Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesday 15th August

Wednesday 15th August - report from Dave Clark

CK 16195

Michael stains some more of the internal window trim from two of the first class compartments.

Peter Fisher prepared and welded the last of the four sections of crash pillar at the Workshop end of the CK. The photo shows the third and fourth sections.

SO 4790

Craig worked on the striker plate for the right-hand of the Workshop side double doors, while Derrick and Ralph sorted out the left-hand door lock. By the end of the day, with the right-hand door secured, 

Craig was able to shut the left-hand door with a satisfying click and with the handle left in the required horizontal position. Well done Door Team - another hurdle passed!

John Groom tidies up a central section of door liner.


Eddie prepares some more thin wood liners for Steve Barnfield's ceiling panelling in the new vestibule.


Mike Blakeman fits another of the new door steps.

More "Open Weekend" preparations

Grenville cleans the insides of SO 4790's windows ready for the visitor "walk through".

The woodwork display being set up

Some of the painting display in preparation (Dave was in on Wednesday to paint it)

The door team setting up their complex and interesting display

An unwelcome visitor

Another day of occasional bouts of torrential rain caused the usual unwelcome flood under the park end Workshop door, which Eddie promptly halted with a bin full of sawdust!

Despite the sandbags and sheeting it is difficult to prevent water penetration at the low area of land at this point. The new Paint shop building will hopefully see the end of this as new drains will also be installed.

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