Thursday, 31 January 2013

January 30th - Geoff's Gibbet Day

With 18 signed in on a sunny day we were always in for an interesting day. Thus it proved to be with the door team getting to grips with the remaining doors of CK 16195. Panelling was refitted

and windows and door locks were serviced, greased checked.

Then it was a case of refitting the door. With John Hill in attendance, he designed it, the new door mounting gantry was put to use. It proved to be very effective lowering the door gentle into place.

It will need some painting of hazard warning lines on the base. It was quickly named 'Geoff's Gibbet' and suggestion of who will be the first person to be hung from it have already been made. The gantry has been bought from the bequest Geoff Gore made to the department. Everybody agreed he would be well pleased with it.

We were pleased to welcome back Dave and Penny Dron. Dave set about cleaning the old covering from the last unrestored seat back from CK 16195.

While Penny measured up and cut the new moquette for the seat. Dave Hill finished trimming another of the armrests just the three in front him to go for this carriage.

John Hughes who has recently joined the upholstery team was fitting a new base to one of the two seats to be refitted to one of the carriages in the Elegant Excursion rake. This needed completion today as the seats are being collected to tomorrow to be taken elsewhere for upholstery. They are not being done by us.

This afternoon there was a delivery of two new, well second hand but new to us, pieces of woodworking machinery. Fully serviced and at a very good price they will add another dimension to our restoration capabilities and efficiency.

Pete Fisher completed the new lock bar for the MICA Van. He just has to make the locking handle and we have worked out how to do that.

Here you can see the new bar in place and a hole in the side of the van where Steve has cut out bad wood. By the end of the day Malcolm had fitted the new pieces Steve had made.

Malcolm spent the day making new inserts to fill the other holes where rotten wood had already been removed.

So what of the rest of the 'everyday' work of the department. Rod Wells continued with the maroon top coat on CK16195.

He was also checking up on the results of a new tape we have been trying out to mask the lining with. 

While Russ Smith was busy with staining and varnishing some of the interior wood work.

Maurice Norman was also busy staining sections of panelling.

Tony Shilman tried out the new welder by fitting the new bottom section of a crash pillar and re plating the body over the pillar. He was well pleased with the welder.

Me, I started the day by assessing, with Eddie Paddon, the wood sections needed to sort out the problems with 13329 where more rotten wood was found in the corridor.  I found one piece and Eddie cut and trimmed the other bits needed.

and I painted various things sealing the new piece's Eddie had cut, giving a coat of black to the locking bar and all the wood blocks I undercoated on Saturday along with the foot board for the Queen Mary Guards Van.

A good day with lots done.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

January 26th - Saturday

With the sun out it was a picturesque drive to Winchcombe.

However, I was constantly reminded that the roads were not good and it was still cold.

With 16 others we set about a range of jobs.

The main one being yet another series of shunts. Extracting the 'Fruit C' wagon from the platform 1 bay. This required the movement of the mess coach and several other wagons. The shunt also moved one of the BG Brake carriages into the jack road of the barn. This is to start a series of bogie swaps to remove a couple that have flat spots.

The first job is to disconnect the brake rigging under the carriage. Andy Thompson who was underneath was assisted by Ken and Richard.

Steve Barnfield started the day setting the checker plate into the entrance base plate of the corridor connection. He then moved onto deal with a number of the rotten planks on the MICA van. He removed several planks to improve the drying out and made several replacement section to set into the other planks.

Th is also shows the double wall construct of the refrigeration van and meat van.

While this shows the effects of rust. This was once a 3/8th dia. 4inch long bolt! the centre in now little more than wire.

It has now been replaced.

Chris worked on the panelling and finger boards of a couple of the doors from CK 16195.

and after much chiseling ans shaping

he moved on to gluing and sticking.

While I applied some sealant to the new foot board for the Queen Mary Guards van and some mount blocks for the carriage charging units first thing in the morning and then last thing a coat of undercoat.

I also cut out the bottom section one of the end door pillars as we found another rusted pillar that needs dealing with.

John Osborn along with Ken Reeves spent some time assisting with some work on the P'Way land rover.

This afternoon John was testing out the new welder and measuring up and cutting out replacement sections for the 'holes' I cut out last week.

Martin Jaunch was in this morning and started painting the corridor kick boards.

