Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tuesday October 30th re opening day

It may be the day that chicken curve reopened but Dave busy meeting a building inspector about demolishing the C&W mess room ready for the paint shop.

That done he set about doing some more work on the final bit of painting on SO4790. The last door.

He did of course take some time out to watch the first steam train over Chicken Curve.

The DMU waiting for the second steam run of the day before returning to Toddington via Laverton for its run to Cheltenham.

And the multiple DMU snakes it's way out of Winchcombe Platform 2.

This has me leaning out of the window

taking a picture of Dave taking a picture of me!

The inaugural steam train was packed with enthusiastic supporters.

C&W members can be rightly proud of the main rake in use for today's run
as can the staff of OTC for the constant supply of Bacon Butties tea and coffee.
An all round yummy day.

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