Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wednesday 28 November

Wednesday 28 November Report by Dave Clark

We had 16 in today, plus Richard Bates and Ted Ellis from the Maintenance group who were working with Steve Smith installing the new battery charging control systems on the Chocolate and Cream rake.

CK 16195

Given the go-ahead from John Hamer, Tony Shilham secured the capping strip on the right hand side of the door frame at the Barn End/Workshop side. He then added filler to the area complete the dent repair.

By the end of the day, the whole corner was much improved.

Maurice and John Groom top-coated the ceiling sections for SO 4790. They then painted the wooden base supports for the Park end corridor connection gloss black  Later on, with the paint dry, Ken put these in place.

Dave and Eddie prepared the heavy top wood sections for the corridor connectors.

Dave is cutting the channel for the communication cord apparatus in one of the new pieces. The grove can be seen in the old piece in the foreground.

New internal wooden bases are being made for the doors where required. Eddie is just completing the curved channel that runs along the length of the wooden base.

The problem with metal doors is that in time the screws "weld" themselves into the frame and become difficult or impossible to undo This means the panelling has to be levered off, which rips the wood around the screw heads. To avoid this happening in future, wooden inserts around the inside of the frame are secured and the panelling screwed to these instead. Mike attaches the final wooden insert on this door.


Craig then sets about repairing the ripped parts. this is a door pull.
The top part of the window frame needed more major repairs to the ends.
While the main panel simply required some wood filler.

UpholsteryJohn Hill and Penny Dron were busy cutting new pieces of material for one of the second class seats from the CK.

While Dave Dron re-attached the seat spring mesh to the repaired metal base.

The superbly repaired driving compartment seat from the DMU.

SO 4790
Russ made a very good job of carefully priming the two curved roof panels in the new vestibule. Not a drop spilt - well done Russ!

On the two new removable tables, the wooden base pieces for the folding legs were painted in black gloss.

China Clay Wagon

The wagon has suffered a very heavy shut in the past. To realign the buffer Eddie prepared two hardwood wedges to be bring the wonky buffer back into alignment.

Here Ken and Dave Landon remove buffer and lifted it clear of the buffer beam.

The buffer was then carefully refitted with the two wedges in place.
With the buffer tightly rebolted onto the beam. The new wood was then primed, ready for painting in gloss black.

MiscellaneousJohn Hamer had a very busy day, initially resolving some defects that had been reported by our Cleaning Team when working on the Chocolate and Cream rake Monday.

The stuck half-open window on SO 4787 was caused by the lazy tongs jamming when fully depressed - John subsequently fitted a replacement set of tongs and the window now opens and closes correctly.The apparently locked sliding corridor door was found to have dropped, which prevented the fastening mechanism from working properly. SO 4787 is due for a full refurbishment and will be replaced by SO 4790 as soon as it is completed.

John also visited Toddington to do some wheel tyre measurements on the spare rake coaches that were marooned when the Chicken Curve slip occurred. He also viewed some other freight vehicles that had been listed for possible inclusion in next years gala.

The Old Mess RoomBy the end of the day, the roof slates and underlying felt had been removed, and our massive Carriage and Wagon name board had been taken down.

Strange Tea!

Finally, Penny had done a splendid job being our tea lady throughout the day.

However, there was a general complaint that the afternoon tea tasted somewhat strange. It was only when she said that she had used tea bags from the small flat box that we realised what had happened. Cheryl, Penny said she is ever so sorry and promises not to accidentally use your special organic tea bags again!

Cheryl. Just to re-iterate Dave does the photos, Dave does the report :"Strange Tea!"

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