Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday August 1st.

Report from Russ Smith. 

Thanks Russ for some great pictures.

SO 4790

Peter Fisher welded the supporting brackets for the foot boards onto the frame of the disabled carriage.

Peter had also welded new metal to form the bases of the pillars at the workshop end of    CK 16195. He did the first two on Saturday and another today.

Chris Taylor made a very welcome appearance today.

He worked on shaping the wooden insert for the door pillar shown in the 1st picture above.

Mike Blakeman also worked on an insert for a door pillar.

Russ Smith painted the newly-welded supporting brackets and the surrounding frame with a coat of primer. 

while Ralph Pickstone set about fixing the new foot board into position on the workshop side. 

Derrick O'Brien, shown here consulting with Eddie Paddon, worked on fixing the foot board on the wall-side.

and Grenville Care started working on the brake van in platform 2 but, by lunch-time, had been stopped doing this by some very heavy showers.

So he switched to rubbing down the Dust Extraction Unit stored inside the barn ready for a re-paint at least it was in the dry.

Clearly things are coming together fairly quickly now on 4790.

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