Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tuesday October 30th re opening day

It may be the day that chicken curve reopened but Dave busy meeting a building inspector about demolishing the C&W mess room ready for the paint shop.

That done he set about doing some more work on the final bit of painting on SO4790. The last door.

He did of course take some time out to watch the first steam train over Chicken Curve.

The DMU waiting for the second steam run of the day before returning to Toddington via Laverton for its run to Cheltenham.

And the multiple DMU snakes it's way out of Winchcombe Platform 2.

This has me leaning out of the window

taking a picture of Dave taking a picture of me!

The inaugural steam train was packed with enthusiastic supporters.

C&W members can be rightly proud of the main rake in use for today's run
as can the staff of OTC for the constant supply of Bacon Butties tea and coffee.
An all round yummy day.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday October 29th Carriage Cleaning

A special report from Roger Bush.

Monday 29th October
As tomorrow is Chicken Curve re-opening day with special invited guests, team leader John McMillan offered us “an unrivalled opportunity to give them sparkling carriages to ride in”.  How could we refuse! We assembled at Winchcombe and almost everyone is in the attached photo – Philip Moore, John McMillan, Anne McMillan, Kath Bush, Roger Bush, Charlie Grimm, Lawrence Townson and Mike Yeo.  Evelyn and John Tucker appeared very shortly afterwards.  10 for Carriage Cleaning!


This was the size of the “opportunity”, all upholstery to be swept, tables and windows cleaned, floors to be swept and then mopped.  And outside to be cleaned as well – the rake was in platform 2 to enable the Malvern side to be cleaned as it will be the first side visitors see tomorrow and as the rake has normally been stabled in platform 1 that is the clean side at the moment!

Here is Philip Moore with his speciality

Phil I think you have been 'tap cast'

And inside Lawrence had come all the way from Kent to lend a hand


Whilst outside the team set to as well

All was accomplished to enable 7903 FOREMARKE HALL and the prairie 5542 to work the 12:30 ECS to Toddington ready for the great day.  The upside of all the hard work was the chance to take some photos:-

7903 on steam test

7903 and 5542 prepare to haul the train

As guard Claudette Oddy (Hiding behind the left hand lamp post) waves it away and Kath Bush clears away the last of the cleaning kit

On it’s way

And finally, steam over Chicken Curve!

Pictures by Philip Moore and Roger Bush

Thanks to Roger and Philip for the great report and great pictures.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Saturday October 27th

I didn't get in until lunch time today so missed Nicky Taylor's presentation of her prize-winning school project, a bird feeder to C&W to hang outside the new Paintshop building. (When it gets built).

Ken Reeves  replaced the top section of formica above the recently removed window in CK 16195.

John Hamer checked which of the many screw holes would be used to re fit the frame and filled the rest with a chemical metal. Later in the day I cleaned up the frame ready for the refitting.

During to afternoon the two conflat wagons were moved to the workshop sidings to get the 8F in the shed prior to the special Ambassadorial run tomorrow.

While the shunt was being completed we took the opportunity to carry out a steam test on the CK.

This was successful in that it helped locate the two steam leaks.

Now we have to mend the leaks!

On SO 4790 With the top coating completed on the wall side double doors and corner panel, Cheryl applied the impact tape prior to painting the initial stripes on the top and bottom lines.


At the other end of the coach, Martin Jauch carried on with the filling,
sanding and greying-up work on the remaining door and corner. 

By the end of the morning this somewhat battered door was looking a lot better. A little more filler, and the line positions can then be taped up and undercoat applied.

In the middle Dave carried on the task of removing the paint from the windows.

The China Clay wagon was again the target of Grenville Care. He spent most of the day applying more top coat Freight Brown (bauxite) and adding white paint to the various handles and other features on the wagon. 

Ken Reeves, Andy Thompson, Richard Johnson and Bob Mac worked on fitting cleaning and preparing steam and vacuum pipes. 

A small group rode the last train of the day the CRC to evaluate reports of  'Flats' on some wheels in the running rake. The results was that three were identified but none were deemed serious. they will no doubt be the subject of a further check next week anyway.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Thursday October 25th

Thursday 25 October  Report by Dave Clark

We had a very good number in today, including Nicky on a half-term break from her college engineering course.

