Thursday, 8 November 2012

Photo Comp

Overall winner. John Burrows of Worcester with this supurb shot of Black Prince at Toddington.

Category one. The best photo of the Gloucester and Warwickshire railway.

Winner. Jeffery Loames of Hartley

Second. prize Dave Dron of Tewkesbury.
Third prize. Dave Dron of Tewkesbury.


Category Two. Best photo of any Heritage Railway.

First prize.   “Norton Manor”
by Eden J Tanner of Ledbury
Second prize.  John Burrows of Worcester
Third prize.  Mrs S Smith of Cheltenham


Category Three.  best photo of a Railway scene not containing a train.

First prize.  “The fat controller”
by Jeffery Loames of Worcester.
Second prize.  Jim Clarke of Emsworth Hant’s
Third prize.  John Burrows of Worcester.

Category Four. 

Best Photo of a steam Loco not on an Heritage Railway.

First prize. “Norton Junction”
 by John Burrows of Worcester
Second Prize.  Eden J Tanner. of Ledbury.
Third prize.  Rosemary Philips. of Teddington.


Catorgory Five.  Best photo of a mainline diesel not on a Heritage railway
First prize. “Hereford Station”
by Eden J Tanner. of Ledbury.

Second Prize.  Treflyn Lloyd Roberts. of Reading.
Third prize.  Richard Giles of Charlton Kings.

Category Six Under 16s any category.

First prize.  “Toddington Station”
by Richard M Giles. of Charton Kings

Second prize.  MIles Clarke of  Brockworth.
Third prize.  Daniel Harding. of Dursley.

Well done to all those mentioned above.

All picture are copyright reserved and may not be reproduced without permission.


P. Dron said...

Any chance we can see the 2nd and 3rd winners?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I have not been given the other pictures to publish. I don't think thy are on th main web site. I'll ask

Anonymous said...

How come the cat 3 picture (no train) does contain part of a train?