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Thursday August 16th

Thursday 16th August - report from Dave Clark

We had eleven in, on a very busy day with existing work and preparations for the Open Weekend going hand-in-hand.

With respect to the 
Open Weekend, nearly all the displays and demonstration points are now ready. The sales stands are being set up and, as happened last year, throughout the day proved to be a tempting distraction, with some books already purchased by the team! However, please do not despair, there is still a very considerable amount of stuff to sell, from books to models to jigsaws to dvds and even rare steam days LPs -  in fact anything to do with railways. Signage has been placed around the yard and C&W buildings. Posters have been placed at all three stations and in the RBr. Nicky also walked to Winchcombe and placed further posters at the Railway Museum and other locations. Further general tidying up took place and the raised rail in the Barn given a warning coat of white and yellow paint. Any remaining preparations will be done first thing on Saturday before the first tour at 1115. All we need now is some pleasant weather!

While all this was going on, a reasonable amount of normal work was undertaken. 

Ron Bennett and Ken Reeves took a trip on the first train of the day to repair another water leak in the RBr. 

While in the Maroon Rake, Robin Moore, Ron Woodruff and Roger Wicker continued the general internal maintenance. 

The good work that Malcolm Dickson had previously done to seal the FK's roof has paid off well, and as such the new sections of vestibule ceiling have now been put in place. 

Dave Hancox resumed the job of removing the internal window trims in the first class compartments in CK 16195. However, although the screws were easily removed, not so the actual trims which are probably stuck down by previous varnishing - obviously we have no wish to break these or the glass, so we may end up tidying these in situ.

Sorry I didn't have time to take any photos. However, bar the remaining bits to set up first thing on Saturday, we are almost ready for what we hope will be another successful Open Weekend. So, please do come along, meet the faces in the pictures that you have seen on the Blog over the past year, and see first hand what we do to restore and refurbish our coach and wagon fleet. 

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