Friday, 30 November 2012

Exciting times and MORE WORK

I have just received a news briefing from the Board.

I was aware of the proposal to buy two more open carriages, that proposal we were aware of in C&W.

However, the Board's news release details the purchase of three! The two above are being purchased for the railway by the trust. The third is being purchased by the board from the sale of other caching stock the no longer matches our needs.

I will include pictures of the carriages ASAP.

Before pictures that is, how long you will have to wait to see the after shots we shall have to see.

We have a lot of work lining up to pass through the workshop and the new paintshop.


No sooner had I posted the above than Rod Wells came up with this photo of TSO 4440 the third carriage. It was taken some years ago but is we think still a pretty good representation of the carriage.
So lots of work for us. It's not a quick paint job. Thanks Rod.

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