Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thursday - November 29th.

During the day we had a total of 19 volunteers in today. Of course they weren't all there together so it was very much a rolling program of activities, as usual.

Robin was in early action lightly sanding the roof section painted yesterday and applying a second top coat.

There was a large cloud of dust in the air not just from Robin but several others as the order of the day was sanding and filling on CK 16195.

Well it far to cold early on the venture into the barn.

Ben who just happens to be studying car body filling on his course at the moment was getting plenty of practise!

Micheal Jackson, a somewhat older hand at this, was focused on wood trim sanding.

More filling of a number rough spots and rivet heads followed by more sanding! 

While Ken was addressing some dodgy looking capping strip.

John Osborn continued the restoration work on the barn end of the CK by tack welding the replacement vertical panels and positioning the studs for the corridor connection.

Just the final completion of the welds to go.

At the other end of the carriage, I was also sanding and filling along with drilling 6 stud positions for the top corridor connection woods and one replacement stud to secure one of the water tank filler pipes.

Avoiding the dust Jeff was again trying to sort out things in the store room. A valiant effort when the rest of us keep putting thing away in the wrong places.

Pete Lucus did venture out of the way of the dust to paint the curved roof section of the main vestibule on SO 4790.

After lunch and with much of the dust now settled there was a wipe down of the CK sides and a veritable swarm of painters went into action.

This came as something as a surprise to Dave who was well please to find that by the end of the day both sides of the carriage were completed in light grey undercoat.

We didn't do the doors. They have to wait until they have been properly serviced first.

So Saturday it will be back to sanding and filling all the chips and dents that show up much more clearly once the undercoat is on.

and Robin's Chair also had another coat of paint.

What a transformation in one day. (the carriage not the chair although that's looking pretty good as well!)

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Anonymous said...

I'm part of the Broadway team that has been dismantling your building.

Just wanted to say thanks for allowing us to use your RBr at our break times, which gave us the opportunity of meeting some of your team (and warming up a bit!). Many thanks for your hospitality.

And also thanks for the bricks, they will be put to good use at Broadway. You are also welcome to come and visit us on Wednesdays and Saturdays to see how we are getting on.

Also, congratulations on a great blog.