Friday, 24 August 2012

Thursday August 23rd

As I was attending a funeral today's report is thanks to Dave Clark

We had fourteen in, plus Andy Thompson who was the service train guard for the day.

With the service rake in Platform Two for a gas bottle change, we had the chance to clean the other side for a change. As always, the initial few were soon joined by others of the regular crowd as they turned up.

Several of our passengers looked on and chatted to us, fascinated by all that was going on.

Cheryl took up the mantle of chief of vacuum cleaning.

Even Guards help out, as Andy is caught cleaning the tables further down the train.

We very much view clean trains as a high priority, hence our regular Thursday assistance to our C&W's main cleaning team who work on Mondays.

The other early task was to complete the clear-up and put away after our very successful Open Weekend. 

other things put out of the way were put back in their usual places around the workshop and good access behind SO 4790 was restored..

SO 4790

Rod continued the preparation of the workshop-side double door entrance for painting, initially masking off the edges of the internal panelling.

He then lightly sanded the frame to smooth down the priming and added some more filler and mastic where required.

Bob Keyte meanwhile completed the black gloss painting in the corridor end (primed the previous day), and also some parts on top of the connection that were still in red oxide. Bob also gave one of the back panels for the wall side doors an initial coat of varnish.

The target date for basic completion of 4790 has been set as the end of September, when it will be moved into the Barn to have the underframe work done.

CK 16195

Ken completed the job of re-attaching the compartment door that had previously been removed and cleaned up. having dug out a new door top slider from one of the storage CCTs.

Bodywork rebuilding continued at the Workshop end with John Osborn tidying up and spot welding one of his new base corner sections.

This section had been used as part of the Barn demonstrations during the Open Weekend.
Also inside the first class compartments, all the internal sections of the corridor windows had previously been removed and labelled to enable everything removed to be returned to its original position. All the wooden sections were gathered up and taken to the varnishing table, ready for cleaning/sanding, staining and varnishing.
Maroon Rake
Both internal and external maintenance on our second rake continues apace.

Having completed a considerable amount of tidying up inside over the past few weeks, Robin has moved outside and is busy repainting the step boards in gloss black.

Another vestibule ceiling receives a fresh coat of gloss white with John Hughes busy with the brush.


One of the new ceiling sections being put up in the FK.     

This can be a somewhat awkward, fiddly job often requiring two sets of hands, and this particular one was certainly giving Ron and Rog a hard time, but they seceded in the end.

A new door panel was also prepared ready to be installed at the weekend.

More paint shop preparation

At the end of the day, with the parking area clear of cars, the approximate size of the new paint shop Building was staked out to keep the area free for the P'Way team to remove the existing track ready for the ground preparations.

Soon to be a memory - the old grass and weed-covered siding, practically buried in the soil, with part of the point visible in the foreground. Just beyond the blue Class 73 electro-diesel is the faded RBr 1675, which will be brought back to life to act as our temporary mess room. The existing one has to go, (its the little extension in the above picture) as will that lamp post.

I'm guessing the Broadway group may well want both bricks and lamp post! More retrieval and cleaning.





Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Just wondering, could you put up some pictures of the plans for the new paint shop? i did take a brief look around last saturday but missed the Paint Shop plans. As for the mess room bricks and lampost - im sure they'll find a use up at Broadway :)

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I will try. I have a rough idea of the design but I haven't actually SEEN a plan myself!