This afternoon Tony Barnard and Alex his son came in and continued the painting at the other end of the carriage. It was rather dark there so sorry but no pictures.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

January 24th - Thursday

Report by Dave Clark

It was great to be back after our unwelcome snow break. A small group had gone in for a while on Wednesday, but today we were back with a vengeance with a good number in.

The snowy scene that greeted us when we looked out of the Barn. Our newly out shopped Conflat wagons stand out in front of the first of the spare rake coaches SK 25341 and BG 81039 which have been brought down from the Toddington
north headshunt.


 Jeff Brodrick surveys all the progress that has been made with the footings for the Paintshop building.

With the earth now completely removed and another off-centre trench full of concrete laid, in effect marking out the dividing wall between the paintshop and the side rooms, the approximate size of each can now be appreciated.


Vacuum Cylinders

Ken Reeves and John Hamer dismantled and worked on the second of the two vacuum cylinders that had been leaking.

The cylinder was given a general service with the inside cleaned and wire brushed, and a new rubber seal put on. Hopefully this will have resolved the problem.

CK 16195

Some more good progress was made today on the CK. Pete Lucas completed as far as currently possible the undercoating on the wallside - this leaves just the central door, and the bottom corner and door (when fitted),.to do on this side.

Michael continued with sanding down and staining more interior beading and panel strips from the second class section.

In the park end vestibule, most of the new floor base sections have now been bolted down.

The corridor viewed from the second class area. The newly painted black work and mahogany wood stained doors, door frames and veneer panelling are really bringing up the interior of the coach.

Pete Lucas sanded down the remaining corridor panelling in the first class section, which just leaves the two end vestibules to be done.

FK 13329

While in the Barn for the vacuum cylinder change, an inspection was made of the interior of the FK. Peter commented in a previous blog that I had been muttering about yet more work to do, and as can be seen in the photograph, my mutterings were well founded.

Poor interior drainage from the base of some of the windows has caused serious damage to the underlying veneer panelling and wood supports. Ron Woodruff removed what he could of the rotten woodwork to assess what needed to be done. It was found that one window even lacked the internal drainage pipes!

Meanwhile Richard Bates, from our Maintenance Team, was underneath trying to find out why there were problems with one of the new battery charging units.

Monster Van

Dave Hancox, later joined by Bob Mac, continued the job of loosening and then removing the old felt roofing. Considering how cold it was in the Barn, they did a great job and by the end of the day the surrounding floor was covered in strips of felting.

Thankfully our skip is not too far away! Half of the new canvas has now been bought and awaits fitting once the roof has been completely cleaned off.


Pete Fisher continued his excellent work to create the new locking bar for the MICA van. The first picture shows how he created the central boss.

When welded on and capped, the second shows Peter tidying up the new metalwork with the angle grinder.

Jeff Brodrick continued sanding down the sides and ends of the van.

Unfortunately there is a lot of wet wood and some of it too far gone to save.

Hence there are now numerous sections cut out, which will be infilled with new wood as necessary.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

January 23rd More snow day

I got ready to go to Winchcombe today. As I was grabbing some breakfast before leaving, the snow returned with vengeance and has now settled into a steady fall. So discretion again prevails and I'm staying at home.

20 miles each way over Cotswold hills and lanes just does not appeal.

So what if they stop my pay!

I will 'work from home'. I'm looking into where we can obtain suitable felt guides for the window runners. As we service the doors it is apparent that many of the felt window runners are worn out or already missing leading to draughts and rattling windows.

The next train from Platform 1


The next train from platform 2.

To much time not enough local heritage railways to work on.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

January 19th - Saturday

I have not heard from anybody about work at the C & W so I presume nobody attended to open up. I know Dave's village was snow bound because I was supposed to preach there today but they phoned to cancel as they would not be able to reach the Chapel themselves.

When I looked out the tape said 6 inches of snow.

Having seen the forecast earlier in the week I had planned not to be in and knowing how far lots of others come I think discretion was clearly called for and exercised.

I look forward to seeing everyone again soon when the weather improves and the paint will dry properly!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Tilting Trains

This is not how you are supposed to tilt trains.

If that's not your idea of a tilting train try this event.

WEDNESDAY 23rd JANUARY 2013, 7:00PM FOR 7:30PM
Speaker: – David Greenway CEng, FIMechE, CMIOSH, MCQI CQP, MIRO Director, RISC Ltd
Venue: - Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, Cheltenham Road East, Gloucester GL2 9QH
Contact: - Matthew Sexton email:
Coffee and biscuits at 7.00pm
The talk is open to all, no need to pre-book

Thursday, 17 January 2013

January 17th - Thursday

It was warmer today -2C and frost covered trees as I crossed the hill to Winchcombe.

