Thursday, 9 August 2012

Thursday August 9th

A sunny day now that's worth reporting!

It was very welcome to the usual gang of carriage cleaners  who gathered on the platform this morning. Well done to Paul, Cheryl And Robin who I know we're there plus any others I am not aware of.

Dave Clark, Peter Lucus and myself started the day uncovering the LMS Inspection coach as we were expecting a visit from someone coming to assess the coach for some restoration elsewhere. It actually looks pretty good inside having removed the cover.

Peter Fisher completed another section of repair to the end of CK 16195.

The central pillars that comprise both the end frame and the corridor connector frame are complex so have to be built up in sections.

While that was being done John Osborn and Ben were preparing another section of plate to renew the end panel.

John then positioned it (the left hand patch) with a series of tack welds. By this time it was getting very hot in the barn, especially on the gantry (as I found out when I climbed up to take the picture).

John needed a change of shirt by the time he had finished.

I spent the morning assisting Ralph Pickstone with the locking mechanism for the workshop side double doors.

The right hand doors now lock in place and just needs a little paint on the locking bar.

While I was making a backing plate for the top locking position, I made 2 so we have one ready for the other side.

Robin returned to the maintenance of the Maroon rake with some touch up varnishing especially at foot level where the varnish regularly gets scuffed.

I just liked the view thru' the carriages as they bend away round the start of Chicken Curve where they are parked.

Malcolm was on top with the rubberised paint endeavouring to seal a leak round an air vent.

Dave on the other hand the pits of a day literally.

We are trying evaluate just where the drains flow as preparation for the anticipated building work. As there wasn't any flow today we put the hose down the drain but had to clean out the pipes and rod them to check how clear they were.

Rod (I jest not) was helping with the rods.

Now you can decide if Rod is trying to

fill the hole before Dave can get out
if he is clearing the excavated muck away.

Towards the end of the day Paul started cleaning the workshop ready for the open day.

Mind you Dave a took two visitors on a tour of the workshop today.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like much more of the end pillar needs replacing