Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday September 29th

With 15 turning out today it was action in all areas. Well almost. We didn't visit the model railway carriage today. However, we did achieve great progress on SO 4790. Cheryl had a quick lesson in the art of staining wood panelling from Eddie.

She then spent the morning staining half the panelling in the main vestibule of the carriage.

Steve Barnfield started the day installing more panelling and trim in the barn end of 4790.

He finished the day back in the main vestibule refitting the sliding doors, they had to be removed for the lino to be fitted.

Phil Jones  was engaged in refitting the external handles while I fitted the top hinge of the door '1W' on the wall side barn end of the carriage.

Together we then lifted the door back into position ready for the door team on Wednesday.

The china clay wagon now in the workshop came in for a lot of attention. Derek Clark started cutting out the rotten planking and during the afternoon I gave him some assistance.

Several bolts had to be cut out but the main problem is that the wood has to be cut behind the vertical metal bar. In the end we managed to slide the wood sideways far enough to cut it then push it back into position.

Underneath, Ken Reeves and Alan Thompson removed the vacuum cylinder. After stripping it down it needed considerable cleaning.

It had a lot of china clay dust inside it. As I left Richard Johnson was testing the refurbished cylinder.

 Phil Salter was attending to the axle boxes, stripping them down cleaning and refurbishing them.

While on the 5 plank wagon now almost complete in the barn Richard Johnson affixed the memento plaque.

The Plaque in place.

we took a little longer this time.

On CK 16195. It was story of the two ends ,John Osborn was welding in another new end plate.

At the other with the assistance of the loco guys we removed the corridor connector.

I then stripped off the two spacer plates ready for repair. They will both need about 3 inches replaced on the bottom end where it has rusted away.

In the middle of the carriage Ben was testing the door tool he had made to a Ken Reeves design. This tool is to assist with the sliding doors which can occasionally derail. Here Ben is making the tool.

Till now we had to dismantle a large part of the door and rail to remount it. No longer. Well done both.

On top of the carriage John Squires was struggling with the water feeder pipes to the water tank. They are connect via a large boss on the roof.

Unfortunately when they were connected about 50 years ago they were cross threaded and roughly sealed by mastic.

As the pipes needed replacing John has made new pipes but getting the threads sorted out was proving difficult.

It was also a day for lots of visitors. Two taking the day off, Chris Taylor with his Dad and, perhaps unrecognisable, Nikki

Another group pop round between trains.

and I never did find out what Paul was doing with the lino off cut.

and the shock of the day has to be Bob Keyte sanding some wood trim thus creating lots of dust in the workshop intead of complaining about everybody else doing it.

During the morning there was also a meeting to finalise the basic layout of the new workshops. Detailed internal layouts  for each of the areas will be dealt with shortly but the fabrication can now begin.

So a day of massive progress well done everybody!!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Thursday September 28th.

Report from Dave Clark

Just 9 in today, and only one heavy rain shower which kept me in the Model Railway coach in the Bay platform a bit longer than intended. Like we believe that Dave! 

The reward however was the lovely sight of the gleaming 8F with the Maroon rake slowly pulling into Platform 1. It's nice to see the less-used Maroon rake in action. This will be a more regular sight when next year's timetable comes into being and we have two steam trains running on the Red days and other special events. That's if you can get your head round the rather complex timetable. Check out the 2013 Timetables.

SO 4790

With the screeding put down on Wednesday, Bob Web and his mate were back to lay the new lino. The blue was for the new wheelchair area, while the grey is used regularly for our coach vestibules.

The completed laying, with the lovely Royal Blue marking out the wheelchair area. The adjacent lino in the gangway and used throughout both compartments is actually a deep blue - it just needs a good clean!

Paul will be doing that later and then applying a clear coating - it will then be really gleaming and ready for service.



As sometimes happens, it is only during painting or even when removing masking tape, that an underlying bubble or weak point in old filler makes itself known.

In this case it was the latter where it abutted the capping strip.

