Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday October 29th Carriage Cleaning

A special report from Roger Bush.

Monday 29th October
As tomorrow is Chicken Curve re-opening day with special invited guests, team leader John McMillan offered us “an unrivalled opportunity to give them sparkling carriages to ride in”.  How could we refuse! We assembled at Winchcombe and almost everyone is in the attached photo – Philip Moore, John McMillan, Anne McMillan, Kath Bush, Roger Bush, Charlie Grimm, Lawrence Townson and Mike Yeo.  Evelyn and John Tucker appeared very shortly afterwards.  10 for Carriage Cleaning!


This was the size of the “opportunity”, all upholstery to be swept, tables and windows cleaned, floors to be swept and then mopped.  And outside to be cleaned as well – the rake was in platform 2 to enable the Malvern side to be cleaned as it will be the first side visitors see tomorrow and as the rake has normally been stabled in platform 1 that is the clean side at the moment!

Here is Philip Moore with his speciality

Phil I think you have been 'tap cast'

And inside Lawrence had come all the way from Kent to lend a hand


Whilst outside the team set to as well

All was accomplished to enable 7903 FOREMARKE HALL and the prairie 5542 to work the 12:30 ECS to Toddington ready for the great day.  The upside of all the hard work was the chance to take some photos:-

7903 on steam test

7903 and 5542 prepare to haul the train

As guard Claudette Oddy (Hiding behind the left hand lamp post) waves it away and Kath Bush clears away the last of the cleaning kit

On it’s way

And finally, steam over Chicken Curve!

Pictures by Philip Moore and Roger Bush

Thanks to Roger and Philip for the great report and great pictures.

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Dave Clark said...

It's great to see our Cleaning Team featured. A really excellent report.
Thank you Roger and Phillip.