Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thursday - November 22nd

A thankfully uneventful day. So with 14 in attendance we got the usual range of jobs done.

Paul and his team of carriage cleaners took advantage of the main rake being in platform 2 to wash the 'other side' of the rake this morning.

The only attention to SO 4790 in the barn today was me scrapping surplus paint from 2 of the large windows and the associated top windows.

Pete Lucus was the only other brave soul facing a stiff wind blowing into the barn. He was sanding and then painting the conflat wagon.

John Osborn started on the fitting and welding of replacement panels at the barn end of CK 16195.

Then handed over to Ben for him to have some more welding practise filling in the hole John had left (bottom right).

In the corridor Roger decided a sweep and hoover was in order.

However, Cheryl was still sanding all be it further down the carriage. He did collect a lot more dust than she created though.

It was my first visit to the new 'Mess Room' namely the old RBr. Everybody agreed it was a much better place to watch the train from while having lunch. the only problem is they have stopped running train while we are there on Wednesday and Thursday. So we had to make do with watching the scaffolders preparing for the old mess room demolition. 

Malcolm finished painting his air valve protection brackets

and moved on to cleaning the bogie frame.

Robin and Ron were again address the needs of Santa working on his cabin.

Robin started the day working on a chair not sure if that was for Santa as well. I hope not I think Santa may need a larger chair.

Tony was again filling and sanding on CK 16195. This time on the other side.

It did reveal this hole. Being a CK carriage it was originally fitted like 7221 to carry stretchers that would be loaded through the window. The frame for this one has been replaced so we will just have to patch the holes ( one each side of the window and one underneath). The holes were for the external window locks.

That me done now I am dashing of to London for the week-end so the blog for Saturday won't be available until Sunday afternoon.


Becca@Locksmith Adelaide said...

Nice post... well that's not an easy one. To make a restoration of something very big and complicated is like building a new home. But that one can be consider a feat...good job.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Thanks. Some times we need the encouragement. When we finish one there is ALWAYS another right behind to start on. The board have just announced to purchase of 3 more carriages for us to work on! (30/11/2012)