Friday, 31 August 2012

Thursday August 30th

A large group, 20, in today and with some early sunshine the train cleaning team had a good start to the day.

My first task was a quick tour of the workshop to see what I could find from the Wednesday workings. Notably the two tables clamps and glue setting.

The panelling has been re applied on the right hand wall side double door and initial work carried out to place the lock plate. 

Ralph Pickstone was in early to deal with the lock on the double doors and after a little fiddling the door shut with a satisfying clunk. The locking bar was put back in place and the top plate mounted. The other door rather 'stuck out' at the top. This was improved after some work on the top of the capping strip but I suspect there is still a little work to do.

Also evident was work on the door at the other end of the carriage with the steps moved to simplify the manoeuvring for the door to be drilled for the bolts.

P'Way had also been busy tidying up after removing the garden siding.

On the workshop side we finally had the go ahead to start the full painting effort.  So, after a little gentle rub down, like buses three raced into action together. Rod Wells (left) on first top coat. On the top brown band Pete Lucus (right) while Bob Keyte (centre) is on the central cream band.

On the Maroon rake the team were again preparing for the sets next outing. Robin was painting the foot boards outside while Paul Wood Ron were bust inside and Malcolm was checking the roof.

Ron Bennett was again dealing with another leak on the main rakes RBr 1672.

The cause of the repeated leaks appear to be the installation of a new pump to replace the old riser system. This operates at a higher pressure and thus new leaks occur as the pipe joints fail to cope with the new pressure.

This time Ron with some assistance from John Hughes made a new gasket which was then fitted, resolving the latest problem.

Michael was again sanding various wood sections ready for varnishing.

John Osborn and Malcolm Dickson took a the railway truck over to Gloucester to get replacement cylinders of Oxygen and acetylene before John returned to the second corner of CK16195.

With just three new sections of plate left to do at this end of the carriage progress is good.

I had a request for a plan of the 'paintshop' so here is the original outline diagram. If it all gets done at once is another matter. The first priority of the outer shell with that it will depend on what money is left! So this is the hoped for:

Winchcombe Station is to the right and the existing workshop to the left. I think you can enlarge the plan as you can all the pictures by double clicking on it.

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