Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday August 8th

Thanks to Russ Smith for todays report and pictures.

Grenville Care, does a remarkable amount of work for C&W.

He has resoted the sturdy metal mobile staircase, designed by Derrick O'Brien, this was specially made for our railway some years ago. Grenville had painted it ready for use in the forthcoming C&W Open Weekend, and it certainly looks a great deal smarter. I hasten to add that he didn't use that huge paintbrush he is shown holding to paint it!!  

The air filter unit that has been prepared and painted by him was finished off today. (see prevoius blogs)

He then went on to re-paint one side of the EX-GWR Gunpowder Van.

  Derrick O'Brien, is another of the stalwerts who provides a remarkable amount of work for C&W. Here, cutting and filing a piece of aluminium to serve as a capping for the step to the double door entrance of 4790.  After drilling several holes in the aluminium this was then screwed into the wooden floor.

Ralph Pickstone provides invaluable assistance to the door team, and is seen here securing the capping strip to door 5WB of SO 4790.

Steve Smith concentrated, amongst other things, on securing an electrical box to the frame of the carriage for use in connection with the charging system.
Associated with this the mobile jack that supports that side of the frame of the carriage had to be moved about half a metre to allow Steve to gain better access to where the electrical box was installed.
The jack is there to stop the vehicle from rocking whilst it is being worked on, perhaps by several people moving about inside it at the same time.
Preparations for the forthcoming Open Week-end continue inside the upholstery carriage. John Randall is shown with John Hill and Dave Dron preparing a 1st class seat which will form part of their exhibition.
When he wasn't helping the others doing that Dave was busy removing cotton wool padding which had been stapled to a piece of plywood forming a side to a seat.
Meanwhile, John Groom continued to remove old varnish from various pieces of wood from the interior of carriages.     

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