Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December 31st - I thought 2013 was all over now it is!

Report by Dave Clark

The first train of the day arrives during yet another deluge which carried on for quite some time. Just a few passengers on the train, but the numbers did improve during the day.

The main reason for the overtime was to get epoxy sealant on the final unpainted section of floor in the Paintshop - this is now ready for the first coat of floor paint. With the sealing completed, I moved into the Woodwork shop to finish off the remaining bit of ceiling with the white emulsion.
So that is three completed things all in one blog:
Sealing the paint shop floor
Painting the woodwork shop ceiling
And 2013

Steve Long also turned up to continue wiring up the Upholstery hoist.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

December 28th - The Last Hurrah

Not surprisingly there weren't many in today with it being Foremark Hall's last running day tomorrow several were taking a last ride while others  wereletting the turkey go down.

However that didn't prevent some significant progress. Most notable of which was the swap of a wheel set just after lunch with the assistance of the P'Way gang and the Matbro.

Getting the hone guides lined up on both sides and the left right slew of the wheel set itself all at the same time isn't easy.

Once achieved the bogie sat down nicely.

Then it was back to cleaning the bogies

Its a messy job but Andy and Richard got stuck in.

At the other end of the workshops Dennis Richards and Steve Long spent much of the day sorting out and installing the hoist for the upholstery team. As they will be upstairs they need the hoist to lift the heavy seat components.

The main issue for the installations was a lack of clearance on the wall side of the rail. With that issue resolved it just needs the power connected before final commissioning.

Alex Caulfield was doing sterling work painting the top coat of another section of the paint shop floor. He completed all the way to the distant door.

Then he moved on to sanding down some filler on 5023 in the barn.

Ben and I swept the upholstery workshop floor ready for sealing one end.

Then Ben moved on to filling the skirt line on 5023 in the barn.

Andy also did some filling on 4787 and later, when it had set, came back to start sanding it down.

In the mean time I sorted the bolt holes for door 6, the paint shop side workshop side, on 4787.

Steve then made a new door liner section before Ken and I hung the door and I fitted the capping strip.

The door shut with a satisfying clunk. At the end of the day we did take one section of the capping strip off again. Steve is going to trip the liner on Thursday.

Its not unusual to have make such an adjustment but its looking good.

Earlier in the day Steve made a set of electrical connector backing plates.

Square blocks becoming round discs.

My last job of the day was to paint them.

Yes the holes are deliberately off set from the centre.

John Osborn was also extremely productive welding up much of the final corner of 4787.

A very tricky job as it included the rolled corner. James doing a great job of rolling the corner to just the right curve.

All in all a great finish to the year.

Happy new year to you all.

Monday, 23 December 2013

2013 - the Big Picture

 I was just thinking about doing a summary of the C&W activities through the year when this arrived from Richard.

So if you haven't got time to trawl back through the blog this gives the high points. I have added a few pictures to remind you and hopefully enthuse for even more in the coming year!
Hello everybody

With the end of the year fast approaching, I thought that you might like to read a review of all that we achieved in 2013. So much has happened that it is often difficult to remember the sequence of events.


  • We started 2013 with SO 4790 (our disabled coach) virtually complete. After some work to the bogies in the Barn, it went into the chocolate & cream rake ready for the 2013 season

  • CK 16195 had been worked on in the Barn for several months, and replaced it in the workshop

  • FK 13329 was suffering from damage to the internal panelling because of poor drainage from the windows. That was successfully repaired before the new season started.

  • All the coaches needed for the spare rake for the grand full line re-opening Gala had been stored at Toddington. All had to be cleaned, inspected and made ready for the Gala.

  • BG 80139 had paintwork in a pretty poor state, so it was repainted completely in a short few weeks.

  • In June, CK 16195 was completed (after a years work) and went straight into operation in the maroon rake

  • SO 4787 replaced it in the workshop for a major overhaul, and transfer to the maroon rake

  • The first of the ex-Riviera TSO’s 5023 had its steam and vacuum pipework replaced over a period of about 2 months by Neil Cooper and Tim Bazeley.

  • The SK 25501 to become the Hospitality coach was completely stripped internally, and its bogies were removed for re-use elsewhere

  • Elegant Excursions FO Marguerite had two seating bays replaced with all new panelling, and reupholstered seats.

  • SK 25341 came into the workshop and had a full repaint and refurbishment. It is now ready for the chocolate & cream set in 2014.

  • The defective bogies from maroon TSO 5042 were replaced with a pair overhauled at WSR

  • Defective bogies with wheelflats were replaced on chocolate & cream BSO 9000

  • Our upholstery team continued their sterling work on all the above coaches, and made sure that all seating in our coaches was kept to a very high standard

  • Our maintenance gang led by John Appleton worked throughout the year to ensure that all repairs and necessary maintenance of the service coaches was kept fully up to date

  • A new 240 volt charging system was installed on all service coaches, and batteries on all coaches were constantly reviewed, improved and maintained as necessary to ensure that all carriage lights worked constantly.

