Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Thursday October 24th

Thanks to Russ for the picture
With family visiting on Thursday I took the opportunity of a quiet Wednesday to get ahead with some preparation work for welding on the inner end of CK16195 in the barn.

However, I was greeted with an urgent request for two seals for steam hoses. A search of the storage container revealed a supply of all the other seals but not the ones we wanted. So two were removed from some spare parts. We will need to get some new ones in with the winter coming.

Returning to the prep work I located the old wooden corridor connector panels. I found some suitable bolts adjusted the hole alignments and temporarily fitted the panels. At the same time I marked up the position of some new studs that will need fitting while the welding is being done. I also lined up the first of the panels and fitted a bolt in the first stud position. So things are ready for some welding.

While mentioning welding, Pete Fisher was in and cutting out the strips to be welded in at the other end.

In the workshop the final door panels were being fitted with Ralph, Derrick and Mike all dealing with different doors.

Eddie was busy making a box for storing the removable dining tables for the disabled area.

However, we did have to take a trip to one of the storage wagons to collect some additional sections of wood planking for other jobs.

We need some some more new end sections for CK16195 and the 8F needs some new driver seats.

Seat is a rather grand description of the two slabs of wood that were cut by Eddie and Maurice. Perhaps when the shaping has been completed they will look a bit more comfortable but they will still be hard!

Late in the morning we had a call from the train, via the booking office, they had an empty gas cylinder and could we change it for,them when the train got back to Winchcombe. I duly meet the train, changed the cylinder and got sucked in by the glorious aroma coming from the RBr. Yep It was bacon butty time!

While I was waiting for the train to arrive I had a chat with a waiting passenger. Great praise was heaped on all at the railway and the C&W department. It is always nice to hear it direct from the passengers.

Russ was busy, besides taking the picture of me above, he finished the day varnishing the barn end of SO 4790.

The China Clay Wagon got a good deal of attention with Grenville and others fitting the securing hooks for the cover.

The opening end flap was the subject of considerable attention to ensure it closed and opened effectively without sticking.

and ensuring all the other fittings were back in place as well.

I ended the day showing some visitors round. Where is Dave when you need him. Only a small but gallent band of 11 in today but alot of detailed work got done.

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Anonymous said...

What an excellent blog! It's great to hear of all the excellent work you are doing, mostly "behind the scenes"

As a volunteer on another part of the railway, you sometimes forget about the efforts of other departments, and this is an excellent reminder.

Keep up your brilliant work,

Terry (Broadway volunteer)