When I arrived the cement mixer was blocking the Winchcombe yard.

During the day the yard was busy as Moveright turned up with a low loader to collect a pair of bogies  (not ours).

Then there was the delivery of  specialised crane to lift and mount carriage doors. A picture will follow when we get it fully commissioned.

Pete Fisher continued with the manufacture of the new locking bar for the MICA Van. The original in Black and the new one, so far, in red.

Pete Lucas spent the day undercoat painting on the wall side of 16195.

Malcolm continued with the underframe cleaning and painting. he took in a coat of paint for the battery box covers as well.

Jeff Broadrick started preparatory work sanding the MICA Van after Dave had masked the lettering.

I painted up the J section I mounted yesterday

and prepared the foot plate for the other end. I can't mount the J section at this end as the woods are all new, so no remaining screw holes to act as a guide.  I will have to wait until the foot plate is positioned to get the bottom level of the J sections fixed. (the J section bolts to the foot plate or the other way round).

Inside the carriage Roger Wicker Robin , ,and Martin Thornley were sanding and painting window trim. While Michael was doing a little varnishing in the office.

John Hamer and Ken Reeves did the vacuum cylinder change on 13229. (sorry no Picture it was to dark under the carriage).

Dave on an inspection tour of the interior came out tutting about rotten wood etc. More work to be scheduled!

Afterwards Ken started on the servicing of the cylinder.

As John Osborn was not today, sick note accepted, I cut out the three rust spots found on the end of the carriage and left the 'holes' with a little metal surround on his work bench. They will form templates for the new metal to be cut.

By the end of the day the footings hole of yesterday had been filled and the mount points for the steelwork positioned. By then the snow was starting to fall so we called it a day and headed home. With the forecast as it is we may not be in on Saturday. I know I wont be in I'm supposed to be going to a Military Wives Concert.

January 16th Wednesday

Minus 4 C and icy fog but still 17 signed in today.

The first and most obvious thing on arriving was a whole lot of digger action or is that hole action.

By the end of the day the excavation of the footings appear to have been completed.

A little closer to the warmth of the workshop and there was the Eddie and Dave, brave folk, from Wheathampstead working away on there wagon. Just think this will be the ONLY vehicle on there 40 foot long railway which has one station 120 feet long. See the full story here.

Pete Fisher had a discussion with the P'Way team about a frame they want one of the hand trollies. After tea this afternoon they delivered the steel tubing and mesh for the construction.

Pete has also accepted another challenge. When the MICA van came into the workshop it had one large locking bar (wallside) . The other side had a fake bar made from plywood but if fell apart! Operationally it was fine as there are other bolts to keep the doors closed and we don't load the van in a way that would require the bar. Pete has set about making a new bar which is a very heavy and completely non standard item.

After some discussions at the week end we decided to refit the J section pieces of the corridor connector before we go any further. So today I fitted the pair at the barn end. (That's 2 pictures I forgot to take today).

Craig and Mike were fitting and testing the window scissors on another of the doors from 16195.

Rod Wells was in today experimenting with various reels of tape.

One of the issues we have is the tape we use while giving a very good clean edge it tends to take the top layer of paint off when you remove it.

Not exactly what we want!

So the experiments are to find an alternative tape of a method to reduce the issue.

While he was at it he also painted the lines on the corner.

Steve Smith and Richard Bates were fitting the new charging circuit to 16195.

While John Hamer got side tracked from his intentions of doing the vacuum cylinder switch to assist with yet another shunt to move the Balfour Beatie carriage ready for moving to Toddington along with  a pair of bogies. The carriage has been sold.

The catch was that the P'Way train was in the head shunt and had to be moved out of the way.

Russ Smith was also showing Clive, an old friend round.

John Hill was showing John Hughes, who is joining the upholstery team, some of the work.

Also on show in the yard was the new signal post and, on the left, a lovely little house the grand kids would love.

The last job of the day was move the new paint storage cupboards. we did think about putting them straight into the new paint shop. 

We didn't think the builders would be to pleased, let alone Dave!

So in the end we settled for workshop. So much bubble wrap to pop!