  • The carriage cleaning gang, supplemented on a regular basis by Winchcombe volunteers kept the two service rakes in an excellent condition; both internally and externally


  • Several wagons were overhauled and repaired, to ensure a full rake was available for the Gala in May

  • The GWR Monster Van 600 was fully overhauled and refurbished. It was outshopped in the middle of the year

  • The white Mica Van 79636 was fully repaired and overhauled in time for use in the Gala

  • Buffers were repaired on the Queen Mary Brakevan to make it available for the Gala

  • New springs were fitted to the Toad 17392 to make it available for the Gala

  • The BR 12 ton Box van 774445 was fully rebuilt and refurbished. It is now in use by P/Way, in place of a life expired one.

  • Work was started on overhauling and refurbishing the six Dogfish ballast wagons, and the first one is very nearly completed.


When I began to prepare this, I had lost track of how much we achieved in 2013. You can all be very justly proud of all that has been done.  And all this of course, in addition to all the work that has gone into painting out and starting the fit out of our new building.

Thank you all for your support and commitment in 2013. Best wishes for a happy Christmas, and New Year.

Richard G. Johnson LLB
Manager Carriage & Wagon Department
Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway Plc


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Saturday 22nd December - last fling before Christmas

Report by Dave Clark

A lot of excellent progress on SO 4787. Paul was busy tidying-up inside again.

Bob Keyte resumed his ceiling painting in the second compartment.

Inside the workshop-side toilet, Steve began preparing the body side for putting back the repainted panelling.

With the wooden cross-spars fitted he then offers up the panelling.

Underneath the coach, Richard works on the vacuum cylinder to replace the cover for the piston with a new one. The very tattered original can be seen immediately right of his gloves.

James was busy cutting out new sections of sheet metal ready for John Osborn to use.


John assessing another section that he has just spot welded in place - both James and John made considerable progress on this side of the corridor connection.

Having just completed lining inside the toilet window frame with the heavy black sealant, Andy lifts it ready for fitting.

With Steve assisting from inside the toilet, Andy and Ian position the window ready for rivetting in place.

With the window secured Andy continues rivetting around the frame.

Peter Fisher continued with his repairs to the original Dogfish in the Workshop.

Meanwhile Phil sorts out one of the oil feed pipes for the second Dogfish in the Barn.

Grenville is already into top coating the second Dogfish where the metal work is in good condition.

Grenville recently joked about how we could utilise our Dogfish wagons when not in use by PWay. Penny Dron, in our Upholstery team, presented him with a excellently-drawn cartoon of "Grenville's Tours" - one of his suggestions!

Later in the day, Andy and Ian wrestle with another vacuum cylinder, trying the undo the securing nuts.

Also in the Barn, Rob continues removing loose paint both on and around the window frames on TSO 5023, before continuing the overall sanding down of the bodywork on the wallside.

On the Barn side of the coach, the centre door was completely jammed and it took quite some effort by both Ken and Richard to free it.

Floor painting in the new Paintshop continued apace with Tony and Alex Caulfield completing the first top coat on the area sealed on Thursday. I was intending to seal the next section but this will now be done on Boxing Day. Part of the Woodwork shop has been cleared and swept to provide a "use up" area should any of the next 5L mix of sealant and activator be left when the final section of the Paintshop has been done.

 In the Woodwork shop, Ben very kindly carried on with helping the Commercial Department with the sack filling ready for the next War Weekend.

Outside the Works the 8F trundles gently by having just brought in another train of excited children and parents to visit Santa.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Thursday, 19 December 2013

December 19th - a Split Shift

A split effort today with  some working on the carriages and some working on progressing the finishing shop.

John Osborn worked on the top corner of 4787

The hole in the roof is being dealt with by Malcolm once he has completed the section of roof on 5023 that he was working on today.

John completed the workshop side. This can now have the window refitted and the door rehung. Then its a question of getting it filled sanded and painted.

However, while dealing with the roof John investigated the rest of the top section of the end panel and concluded that the corridor connector will have to be removed to sort out this hole and stud work.

This is a question of consequences. To remove the connector we will need more space so we may have to temporarily shift the ballast wagon into the paint shop.

Ron and Roger were again working on window surrounds for 4787.

removing another one for re varnishing.

John Hughes has just about come to the end of cleaning up the seat ends from 5023.

Robin was busy painting various sections of wood the two main ones being replacement sections for the Horse Box.

and Ben helped out with the sand bags for the war week-end.

and Jim varnished a set of door panels

Progress on the workshop floor started with a clean up of the next section to be painted.

once done.  The left hand side in this picture was ready

Two cans of sealant later and Dave Hancox and myself had covered two thirds of the section

while Jeff, Jim and Dave in turns had painted a top coat on the centre section.

Earlier in the day they had done a little cement work

 on the remains of the old point work at the end of the paintshop.

Steve Smith made final adjustments to the new set of steps.

Richard Bates and John Hamer spent the day investigating the strip lighting on a carriage in the maroon set at Toddington. They have got their heads round the issues but not as yet resolved them all. So another visit will be needed.

I won't be in again before Christmas, although I still expect a report from Dave for Saturday.

So I wish you all a very Happy Christmas.