Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wednesday October 31st

Report by Russ Smith for Wednesday. Sorry for the delay in publishing it. I was at a chaurch meeting all evening yesterday and I have been in C&W today.

Craig Dyer making final adjustments to the new door panelling being fitted to one of the double doors of the disabled carriage.


A lively, but very friendly and humorous discussion follows between Craig, Derrick O'Brien and Eddie Paddon about a technicality.  


Eddie Paddon has now been re-Christened "Grumps"  'cos he's in charge of a load of grumpy old men!! 

 Meanwhile Mike Blakeman continued to work away on a piece of timber for another of the doors.

Grenville Care is in charge of improving the state of Conflat A ready for next year.



Grenville was being assisted on the Conflat by Martin Levie.   

Meanwhile, Tony Shilham was filling a corner of one of the windows on CK16195. 


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