So, step by step, the weak area was removed, reprimed and refilled, very carefully sanded, and as can be seen here, re-undercoated. Ces't la vie!

Pete Lucas, and Rod Wells on the opposite side, continued the lengthy process of lining out. As it's the upper line, Pete is able to make use of the gutter to hold the roles of low impact tape as he carefully applies it to enable the black section to be painted. The yellow section had been applied last week.

Although more expensive, impact tape bonds more tightly and thus enables a sharper line - it is however vicious stuff if left too long on newish paint!

Other work on 4790 during the day included Ben and I cleaning up and painting in gloss black the buffers and surrounding area at the Barn end of 4790. The new wooden steps at this end were also given a second coat of black paint.

China Clay Wagon

Ken Reeves did a very good job of removing the brake gear on the wallside of the wagon, which will enable the vacuum cylinder to be removed and overhauled this weekend. He is shown battling a reluctant bolt, but thankfully his persistence won in the end.


New track covers

Ben Carroll did a very useful job in making two plate covers to go over the tracks in the workshop.

We usually use strips of wood to go into the grooves, but these are often not so good when attempting to move something very heavy, such as the small-wheeled lifting gear with a heavy vacuum cylinder suspended.     

The new plates, with square tubes cut and welded underneath to fit the grooves, will provide a much smoother passage. Ben later painted them in bright yellow - the black stripes will be added later.


Model Railway TPO in the Bay Platform

Pic 4 - Work to repair the water damaged internal sections of this vehicle continued, and took up much of the day for Robin Moore and Ron Woodruff. Here Robin is offering up one of the new window frame sections made by our woodworking team.


CK 16195

Sorry no pictures, but John Osborn continued with his metal working on the workshop end of this vehicle. The corridor connection at the other end may be removed this weekend.

Chicken Curve ramble

With the news that the Class 73 and ballast train had traversed the new track at Chicken Curve, after lunch we just had to go up and see for ourselves.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

One Year of the Blog

Yes it really is one year since I wrote the first Blog!

In that time I have published over 2000 pictures on 178 individual posts.

And they have been viewed over 53,500 times. 

That's well over 1,000 hits per week.

Thank you for your support, your interest and the encouragement that gives the team.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday September 26th

As so many of us there are times when we have to reorganise our schedule. Thus it was that today I joined 5 others at Winchcombe.

Even there our plans were rapidly changed.

Mike Blakeman was intending to make major progress on door 1W, the wallside barn end door.

However, having drilled the holes for the first hinge and as we prepared to position it, two contractors arrived to skimming the vestibule floor for new Lino.

They started work in the very doorway to the vestibule area where we needed to work. This prevented any further work on the door for most of the day as we had to ensure that it could dry and set undisturbed.

We had an emergency call from the operational train as they had lost all means of heating water on board. An investigation by Raph Pickstone and myself when the train arrived back at Winchcombe revealed the gas for the generator had run out.
Having found a new cylinder and the key to the gas cage, this took quite a while, we changed the cylinder in a couple of minutes and all was well.
Eddie Paddon requested some assistance with locating some wood section from the storage vans. So I spent a good deal of time rummaging it vans up the yard.
We recovered some wood strips for panelling the sliding doors, these are now on the pile of bits for sanding and varnishing, we were missing 2 of the 5 pieces and a wood panel for the entrance door.
I did fit the rest of the pieces and the panel so some progress.

Eddie himself was busy working his way down a list of sections required by Steve on Saturday to continue the trimming of SO4790. When I last checked he was on the last item of about 6.

Ralph Pickstone was was working on the double doors wall side and dealing with the finger rail for closing the door. This needed a LITTLE glue we could only find a large pot!

While Derrick O'Brien worked on the inside door panel for the doors on the workshop side. Here having to chisel out a small section to get the fit right.

Mid afternoon we had two groups of visitors round the workshop and Derrick did the honours of the guided tour.

