Friday, 3 August 2012

Thursday August 2nd

With 15 volunteers in it was a busy day at C and W.  As is usual the first job was a clean up on the running rake. With Paul and Cheryl as usual leading the way. they were joined by a posse of others as they arrived.

There was a lot more work completed on the corridor connector on SO 4790.

First Ken finished refitting the flexible connection.

I assisted Dave with a re repair to the previous repair on the flexible rubber connector.

you can see the repair by Pete's left shoulder

That was then painted by Peter Lucus who had already painted the connector itself.

Dave took an opportunity to do some filling and a little sanding.

In the workshop I started on the wall side double doors. Both wood inserts had been prepared but not fixed to the body. So the first move was to drill and secure the right hand insert.

Having found a new capping strip the next job was to trim and fit it drilling all the holes for the door bolts.

Assisted by Ken we then lifted the door back into place.
Arrrgh.           Well it fitted when we took it off.

After much pondering, looking and endeavouring to adjust we concluded the insert was actually the problem. So just to re assure ourselves we removed the insert and re secured the door with the new capping strip in place. Yes it does fit. So come Saturday we can ask Chris to do the required adjustments.

After that we set about fitting the insert for the left hand door. This needs a lot of notching and channelling to fit around the hinges and various brackets. We made good progress and that to will require some attention from Chris on Saturday.

So that was my day apart from taking some pictures to populate the rest of the blog.

Peter Lucus dealt with the painting one of the barn end corner, giving it the first top coat and, after a little light sanding, feathered in the other side of the doorway.

Michael was in and having found a dust free area varnished one of the sliding doors for SO 4790.

Rod was at the other end of the workshop stripping the varnish from seat battening from CK 16195. This will be re varnished and stored until the refit of that carriage.

Dave took an opportunity to do some filling and a little sanding.

John Osborn investigated the mounting bolts for the corridor connector on CK 16195. The bolts were badly corroded so John cut them and the plate they were mounted on out and replaced the lot.

Excessive? Not at all and also a LOT easier.

We now have new bolts and nuts, so some good new threads.

Paul along with Ron and Robin who had started washing the main set transferred to the maroon rake and carried out more of the maintenance needed. This included a lot of leak sealing and repainting.

So some good progress in the critical areas of SO 4790.

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