from the broken door. Having had a debate with Eddie from the woodwork team (that's mainly Wednesdays but he pops into say hallo on Saturdays while walking Rhia) it was decided to put a new frame in to the door.

Friday saw a big step forward or more precisely several steps with the first floor slabs and the stairs being installed.

The view from the signal box steps.

and some nice daisies growing alongside the barn to make the place look pretty. Where the paint shop is being constructed used to be referred to as the garden road. With our seats now outside the barn near the flowers we may have to rename the area.