Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wednesday November 14th

Many thanks to Russ Smith for the report and pictures.

Craig Dyer makes repairs to one of the internal panels from the first door  removed from CK 16195. There is more work than usual on this carriage. Being a CK it has 7 doors not the usual 6 of most carriages.

Derrick O'Brien, Dave Ward and Mike Blakeman worked on inserting new pieces of timber into the door that was removed from CK 16195 last week.  


Some of the new sections in situ.


Tony Shilham was sanding a corner of one of the windows on CK16195. 


Tony Barnard in on a Wednesday to fit with his duty patterns was also sanding down CK16195.

We are not only all volunteers we are also flexible, that is until; it comes to bending over. Then some have more difficulty!


John Hill, having spent a short time in hospital, don't go overdoing it, made a surprise but very welcome appearance. 

Here he can be seen with the patterns all laid out for the re-upholstering of a driver's seat to one of the DMU's


The seat back clearly was not the original one that had been fitted to this seat as it had been modified to fit this frame.  

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