Late in the day we did arrive at an acceptable method for mounting door 1W and managed to position  the first hinge and made some progress with the top hinge.

So all in all quite a lot of progress was made on a lot of areas.

With alot of prep work ready for Saturday.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Saturday September 22nd

Despite it being a Thomas weekend when many of C&W are busy volunteering elsewhere on the railway there were still 15 turned out for duty today. It was a very varied day with a bit of everything.

We started with a plea for a vacuum seal of the troublesome trucks guards van. Easily dealt with after a delve into the stores.

Then it was down to work. Ken Reeve was again working on the wagons also dealing with the vacuum system.

Grenville was busy painting the five plank covered wagon, ok it hasn't go a cover at the moment but that is being investigated. There are some sections of the planking to be replaced and while Eddie was in he assessed what needed to be replaced the affected bolts were then duly removed.

Part of the way through this work we carried out a quick shunt swapping the two wagons over for some additional work on covered wagon.

 The other wagon pictured during the shunt. it was also an opportunity to test the vacuum brakes fitted to the wagon.

was also getting some attention with the lettering being applied by Richard prior to a sealing coat of varnish by Dave prior to his going home.

CK 16195 was the focus of most of my day was I completed the first coat of Roof paint. The end being reached at almost the same moment the 5 ltr can of high build paint ran out. Well there is a  spoonfuls of paint left but that is effectively 7.5 litres for one coat.

John Osborn continued to patch and repair the workshop end after Ken removed all the flammable insulation.

On SO4790 John Squires got to grips with the replacement of rusted pipe work in the vacuum system. Taking the opportunity to give Ben a lesson in the operation of the big pipe threader. 

Then the fitting of the pipe.

Steve Barnfield has now switched vestibules on 4790 fitting the floor and then doing a major part of the panelling at the barn end.  

John Hill was also enjoying a change repairing one of the DMU drivers seats.

Well not only is change as good as rest.

We also get to see just how much the seat clothes can fade!

John has actually used a different clother to recover the seat but here is old cover with amatching peice of new.

Of corse there were other distractions not always available.

A stretch routemaster


and Thomas with the troublesome trucks.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Thursday September 20th

This was a focused day. It was long and drawn out. In other words the focus was 'lining out' for SO 4790.

Each chocolate and cream carriage has 8 lines, 4 each side, they are up to half an inch wide and over 60 feet long.

When you look at a carriage you don't particularly notice the lines, unless they are not there then you notice! you also don't notice if they are straight, ONLY if they are not.

Today we had a squad dealing with the lines. There was Martin Jaunch wall side.

There was Rod Wells at the barn end workshop side.

There was Peter Lucus at the station end workshop side.

Don't panic though we have a new batch of tape hence the bright green. We really haven't gone mad and painted green strips. it would be different though.

Also unknown to me, until later, Ben Carroll was assisting wall side.

Dave was run off  his feet today with a string of visitors from as far a field as Cornwall and Lincolnshire and also possible volunteers. We would have had a picture of 'Toddington Ted' on his visit but having only just returned from holiday I forgot to charge my phone so had very little charge thus very few pictures today. Sorry. Next time you visit Ted.

There was also a group visit after lunch to see the progress on Chicken Curve. The work done recently is very impressive. Let's hope the members of P'Way and the loco lads in today managed to successfully service the ballast wagons ready for the week end.

On CK16195 Malcolm and I completed the painting of the first coat of the centre section of the roof  with the newly arrived supply of high build roof paint.

We should get the whole roof finished, first coat, on Saturday.

Dave Hancox was continuing the sanding outside

Inside Roger Wicker recommenced the interior ceiling sanding and painting after the recent diversion to,the maroon rake.

While on the workshop end John Osborn was fitting another patch repair to the outer skin. We will have to remove the insulation from the end before he can do any more otherwise he will set it on fire and we don't want that!

On the wagons Ken was investigating the removal of one of the buffers for an overhaul and some work to the buffer beam.