Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saturday December 1st

Today was a day of great variety. Should I do a building service blog as in theory it is they who are demolishing our old mess room.

Or should it be a Broadway brick cleaning and recovery report as they were helping / doing most of the work!

and then there was a quick look at the NEW Coach lots done but loads to do sometime when it can fit into the restoration program.

However, the big contrast was still in the work going on in the workshop.  After Thursday where everyone was painting today there was only Martin, Dave and, for a short time, myself to do the follow up sanding and filling.

Some more good progress despite the shortage of numbers. I suspect several of the usual team for working in this area were helping with the SANTA Specials today.

So what else was happening. Well Chris started by visiting Toddington for a Health and Safety check.  He then returned to hold discussions with Craig on which doors from CK 16195 have to be removed for repairs.

He then started work on one of the doors himself while Craig moved on to some of the fine woodwork needed to repair some of the old panelling.

In the mean time I worked on the door already on the workbench. After some discussions with Craig and Chris I cut two small holes in the woodwork to gain access to the securing nuts for the lock mechanism. One of the holes is visible just to the left of the lock. This will need some carpentry skills to patch next week.

I removed, serviced and signed the lock, (signed so that we know its been done and by who) and then reassembled the door.

As this was an experiment I then actually removed the lower wood panel as this had already been designated for replacement.
 But we now know how to remove a lock with out dismantling the whole door.

John Squires and Ken Reeves were busy all day fitting the pipe work under SO4790

While Steve Barnfield continued the final panel fitting and trimming in the vestibule. Later in the day I say him with one of the roof panels and at a guess they are now all fitted. Another great achievement.

John Osborn completed the major welding of the end panels and the corridor connector studding. There are still a few little bits to do but this was a major step forward for us. well done John.

Paul was again in the RBr doing a lot of tea making and washing up with the Broadway team joining us for tea and lunch.  A valiant effort Paul and very much appreciated even if we do forget to say so!

John Hill was busy with the upholstery cutting the cloth for yet another seat but I didn't get the chance to visit him for a picture.

Phil was out with the shunter moving bogies into the right place ready from a swap with those under SO4790

Richard spent the day showing some transferring volunteers the task in hand with the wagons and especially the axles boxes. Then convened the management team for a meeting.

So a day that was indeed totally different from Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Good Blog as always. Just wondering though, which of the stored coaches has gone and what / where's this Mk1 from?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I understand that The old P'Way mess coach is going to Didcot and the new coach is TSO 4440 which was in the ownership of a GWSR member who has agreed the transfer of the carriage to the railway. The carriage is behind the C&W workshop on a back siding.