Sunday, 11 November 2012

Saturday November 10th

Saturday 10th November (or numerically 10/11/12 !)  Report from Dave Clark

Another good attendance, a lot of work done, and thankfully another lovely sunny day!

SO 4790

The day started with Cheryl adding the first coat of varnish to the remaining door and corner at the barn end/wallside of the coach (sorry no picture). A second coat on this section next Thursday will complete all exterior painting. Cheryl then proceeded to add a second coat of varnish to some of the thin top sections of panelling that are awaiting fixing in the vestibules.
Steve attaches another section of varnished top panelling above the sliding compartment doors in the new vestibule.

Later with help from Chris he attached the first of the central sections of ceiling. By the end of the day another section had been installed.

Chris attaches the remaining black-painted kick boards to the bases of the double doors. He also added the final stained and revarnished wooden base to the central wallside door.

Conflat wagon
Grenville continues his work on the container on the second of the two conflats, applying crimson undercoat.

China Clay wagonDuring the morning Phil Salter and Richard began sorting out the lashings for the cover. Dennis is seen continuing the job during nthe afternoon.

Clearing out and sort round

One of the extra jobs recently arising is clearing all the Elegant Excusions spare items from a storage coach in the yard, which has been sold and is due to go soon. With some of the job completed, Richard, Andy and Phil are returning to the barn the heavy metal steps used to access the coach.

CK 16195

John Osborn and Ben continued with the inner end of the coach, welding in the new metal sections with the new embedded bolts that will be used to hold the wooden supports for the corridor connection.

The bodywork preparation continued apace with Phil Jones adding more filler and the base coat of light undercoat grey.

During the morning Eddie Paddon called in to see me to discuss the sanded down interior panelling with respect to staining and varnishing.

It appears as though BR may have added a coloured varnish, which in places could be literally scraped away with my fingernail! As a result he suggested that I treated two small areas in the central vestibule as a test - one using coloured varnish (mahogany) to see how this looked; the other with paint stripper to see if removal of the remaining old varnish using that would be quicker. He will view the results next Wednesday and we will then proceed accordingly.

The Elf Cabin on Platform 1

With Santa Specials soon to be running, C&W staff were again helping out with repainting the Elf Cabin, with Bob Keyte continuing the good work done by Ron Woodruff and Robin Moore on Thursday.

The Mess Room countdown begins

With the mandatory buildings asbestos check completed and the "all clear" given, preparations for the demolition of the Mess Room are now in place, with electrical and phone line disconnection scheduled for the week of 19th November.

As such we will be clearing everything out during this coming week, with next Saturday being the first day in our new temporary mess room , RBR 1675 in the adjacent siding. Once the Mess room has been demolished, work on the new Paint Shop building will begin.

And finally

The lovely sight of a train arriving from Toddington still has enormous appeal, especially on such a fine day It was well filled too! The DMU and Bubble Car, above the line of the sole bar, now also come under C&W care.

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