SO 4790

As always when she is in, Cheryl was first to start work and it was good to see the wallside double doors and corner panel receive their second top coat. Bar the lining out in this section (which I will do when I am in on Tuesday 30th), this just leaves the door and corner panel at the opposite end to paint up.

At the opposite end, Pete Lucas continues the process of sanding, filling and greying-up to get this door and corner into a fit state for taping-up and undercoating.

On the opposite side Jeff Brodrick paints up the thin edge of panelling that sits just in front of the masked-off rubber frame seal on the centre door. This new section of internal panelling had been added by Steve Barnfield after the main door frame had been painted.

Jeff later resumed the window clean-up job on the wallside.

Robin Moore did a number of jobs on 4790, including painting in gloss brown the two heating covers in the central vestibule, tidying up any varnishing that had been scratched, and adding further gloss black to some of the recently added kick boards inside the new vestibule.

In the picture he is adding further paint to the kickboards that await fitting - another future Paintshop job! Michael Jackson also spent some time in the Barn end vestibule adding further stain and varnish to the panelling where required.

With hardly any dusty jobs being done during the day and no need for the workshop heater, it was an ideal opportunity to get on with adding the first coat of varnish to the workshop side of the coach. Rod Wells and Bob Keyte started the job, with Pete Lucas later joining them.

By the end of the day this side, and approximately 2/3rds of the wallside, had been completed. Ideally we want to add a second coating of varnish before the coach goes out.


China Clay wagon

Ron Bennett and Ken Reeves continue the work to sort out the vacuum cylinder.

CK 16195

Nicky Taylor spent a lot of the day putting back all the cleaned-up and revarnished wooden framing for the internal windows in the first class compartments.

A fiddly job, but it would have been difficult to have tidied these up if they had been left in situ, being both next to the glass and abutting the seat backs.

Sorry, no pictures, but also in the first class section Roger Wicker reinstated the cleaned-up 
and revarnished wooden strips that run along the tops of the seat backs, while some further strips from the second class section were taken back to the varnishing table for Michael Jackson to work on. In the second class section John Hughes was well on the way to completing the ceiling repainting. 

Further black high-build roof paint was added by Malcolm Dickson. Completion of roof painting on the CK cannot be far off now. (Oh yes it is this is only the start of the second coat theres is at least another 5 litres to gop on yet!)

Back in the workshop, John Osborn and Ben Carroll prepared a new section of panelling to replace the corroded corner for the window that was removed by John Hamer. Meanwhile John Hamer was busy cleaning up the extracted window frame.

Later on Ben went round many of the edges of the various window frames painting any bare metal with oxide.These sections will now be ready for filling.

Other Work

Once again, sorry no pictures, but Ron Woodruff finished off the job of tidying up the roof of the Santa's Grotto coach in the bay next to Platform 1. He had also done some painting on the Elf Cabin on Platform 1.

A lovely postscript to last week's school visit

Late in the morning Phil Cummings, the station master for the day, called me on the internal phone. The station master's office had just received a package from Winchcombe Abbey Primary School, the top class of whom had visited the railway the previous week. Inside was a card, in which each of the pupils had drawn a picture of themself with a signature, and a large folder containing an individual write-up from each pupil describing their day, what they had enjoyed and a drawing of the train. It was a really delightful way of saying "Thank You".

Phil, Cheryl and I were extremely impressed by their thoughtfullness and all the work that must have gone into producing both items.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Thursday October 24th

Thanks to Russ for the picture
With family visiting on Thursday I took the opportunity of a quiet Wednesday to get ahead with some preparation work for welding on the inner end of CK16195 in the barn.

However, I was greeted with an urgent request for two seals for steam hoses. A search of the storage container revealed a supply of all the other seals but not the ones we wanted. So two were removed from some spare parts. We will need to get some new ones in with the winter coming.

