Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thursday November 15th

With 20 volunteers signed in today we were in line to get lots done once we got in past the days deliveries. Mark was busy unloading the steelwork that is the frame of the paint shop. It's just that at present it's about 50 separate pieces.

While this was in full swing a further delivery arrived that also needed unloading.  Mark did a quick change of direction and unloaded that lorry for us as we'll.

Having completed the unloading Mark then moved a set of steps for us so that we can get into the RBr for tea and lunch etc. There are priorities after all. Thanks Mark.

With the mess room being decommissioned on Saturday Paul was busy ensuring the RBr was ready for us to move into. This was some what problematical as the power wouldn't work. I'm not sure of the final outcome but trip switches were being checked.

With SO4790 nearing completion little was done today. The exception being Cheryl completing the external varnishing and me doing a little bit of window cleaning of over painting.

In the workshop Malcolm was completing some protective shields for the air pressure gauges and air line connectors and Ken was busy cleaning up the Elegant Excursion seats.

In the barn there was a very different picture with lots happening all over the place.

The conflat wagon was getting extensive sanding and painting here Pete Lucas is in action. 

The container on the second conflat was the subject of Grenville's paintbrush

and Ben affixing a metal plate to the side.

I gave a coat of grey undercoat to another section CK16195 while John Osborn completed the welding on the inner end of the carriage.  

I ended the day giving it a coat of red oxide.

Once the final six studs are mounted, the positions are already marked, and the wood work is complete we will be ready to remount the corridor connector at this end! 

In side the carriage the compartment doors and a toilet door were the subject of the sanding and  cleaning. 

During the day there was also a lot of shunting to extract a carriage from the most difficult location in the sidings ready for moving to Toddington for collection as it has been sold.

As this required another departing carriage to be moved this was also relocated to a more convenient position as were the spare bogies some of which will be needed when we shunt the carriages next.

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