Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wednesday 21 November Flood Day

Wednesday 21 November    Report by Dave Clark

17 turned up today, including Dave Landon who has joined us from the P&O Group. It was quite an initiation for Dave, and a somewhat interesting day for the rest of us to say the least. Despite the incessant rain outside, work continued happily until around about our 1100 break, when water came surging into the Workshop and it was all hands to the wheel to get everything perishable off the floor. It appeared to be 2007 all over again.

During the flood at its high point a number of us, including the Building Services team who were working in our Mess Room, shovelled earth and laid old sleepers to try and stem the worst of the flow.

Inside the Workshop the depth was by now several inches. Obviously we would never stop the flow completely but our efforts outside certainly helped.

Bob Mac wades carefully down the Workshop.

As the rain eased, the levels outside began to subside, helped along by digging out channels and paddling water around the side of the Workshop towards a nearby drain. Derek started sweeping water back out and he was soon joined by the rest of us.

After lunch, the level in the Workshop had dropped considerably and our efforts were rewarded with dry patches beginning to form. It was then a case of sweeping up the inevitable mini-lakes caused by depressions in the Workshop floor.

Thank you everyone for rising to the call, and to the chaps from Building services who supported us.

Dave Landon is interested in working on wagons so he soon got stuck into the Conflat in the Workshop, firstly clearing up all the loose bits around the base of the container with a vacuum cleaner. Then both he and Maurice Norman started wire brushing down the buffer beams, sole bar and underframe.

In the central vestibule of CK 16195, Russ Smith tidied up and vacuumed the floor with the intention of adding more woodstain to one of the walls, in effect continuing with the experiment started last week.

Two of the second class seats from CK 16195 were moved from the Barn into the Upholstery Coach. The first was stripped down to reveal all the underlying springing.

Bob Mac cleared the back cushions from the second of the two Elegant Excursion seats destined for "Marguerite".

These and a number of other activiites were well in progress until the floods came. Following the flood clearance a little work was resumed by the few remaining. 

Building Services began the demolition of our old Mess Room today, removing the ceiling to reveal the sturdy wooden beams and the two dormant wasps nests.

Hard to believe that we were happily enjoying our 1100 break in here last Saturday.

Meanwhile, we now have an excellent lighting system installed today by Steve Long to enable us to lock up our Workshop safely now that the dark winter evenings are upon us. Thank you Steve.

Let's hope the rain stays away for a while, though the prediction is for more to come.

A valient effort well done.  I must remember my wellies in the morning!

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