Returning to the prep work I located the old wooden corridor connector panels. I found some suitable bolts adjusted the hole alignments and temporarily fitted the panels. At the same time I marked up the position of some new studs that will need fitting while the welding is being done. I also lined up the first of the panels and fitted a bolt in the first stud position. So things are ready for some welding.

While mentioning welding, Pete Fisher was in and cutting out the strips to be welded in at the other end.

In the workshop the final door panels were being fitted with Ralph, Derrick and Mike all dealing with different doors.

Eddie was busy making a box for storing the removable dining tables for the disabled area.

However, we did have to take a trip to one of the storage wagons to collect some additional sections of wood planking for other jobs.

We need some some more new end sections for CK16195 and the 8F needs some new driver seats.

Seat is a rather grand description of the two slabs of wood that were cut by Eddie and Maurice. Perhaps when the shaping has been completed they will look a bit more comfortable but they will still be hard!

Late in the morning we had a call from the train, via the booking office, they had an empty gas cylinder and could we change it for,them when the train got back to Winchcombe. I duly meet the train, changed the cylinder and got sucked in by the glorious aroma coming from the RBr. Yep It was bacon butty time!

While I was waiting for the train to arrive I had a chat with a waiting passenger. Great praise was heaped on all at the railway and the C&W department. It is always nice to hear it direct from the passengers.

Russ was busy, besides taking the picture of me above, he finished the day varnishing the barn end of SO 4790.

The China Clay Wagon got a good deal of attention with Grenville and others fitting the securing hooks for the cover.

The opening end flap was the subject of considerable attention to ensure it closed and opened effectively without sticking.

and ensuring all the other fittings were back in place as well.

I ended the day showing some visitors round. Where is Dave when you need him. Only a small but gallent band of 11 in today but alot of detailed work got done.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Another Birthday

As Eddie Paddon celebrated his seventieth birthday several C&W folk shared with family and other friends at a party. Eddie received the planter in the form of a GWR 14xx auto tank and wagon.

Even the cakes had an engine theme.
Happy Birthday Eddie.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Escapees Escapade

A group of 6 from C&W took a steam trip from Birmingham through the Golden Valley via Swindon and Didcot to Oxford on the 'The Cotswold Explorer'.

Report by Dave Clark

Once again Vintage Trains, "The Earl of Mount Edgcumbe", drivers Ray Poole and Ray Churchill, and Suzanne and her hard-working waitresses, gave six of us another superb day out.

Initially the day was slightly marred by persistent mist and hence coach windows that just refused to clear properly.

Only slightly marred' they were more focused on the breakfast than the scenery.

However by the time we were nearing Swindon, the mist cleared to allow a gorgeous autumn day. With two of the best steam drivers on the national network we were assured some superb running, and bar several hold-ups, that is exactly what we got.

The climb to Stroud, into the Golden Valley, and on up Sapperton Bank, was stirring to say the least. Once clear of the two Sapperton tunnels, the decent to Swindon, and then on to Didcot

How much longer these will remain is doubtful as the power station is due to close next year.

and our stop at Oxford no doubt had us at times hitting the 75 mph maximum allowed for steam. We had about 3 hours in Oxford to enable us to explore some of the parts made famous by the very popular Morse and Lewis crime series.

Indeed the first pub we visited, and some of the streets, were instantly recognisable.

At the famous Turf Inn with Dave Hancox, Malcolm Dickson, Paul Wood, Phil Salter and Phil Jones enjoying a drink.

Dave Clark took the picture so this isn't the famous five. with the empties already lined up its more like the second round six.

Our return to Tyseley was via the Cotswold line, (where we Consumed more food!)

and spotted Robin Moore (from our Thursday group) filming the train as it passed through Ascott-Under-Wychwood. Despite the delays we arrived back at Tyseley on time.

and with Paul on the trip all the rest of us got was Thursday's left over doughnuts with our tea.

Here are some links to videos of the trip.

Beginning the climb up the Golden Valley from Stroud

Storming Sapperton Bank in the mist.

Leaving Oxford

Arriving at Moreton-in-Marsh

Videos By Mark Appleby, Liam Hutchison, Steve Cottle, anorak211