Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February 27th - Wednesday

Despite the chilly start with no heating there were lots of early starters today the numbers finally swelling to 21.

Eddy Paddon was showing off his wood bending, sorry carpentry skills, with some new framework I presume for a roof somewhere.

I bent it just like that.

Later I got to coat the entire set with protecting sealant.

Ken having lit the Queen Mary stove to keep warm in the barn set about further work on the veranda floors. Fitting the rubber matting.

The door team were busy on two of the doors from CK16195. Aluminium doors, which these are, never give up the original fastening screws. So new mount positions are needed.

There are three phases to this, first fit wood blocks round the inside of the frame. Repair the original screw holes and any other damage the panelling has suffered or make new ones! Then fit the panelling to the new blocks.

Here one of the new blocks can be seen in position at the bottom of a door.

In the CK the specialist were in to lay a screed in the vestibules before new lino is fitted.

Pete Fisher continued work on the P'Way trolley

John Hill was joined by John Hughes and Dave Dron (who was escaping Penny suffering from a cold. Hope you feel better soon Penny) they were working on one of the last seat bases for CK 16195.

Amount the hardy squad were a team tackling the buffer refurbishment on the Queen Mary. A (car) engine hoist is ideal for the job.

So that's how you hang a buffer to service it. Two steel workbenches we hope to have space for soon were pressed into early service beside the barn. The buffer was stuck in. As you can see they got it out. Now will it go back in again?

John Hamer another of the early starters was working on the brakes of the Queen Mary. The guards brake shell is supposed to turn 8 turns max from off to on....... Not 16.25 that was achieved when we tried it Saturday. I didn't hear the results of his efforts but I suspect its all sorted now.

The MICA Van has required some extensive wood replacement. Far more than expected. New frame sections have had to be cut.

Along with new planking that was then fitted. After the inevitable coat of preservative from me.

Meanwhile on the other side of the van Grenville continued with the final top coat.

Tony Shilham made a new boss to mount the locking bar in place.

The new boss ready for final fitting and a coat of black paint.

As I left John Hamer was just about to completed his afternoons task of levelling the bogies suspension under 9000. This needs a very big clamp big spanners and fine adjustments with lots of measuring in between each adjustment.

Along with the other painting mentioned I also applied a coat of black to the DMU drivers seat frame.

Now it was after I started that I realised the seat should have an up down adjustment.

I suspect the coat of red oxide that had already been applied was preventing this.

So there is a job for somebody tomorrow.

Quietly working away in the CK were Rod Wells and Russ Smith staining the corridor panels.

Rod finished the day undercoating the two corridor connector doors.

The most welcome visitor of the day arrived about 11:30. By lunch time we had started to thaw out and even the sun came out.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Gala Freight

The collection of wagons for the gala continues. It should include the three currently being worked on, the MICA Van, the Scenery ('Monster') Van and the Queen Mary Guards Van.

Plus (but No guarentees from me)


But apparently not these tankers.(see comment below).

Sunday, 24 February 2013

February 23rd - Saturday

A cold day made no warmer by the lack of oil for the workshop heater! Despite the early warning by e-mail there was still a 19 strong squad in action.

Work on the CK 16195 was very limited as its was to cold for bodywork painting.

Chris and Nikki spent most of the day working on repairs to the Elegant Excursion Rake here making a new section of floor support

and after fitting, the new section of floor in the Kitchen Car.

Nikki also took advantage of the workshop facilities to complete a college study piece (we are all very proud of the progress she making).

John Osborn was showing James Baldwin-Joy around the workshop with a view to James joining as his new apprentice.

John Squires was sorting out the leaking steam pipe identified under 9000. Here he is putting a thread on the new section of pipe.

It was double vision day with Tony and son Alex in

and working on the track from a sliding door from CK 16195.

Alex went onto assist John Squires with the steam pipe.

Double vision because our new starters of the day were Tony with son Alex

who were pleased to feel they had actually contributed on their first day. (Like there would be a chance of not doing so in C & W.)

Here they were cleaning up the various parts of the next DMU seat for restoration. Alex cleaning the seat swab with the best possible tool, the electric carving knife.

While John continued with the last seat back for the CK.

I did do some painting but only of the various wooden steps and round the numbers on the MICA Van.

Steve was in consultation on making a base for this character and giving him a stiffer back.

(Look great fun for the kids. What about a larger one for the BIG kids amongst us?)

The rest of the day was devoted to rebuilding the wall side of the MICA Van.

The Queen Mary Guards Van proved to be a popular place today as Ken decided early on to test the guards fire grate. It works very well.

On the veranda Ken finished the floor clean up and applied a coat of red oxide. On the sides Tony Barnard went into action with a  power chisel and I followed along with the red oxide which conveniently dries to a very close approximation of faded Bauxite.

On the jack road the bogies were wheeled out from under 9000

And the bubble car rolled past.

a more detailed study of the bogies in full daylight

clearly revealed the flat spots

on more than one wheel

and the grooving on another wheels tyre.

Two bogies have now been identified for re profiling.

Having sorted out the pair to go back under, Andy Thompson went into action with the pressurised oil spray gun.

Pete Fisher was again working on the P'Way trolley frame.

That is despite P'Way not being with the carriage cleaning squad after their train with generator running sat in the platform next to the main rake for quiet a while this morning. The resulting oily smear on the the RBr

and 4790 will take some serious cleaning and 4790 hasn't even carried any passengers yet!