Sunday, 4 November 2012

Saturday November 3rd

Sorry for the delay. I went to a bonfire party last night. A big celebration which rather continues the them of the week.

Personally I  travelled on the trains during the re opening on Tuesday. However, many members of C&W didn't have the opportunity so took time out for a ride over Chicken Curve today.

So although 14 signed in the work output was lower than usual. There was a lot of  tidying up round the edges especially on SO 4790 which is rapidly approaching body completion. We just have to deal with the bogies out in the barn before the carriage can go into service.

Paint wise, Cheryl applied the second coat to the remaining door and corner section. That is now ready for lining out next week.

Inside Steve completed the panel trimming. There will be some staining and varnishing to do in that area. Then the ceiling and painting there of.

Bob busied himself with cleaning and re varnishing one of. He sliding doors.

Dave was occupied with one of his favourite jobs. Touching up the tiny little runs an smudges that occur and everybody notices! Rather than seeing the overall picture of a complete carriage.

Chris was fitting 2 more of the door liner panels

I was touching up the panel edges and kick boards, then priming the inside of the store box for the removable tables, and top coating the mount blocks for some electrical equipment.

Grenville did a bit more painting on the China Clay Wagon then moved to the container on the second conflat wagon for more sanding and priming.

and Richard applied the lettering. to the China Clay Wagon.

As we suspected when we put the cover on much of the lettering was obscured.

Steve took some time out from SO4790 to drill 2 new corridor connector beams that Eddie had cut in the week.

John Osborn finished preparing the back plates that they will mount onto once John has them welded to the end of the carriage.

John Squires took advantage of the sunshine spilling into the end of the barn to cut a new thread on the emergency vacuum down pipe. Part of it had to be removed to make space for welding a repair patch behind it.

Somewhere in the depths of the yard was Ken, also in the sunshine, doing what Ken loves with a couple BIG spanners. He removed a large selection of brake parts from under an old carriage that will be needed else where. With some of the parts weighing upwards of a hundredweight each he did actually need some assistance. The job completed all except the vacuum cylinder itself both of us left for home with groans and heading for hot baths to easy aching muscles.

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