Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wednesday August 22nd

I, along with 13 others, signed in today and of course was greeted with the expected 'it's not Thursday' comments. As I am attending a funeral Thursday and was free today I took the opportunity for a change.

The first and obvious difference was nothing to do with the day. The garden siding was cleared on Monday ready for the work on the paint shop to begin.

Having moved the goods vans and carriage that were there to the other side of the yard we needed to add a warning notice to ensure nobody opened the wrong side of the vans in future. Were they to do so it would result in them being buried in a heap of what ever it is we have stored in the vans currently.

Maurice sorted out a couple of wooden panels and duly painted a warning on them.

After a coat of protective varnish and some drying time,  I fixed them in place just before leaving.

Wednesday is the day most of the wood work is done. You can see why nothing else much gets done when the clouds of dust ascend as Eddie Paddon sets about cutting up one of the large hardwood timbers assisted by Maurice.

Craig Dyer was busy on window mechanisms while here Derrick O'Brien dealt with a number of wooden door panels and trimming.

Having completed a couple of jobs first thing, I settled down to assist Ralph Pickstone on progressing the outstanding doors of SO 4790. We first sorted out bolts on the wall side barn end. Ralph and Peter Fisher had earlier done some work on the captive nuts.

Having sorted the bolts we left Mike Blakeman to complete the liner fitting.

At the other end of the carriage we removed the panelling of the right hand door for Russ Smith to stain.

Russ had earlier painted the external side of the wooden liner to the corridor connector.

Having carefully measured up and marked the carriage side we then removed the left hand door and trimmed the side panel back to create enough Clarence for a capping strip to be fitted.

We left the door off ready for Chris to fit the post liner for the door. We did take the opportunity to identify a suitable capping strip ready for refitting the door.

It was good to get the work going again after a very successful open week end.

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