Wednesday, 14 November 2012

C&W issues from the past.

Being a relatively new member of the railway I am not particularly aware of things that happened in the past. So I have been gradually collecting old copies of 'The Cornishman'.

In the summer 2007 issue I have come across two articles relating to current C&W activity.

The first item was related to carriage maintenance and started

'The gang was formed around 1997 when service coaches were suffering from an increasing number of problems. If defects built up too much a coach either had to go out of service or struggle on in a sorry state. For example, one coach SO 4790 ran for several years without working toilets.

We are about to return the said coach to opporational use after its restoration and conversion to a disabled facilities carriage. To create the entrance vestibule, yep, we have removed the toilets altogether! So nothing new then.

The second article was a report that the board had approved the aquisition of 5 Mk2 carriages. I don't know what happened to that proposal. I haven't seen any Mk2 carriages around.

However, if you have seen the recent volunteers update the trust board has just agreed the purchase of 2 more Mk1 TSO carriages. Lets hope they arrive and soon so that we can get them ready for next years gala.

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Ken said...

"We are about to return the said coach to operational use after its restoration."

Flush with success.

"Let's hope they arrive and soon..."

Your words, not mine. I've been appraised of what needs doing to them.