Thursday, 8 November 2012

Thursday November 8th

The first thing of note as I was walking round the workshop when I arrived was this door.

It is the first of the seven doors from CK16195 already stripped down for a full maintenance overhaul.

Being an aluminium door there will be the problem of removing the steel screws that hold the panelling on.

Today was away for finishing, or trying to finish things on SO4790. I finished the lining out completing the final door and corner, while Pete Lucus (here)

Cheryl Newman and Rod Wells applied the second coat of varnish to as much of the carriage as they could. Everything except the corner I was working on.

Inside Robin was busy touching up the radiator grills. I'm not sure how they got missed but this would have been a lot easier done before the tables were fitted!

Michael Jackson applied a coat of black to the inside of the table store for SO 4790 after completing some sanding of wood trim in the barn. There was no dust allowed in the workshop today due to the varnishing.

Ron Bennett cleaned and reprinted two more table brackets to complete the set for SO4790.

Ken Reeves with much assistance this time completed the removal of the vacuum cylinder in the yard and recovered it to the workshop ready for overhaul.

John Osborn continued the preparation of the new insert sections for the ends of the CK.

The studs for the corridor connection are now in place on the panels and hopefully the panels will be welded into place on Saturday.

During the afternoon I carried out a little more work on the outer end of the CK and John cut the lower replacement panels for that end.

Inside the CK John Hughes and Martin Thornley continued with the sanding of the compartment doors and the panelling.

Bob Mac had a recollection of storing the seats removed from the elegant excursion some years ago.

Having scoured the storage vans around the yard with Dave Clark he resigned himself to stripping down the seat frames that were retrieved last Saturday.

We are still hoping for a spark of inspiration as to where the originals were put. It will be so much better than rebuilding these.

With 20 volunteers signed in in total there was a lot achieved today well done folks.

Inside the carriage 

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